30 March 2016

PROFANATICA "The Curling Flame Of Blasphemy" LP

PROFANATICA and Hells Headbangers revealed the cover art and tracklisting for "The Curling Flame of Blasphemy" the new album by U.S. Black Metallers. It is announced as "the band's crudest and most primitive full-length thus far"

The press release includes a simple statment from Paul Ledney "Profanatica continues to fight against what we believe is wrong."  The album is expected to be released next summer on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape. 

Ordained in Bile
March to Golgotha
Magic & Muhr
Black Hymna
Host Over Cup
Rotten Scriptures
Yahweh Rejected
Bleed Heavenly Kingdom
Vile Blessing
Curling Flame


Taste of Blood
1986 Demo

28 March 2016

SORCERY "Garden Of Bones" LP Song Revealed

Xtreem Music sets 15th may as release date of the brand new album by swedish death metallers SORCERY. "Garden Of Bones" is the band´s third album and contains 10 songs, of which two of them are from early demos. "Holy Ground" is the first track revealed,  you can check it  below along the full tracklist. The Album will be available on CD and LP, featuring artwork by Juanjo Castellano.

Holy Ground
The New Armageddon
Insanity Arise
Dark Waves
Cleansed by Fire
Mass Murder
The Creator
Black Wings

Garden of Bones

26 March 2016



Warfare Noise I
1986 Cogumelo

"Christ´s Death"
1987 Cogumelo

Satanic Rites
1983  Demo

Morbid Visions
1986 Cogumelo

"The Hills Of The Crucifixion"
Satanas Tedeum
1989 Demo

1990 R/C Records

25 March 2016

EURYNOMOS "Unchained From The Crypt" MC

In the countdown to the release of EURYNOMOS third and last 7"EP from the trilogy, ["Fierce Alliance", to be out late April] the MC version of the first attack "Unchained From The Crypt" is out! Limited to 150 copies, including a button. Available through Coffin Filth Records and Iron Pegasus Records. Hail the Beast of Hades!


SABBAT "Sabatticarved Sacrifice" MLP

The new mini LP of Japanese maniacs SABBAT is finally out on Iron Pegasus Records! "Sabbaticarved Sacrifice" includes two new songs: "Black Up Your Soul" and "Black Magic Demons", a re-recording of their classic "Crest Of Satan", and a live version of "Total Destruction".  

Available as one side etched LP including sleeve and inlay, on three different versions: Black etching with Gold, Red etching with Black [limited to 222] and Gold etching with Black [limited to 100, not available in the webshop].


"Tormentor I"
Anno Domini
1989 Demo

24 March 2016


VARATHRON are one of the oldest Black Metal bands and therefore a Cult band and one of the remaining few, true to its dar essence.  Where others have failed, they have earned the respect and deserved recognition of their work, faithful and loyal to its roots. “The Confessional Of The Black Penitents” released last year, is another jewel in its black crown, and because of that and all mentioned above, here  are the words of  Stefan Necroabyssious…

Hi Stefan, greetings to you and all in Varathron! You seem to be tireless warriors, as you added a new release to your dark and extensive discography last year. Is “The Confessional of the Black Penitents” a continuation of the work performed on “Untrodden Corridors of Hades”?
Yes, the new opus of Varathron is total ready to spreading the absolute darkness into the filthy souls!
Give us your words about the meaning of the title, the beautiful artwork by Carlos Schwabe and the whole concept of the EP.
Our new mini album called “The Confessional Of The Black Penitents”, is the confessional of the dark souls who their “doubt” –somewhere in their life- for the dominance of the mighty one! Hail Lucifer!  The mini album contains three new tracks and four live tracks from our last shows around. Of course the whole “packet” closed with the amazing work of Carlos Schwabe and he’s awesome painting

“Sinister Recollection” was launched as advance song and I really dig the track, it is dark and atmospheric, with diverse melodies and vocals, clean guitars… tell us about the songwriting of this song and about the lyrics.
That track has so great guitars and melodies. Sotiris, our guitarist, he wrote that song. He inspired from our traditional Greek music and the lyrics written by me.
The oppener title track and "Utter Blackness" are also new songs, please describe them in a little more detail?
The first song is a pure ritual and we open our shows with that. It’s a pure ritual for the darkness.  The third song “Utter Blackness”, it’s a typical Varathron song, an ode for him!
Did yoy added effecta to the production to the songs recorded live  or did you keep the sound “pure”? Did you feel any special vibe while performing on that gig?
The live songs are pure, because we recorded that show with a lot of details [good amplifiers, two consoles and a professional sound engineer] and the results was very good. I think the whole atmosphere of our show “transfer” into the mini album.
I saw you in many cool photos of your shows reading a book, what book is it? What words do you read to the audience??
The book is a book of evocations and ceremonies. so, I read the mega-kabalistic invocation of Solomon!
Black Vomit Records reissued last year the 1992 split with Necromantia “The Black Arts/The Everlasting Sins”, what memories brings to your mind to see one of the greatest releases from the Greek scene on vinyl again? [I would even say it is one of the best splits releases ever, alongside Emperor/Enslaved split]
Yes, I agree with you, that split album is one of the best ever!!! One of the best split albums on the metal scene ever!!! I feel great and the memories coming on my mind. Glorious times with so many troubles around but with so great passion for creation and metal!!! The evil music “rolling” into our blood and we want to make releases like pure hymns to dark lord. That situation is still remains on my side. I’m still “mad” and “thirsty” for music-creation like the old days!
Do you have memories about how was the split received in the underground, the reviews and the comments from the fans? Did you start receiving lots of letters and interviews in your mail box?
I recorded it with my brother magus of Necromantia, when I was on obligatory army service. My friend Kostas of black power records released on vinyl and the reception from underground fans was so amazing. I received so many letters, a lot of interviews and reviews. it was something awesome, because the two great bands of the Greek unholy trinity, released something together. That was perfect and the whole world worships that. we received a pure respect from around the world. I salute all my brothers for that!
What did you think when you listened to Necromantia´s music for the first time?
I love the sound of Necromantia. it’s a pure bizarre evil sound who sticks in your mind. I still have the same opinion, from the first moments who I heard the songs of the first demo in the place of George-magus.  Great!!!!!! I salute them!!!
How things were in the Greek Black Metal scene when Varathron were formed? How was the cooperation and contact with other bands of that era such as Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord, Zemial…?
the first band who played black metal in Greece was Varathron in 1988! After that, the rest bands of the unholy trinity was Rotting Christ and Necromantia. The other bands comes later. The Greek black metal scene starts to grow-up year by year. So many new bands who released a great stuff and they continue our glorious scene.
Is the same situation nowadays in the Greek scene as in the early 90s? Are you still in touch with the bands?
No is not the same situation. I’m in touch with same bands especially with the old bands who they reborn!
Did you guys use to compare your scene with other scenes such as the Norwegian or Swedish? Did you care about “the whole black metal movement”? Did you get in touch with bands from abroad?
Our scene has a unique style and is one of the best around. Of course I was –and I’m still- in touch with so many great bands around the world. in these days my p.o.box was full of letters. That feeling is so special and – I think- it’s so difficult to understand if you don’t live. it’s a big part of my life, man! it’s my moments who I always remember until my death.
His Majesty at the Swamp”, is considered as a cult album and one of the best among the “So called” second wave of black metal, how do you see that album nowadays and what you remember from the rehearsals previous to the recording and the recording itself, of that legendary album? What inspired you at the time of naming the album and choosing the cover artwork?
I´ll start from the last, me and mutilator we choose the title for that album and we found the painting for cover! Yes, it’s one of the best cult albums ever of the second wave of black metal. I remember the recordings because we were working very hard for that. I was left my work in my hometown and I was travel to Athens. I lived two months in Athens for the rehearsals and the recordings. Me and Jim Necroslaughter we worked on that album so hard in he’s place. We didn’t have any money for the studio and we tried to make all our rehearsals on Jim’s place. Hard times but the result was so amazing and I feel so proud for that, after so many years!!!
What were your musical and lyrical influences back then? Do these influences have changed over time?
I think my lyrical influences; inspiration from ancient religions, myths and legends, wars and cries, nightmares and astral trips, memories beyond the grave and anything evil and bizarre around the planet.  The musical influences was Bathory, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, venom, the first Sarcofago and Morbid Angel. About my lyrical influences I’m still remains on the same topics. About the musical influences, we still worship some of our first influences and we add some other of the classic metal scene, like Black Sabbath and Mercyful Fate.
How would you describe the meaning and the essence of Varathron?                          
Varathron is a pure ritual in the name of darkness. Sometimes, I feel it like a travel of a soul beyond the knowing dimensions, faraway on the strange galaxies when the darkness is the total dominion!
Since the first album the band suffered a lot of lineup changes, perseverance and strength must be two important words in your life as a musician, as Varathron still stands strong! How do you manage to find musicians who fit into the philosophy of the band?
Well, the two bad situations on Varathron’s history was the line-up changes and the label changes! If one of these was never exist, I think varathron had a different fortune in our music history. A lot of times in the history of my band i stay alone and –like a phoenix- I raised my band from the ashes. I’m looking for serious members always. I make so many personal sacrifices for my band and I’m still continue. Today the line-up of Varathron is total strong and we continue …immortal!!!
How do you perceive the attitude of the new Greek bands towards this “legacy” or trademark known as the "Greek black metal sound"?
I think a lot of new Greek metal bands has continued the Greek black metal sound, that legacy from the glorious past! The new bands and the old bands who they continue- and some other who re-born again- are the “soldiers” of that scene who never die!
Besides “Untrodden…  you also released a split with Den Skaldete in 2014, "Old Demons Rise", and in 2012 you shared release with Black Altar and Thornspawn on the split “Emissaries of the Darkened Call – Three nails in the Coffin of Humaniy”. What´s the best thing about releasing splits EPs?
The releases of these ep’s was the old promises who I give. I talk with my brother of Thornspawn two years before for that 3-way album. it was a four –way album but the other band had some problems and they never record something for that album. In other case, the ep with den Saakaltde, it was release in the name of our friendship between me and my brother Michael-Sykelig. Besides I like to release split stuff between our full releases. I feel the underground spirit and it’s something like a supports to the bands each other! like the old days who everything was pure and the whole bands are a big family! it’s a romantic feeling brother!
Regarding “Emissaries”, you covered Black Sabbath´s, “Ancient warrior”. I must say I was surprised but I really like this cover version [I like the “Eternal Idol” and “Headless Cross” albums]. What were the feedbacks for choosing this song, as many people thinks that the only "good" Black Sabbath is with Ozzy or Dio on vocals and don´t care much about the rest.
I start to hear Black Sabbath in 1978! I love the band, the sound who kills my ears and the whole discography, because you can find very interesting songs on any of that. When I start to recorded the tracks for the 3-way, we had two new tracks total ready-[because the label needs only two songs for the four-way]. The four-way coming a three-way –because the forth band left the idea and the guys ask me for a new track of Varathron. So, they need it so quickly and I think to make a cover-song. I believe the album “Eternal Idol” is so amazing and so atmospheric and the lyrics of “Ancient Warrior” is so similar on Varathron’s style. So, we start working on that and the result was so awesome! I like it very much!
Who are some of your Fave bands? Old good veterans and newcomers?
My fave bands like black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motorhead, AC/DC, Blue Cheer, Black Widow, Bathory, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Death, Venom, Emperor, Morbid Angel, Sarcofago, Asphyx, Nihilist, Samael, Mortuary Drape, Vital Remains, Derketa, Blasphemy, Carnage, Profanatica, Nocturnus, Mercyful Fate, Dissection, Dismember, Slayer, Death Angel, Sodom, Kreator, Carcass, Napalm Death, Benediction, Necroschizma, Sex trash, Mutilation, Vulcano and More!
I don’t like to talk about politics but what’s your point of view about this Euro crisis and the “fight” with the E.U.  Has the recent happenings affected your artistic affairs?
The whole situation with economic crisis works “negative” for some points like prices on studios, more expensive than else and the prices on merchandise. On the other hand, works “positive” for more creation. if you feel any “press” on your life then some other senses working more. So, that very bad situation gives a “push” for creation on music, on theatre, on poetries, on movies. The world history teaches us on that.

What are your goals as an individual, and what are the common and daily things that you try to introduce into your music?
Our goals, our dreams, our thoughts are the dominion of darkness. My life is dedicated for this purpose. We’re trying to put on our music all these values and beliefs. Black metal is a way of life, is a way of extreme things on your life.
What are the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
I make so many travels around the world. I don’t found any strange place and any shocking place. If I “return” back, one shocking place was the ring who I give my first fight like a kick-boxer.
What are the touring plans?
We’re playing some shows here in Greece and in the first days of July we fly to Texas and Mexico. Besides I’m working on many shows and I’ll try to fix the dates. i salute all the blood-brothers around the world who wants Varathron on stage! Total respect to them!!! See you soon!!!!
Are you already working on new material for the next full length?      
Of course we have some new tracks almost ready. I think we’ll start to record our new stuff on the first months of winter 2016-2017. The sound it still remains dark and evil and the new album will be more obscure as we can. Everlasting blasphemy!!!!!
Thanks for your time, Is there anything else you would like to add?
Thanx a lot for your support to us! Embrace our abysmal sound and praise the darkness. Follow the paths of hades, thy kingdom come!!!!

Stefan Necroabyssious


DESTRUCTION "Second To None" Official Lyric Video

DESTRUCTION launched the official lyric video of "Second To None", [above is the 7 inch coverdesign]  the seventh song from "Under Attack".  The announcement included the following words from Schmier regarding the song´s lyrics...

"The lyric video of SECOND TO NONE explains itself, the problem with all the hate in the net is getting more and more present and meanwhile it also has certainly affected our music scene, RIP Keith..." - Schmier


SLAUGHTERDAY "Sepulchral Ways" Official Video

German death metallers SLAUGHTERDAY released an official videoclip for the song "Sepulchral Ways" taken from the upcoming album. As we previously posted, "Laws Of The Occult" will be released via F.D.A. Rekotz as CD, limited deluxe digipak and digitally on April 29th.  The vinyl version will follow on May 27th. 


The Rack
1991 Century Media

22 March 2016

BAT "Wings Of Chains" LP

Hells Headbangers announced the release of  american speed metal band BAT debut LP "Wings Of Chains". The label sets June 10th as international release date.  The band revealed the first track "Bloodhounds" at HH bandcamp, where the album can be also preordered.

The band is formed by  vocalist/bassist Ryan Waste from Municipal Waste, guitarist Nick Poulos from Volture, and drummer Felix Griffin, [who played with D.R.I. during the '80s]
Listen to "Bloodhound" and check tracklist below.

Code Rude
Master of the Skies
Primitive Age
Ritual Fool
Wings of Chains
Total Wreckage
Rule of the Beast
You Die
Cruel Discipline


Brazilian OldSchool Tharshers NERVOSA will release the second studio album "Agony" through Napalm Records. The release date is scheduled for June 3rd. 
"Agony" is the follow-up of the debut "Victim Of Yourself" released in 2014. The LP will be available on Digipack CD, black gatefold vinyl and limited versions on Red gatefold vinyl and Silver gatefold vinyl. 
Track Listing:
Theory Of Conspiracy
Intolerance Means War
Guerra Santa
Failed System
Surrounded By Serpents
Wayfarer [Bonus Track]


"Realm Of The Dark"
The Awakening
1990 Deathlike Silence

18 March 2016


FUNERAL WHORE returns with the second full-length!  “Phantasm” is a brutal and dark old-school death metal album conceptually inspired by the 80s horror film with the same name.  Roy-guitars/vocals and Kellie-guitars answered some questions about Metal, horror movies, graveyards and more… The Funeral is about to begin, readers.   

Now that you’ve been through the period of writing, rehearsing, and recording “Phantasm”, how would you describe it in terms of how it sounds but also in terms of how it looks? Could you share with us few details of the recording process?
Roy: The writing of the songs itself took up a lot of time. Many people think, backed by the primitive nature of our style, that it would have been a piece of cake. But that is something that has been overestimated. To build strong solid songs, it takes strong riffs, solid percussion and especially the length of the riffs and songs have to be well balanced. Over and over we took a look at our 11 songs to keep checking of everything was still in good shape after rehearsing and listening. The recording on the other hand, was done pretty quick. We did not came across any major problem. The mean reason was because we knew what we wanted and also our producer Sven Post (Retaliation Audio) knew what we wanted. Phantasm sounds dark, evil and full of groove, just the way we had it in mind. The overall quality is not underproduced but certainly not polished. There’s a studio report clip on the net which guides you through the days of recording of Phantasm.
The samples you used on the whole album fits perfect with the music, helping to link the film and the music as a whole. You already used a sample as intro for the song that gives name to your debut album, the intro of “Step into damnation” says the quote...”you think that when you die you go to heaven? You come to us!” [which is a great quote and sounds perfect for that killer death metal song] When did you come up with the concept about Phantasm?
Roy: Back in 1999/2000 I was remembering seeing a horror movie on BBC back in the early 90ties together with my brother. We were both very young and it was the 1979 Phantasm movie that scared the shit out of us. Angus Scrimm had this very eerie look, that doesn’t need much make up to make your skin crawl. I started to search for that movie and ordered all parts on VHS tape at that time, later on DVD. It was still fascinating to see this horror icon at work in those movies. Already during the Step into Damnation period I already walked around with that concept in mind because of the sample. It was also at that time I saw special edition boxes of Phantasm and the possibility of a 5th sequel. So, I had a small passion for this movie for a long time. The Phantasm album is a logic outcome of that.

What do you find appealing or fascinating about this movie [or the whole saga] to write a conceptual album about it? Could you talk about your favourite scene(s)?
Roy: The Tall Man, played by Angus Scrimm is a horror icon a part just like Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger or Jason Voorhees. The difference with Angus Scrimm and the rest is the fact he’s scary without anything. His height, hairdress and cold look on his face makes him unique. He appears on cemeteries and mortuaries and lives already for decades. These are the perfect elements for us to write down this album. The movie play in all times on desolated wasted lands. A very dark and unhuman evil environment. True place for death metal.
One of the most awesome scene’s is the moment the Tall Man lifts Tommies coffin all by himself, placed it in the hearse and drove away. Another shot was from part 4 were they actually used unseen footage from the first Phantasm back from 1979. The Tall Man’s first death was made by Jody and Michael when they hung him on a gallows on a tree. That same night the Tall Man whispered with the wind to a half sleeping Michael. He went back to the place of death, founding a hanging Tall Man who suddenly came alive and ordering him to cut him down. That sample is now used on our track “When Live Turns to Ashes”.
There are lots of more very cool scenes but to many to mention.
Step into damnation was released four years ago, why did it take so long to release a new full-length?
Roy: That’s because we had a lot of lineup problems in the band. Funeral Whore is not just a “fun” thing to do, it’s hard working too. Some people found out it was not the right band for them so they had to leave. It is very important to have the right people in the band or else, sooner or later, the band will collapse. That is why we had these many changes at those years. Just when you think everything is fine, someone wants to quit. Fine by us but we go on till the end, whatever it takes.
What differences and similitudes do you find comparing “Phantasm” with “Step…?
Roy: The big difference between the 2 albums is the production. Step was recorded, mixed and mastered in 3 days! Now we had oceans of time because our friend Sven Post (Retaliation Audio) recorded us without a deadline. The sound of Phantasm is much more dense, filthy and rough. We had left the noise guitar riff edges still in the songs. The style is still in the same direction. Some songs from Step  would fit easily on Phantasm.
I like the variety of tempos along the whole album, with slow parts, dark melodies, mid-paced tempo and fast death metal riffs, a good example is “ When Life Turn To ashes”, [one of my faves] Do you have a favourite song on the album?
Roy: I really like our own songs and I get really aggressive from our own stuff. That indicates for me personally  that album is doing his job. Therefor I cannot say that I have some favorite tracks because I really like them all. The perform LIVE will be Down the Abyss.
What was the reason for the changes in the line up? Was it easy to find suitable musicians who quickly adapt themselves to the style funeral whore?
Kellie; We only want fanatic people who wants to work hard and want to put Funeral Whore as 1 of their top priorities. We had different line-up changes and it’s never easy to find the right people, but…. Now we’re complete and 2016 will be a good year! So be ready for more and more Funeral Whore!!!
Before the release of step you released the split “Two Morbid Ways To die” with Profanal, with two re-recording of the songs “Erase the Lunatics” and “Seal the Crow” that were originally recorded on your “Morbid Intentions”  EP and then in your demo “Dead Upon The Cross”. Why did you choose to re-record those songs?
Roy: They were never re-record. Those 2 tracks came straight from the Morbid Intension EP. So there must have been some misunderstanding here.
The, before releasing Phantasm you released another split with Obscure Infinity, “Summon the Undead” feature two new songs. Did you record those songs as a way of “warm up” before recording the album? Where written at the same time you wrote the songs for “Phantasm”?
Roy: Those songs were written and recorded just before we started with Phantasm. We did a split with our sisterband Profanal as a statement of brotherhood. We did the same with Obscure Infinity which is also a strong brotherhood band. It was the idea to record 2 songs on that split but it was only possible to place 1 due the size of the vinyl and length of 2 songs. Traces of Death is now on that Obscure Infinity split and the other song will be used for a split in the near future. 
You describe your style as Old School Death Metal, which bands and musicians influenced you and inspired you to form the band? the ones you feel have helped influence Funeral Whore´s music and sound most over the years?
Roy: Some people say we sound like Grave. I say we sound like Into the Grave. That is completely something different. The first 2 albums from Grave had that typical build up of sounds and primitive guitar riffs. They simply stopped with that ragging style and turned into nothing spectacular anymore. Their  10 following albums are far from those early 2 albums. So were they stopped, we picked it up. As simple as that.
How did you end up choosing FUNERAL WHORE for your band's name? Was it inspired by a horror b-movie?
Kellie; haha no, there is no particular reason for it… at the moment Roy came up with this band name it was just for fun because I never had a guitar in my hands before. So I started to play guitar and we searched for other band members, that was the beginning of what Funeral Whore is at this moment!!! 
Besides horror movies what other themes inspire your lyrics?  Song titles like “El Salvador Death Squad” or “Threesome” are quite descriptive but please dig a little deeper into it…
Roy: I saw the brutality video images from the El Salvador Death Squad on the Traces of Death DVD series and I came up with the idea to work something out from this. I am crazy about beautiful women and when I go to sleep, most of the times I dream about the most sexy ladies on earth. That’s a bit why and how I came up to write down Threesome. Unholy and obscene, the way it is seen. 
How did you get linked to the Mexican label chaos records for the release of Step into Damnation?
Roy: We met the label on the net when we were in search for something. Victor, the label owner, contacted us and made us a great offer at that time. Things turned out very well and especially with the PA after the release. Step into Damnation became a pretty success in the small underground scene.
How did you get the opportunity to tour in Mexico with Mystifier? How would you describe the experience?  If there is any weird or funny story please share it with us…
Kellie; our Mexican friend Mauricio asked us for this tour with Mystifier, and of course we said YES and it was AMAZING!!! I met Mauricio on the net when he was asking me for help with shows in The Netherlands for his band…
Of course I helped him out and we met here in the Netherlands, after this great time we get this amazing opportunity!!! We also recorded 4 songs there that will be released later this year, it will be a split CD with our Mexican friends Bloodkiller.  The Mexican people are very kind, fanatic and enthusiastic!! We really hope to go back some day for a second tour!     
Roy: There were so many cool and weird things up there. The climb the Aztec pyramids was for me very very special. As a kid I had read a lot about this piece of history on school and it deeply fascinated me. Also, Van Dune our bass player was my school mate (1994-1998) who also had read about it in history lessons and now, together we could climb and stand on top of the place of beheading,  thousands of years ago. We took some nice, unforgettable band pictures up there that will be used for future plans.
How did you get along with the guys of Mystifier? What do you think about their music? Do you like old school black metal bands?
Roy: We did well with those guys but none of us did look up against them like “Woow these are the masters, woow we bow to the big famous names” Funeral Whore is not that type of band. We see other bands just like us, equal. I’m saying this because I know that a lot of bands look up or are “fan” of other bands who made name in the scene or something.  Mystifier is a good underground band with absolutely a strong act on stage but musically  totally not my style.
The communication between us and Mystifier was a bit difficult because of the language but with all it was a great experience and we had a great time up there!
You already played quite some gigs in Europe, were there any special one for you?
Roy: Last year in Turin Italy was very cool because we did not knew what to expect. Valerio Leynir from the black metal band  Enisum  had took care for us in a unforgettable way. The first gig at the Deavacian cellar was really,  really cool.  We also did a small tour around Eastern back in 2014, that was also killer together with Deathronation and Toderlebend. Awesome gigs and a super moment of time.
Kellie; wow that’s a difficult question, we had many shows that were special for us! I’ll name a couple; In Flammen Open Air, Berlin shows, Paris, AJZ Bahndamm, Italy etc…
How do you describe your shows? I have seen cool pics of the band on stage with crosses and headstones, staging a graveyard...How do you think it would be a perfect show for a band like Funeral Whore?
Roy: Always stay loyal to your supporters, never ever give them up. They are there because they like your music. For that small group of true underground Metal heads we go over the limits. 300% attitude. No shitty static performance but really slamin’ the stage with all aggression from the bottom of the soul. The fans will usually  go insane and you’ll absorb that extreme energy now strength, which you just launched on stage. And that goes on the whole gig, from the first song to the very last note. When that happens, the show will be a success.  Size doesn’t matter in this situation. If you play for 50 people or 500 people, you need that evil spiral energy burst  that starts at yourself.
Do you like and enjoy visiting cemeteries in your country or when you travel?
Roy: I like to check them out when I’m in the area or when we need some new video shots for a promo but we are not idiots. We do not carry a sleeping back to sleep up there or performing some rituals at night up on some old tombstones. We have more important and cooler things to do.
What´s your view and opinion about the current scene in your country?
Roy: Nothing special to say about this. There’s no scene for us. Metalcore, slamdeath, grind or extreme brutal death metal is not the music I like to listen but is highly adored in the Netherlands. So, you understand that this trendy “scene” is a complete different world in which I do not want to be in.
What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you´ve been?
Kellie; Shocking??? No shocking places until now, we aren’t difficult people haha.
Roy: I agree with that aldo the skydive I did this year was pretty unusual and strange for me but very very cool.
What are your current future plans?
Roy: There’s a very special and very limited tape edition from the Phantasm album coming up later this year so keep an eye on our facebook or bandcamp page.
Kellie; We want to spread our music all over the world, release nice albums and do cool splits! Do many shows in and out of Europe and do some tours and ofcourse ENJOY everything, meet new people etc.
Thanks for your time, Is there anything else you would like to add?
Kellie; I want to thank you for this cool interview! And if anyone wants to contact us, please email us funeral_whore@hotmail.com or send us a message on  facebook! Or contact us in person [Kellie Chopper, Roy Grimreaper, Van Dune Macabre, Nick de Vet].