21 February 2020

WORSHIP VINYL: WINTER "Into Darkness" Svart Records Box Set reissue

Svart Records announced the reissue of the monumental, highly acclaimed and worshipped old school album "Into Darkness" by New York´s mighty WINTER.

A 2LP box set presented as "the ultimate edition on vinyl! housed in a heavy- duty slipcase, the package features a replica of Into Darkness LP with original cover layout, the demo Eternal Frost making its vinyl debut plus a thick magazine with Winter memorabiblia."

Sounds really good doesn´t it? So it is a good chance to add it to your collection wether yu alredy have the original release, the Southern Lord reissue of 2011, all or none of them. There is a black vinyl version limited to 600 copies and one on clear vinyl limited to 400 copies. A must!

But, the good news doens´t end here, Svart Records also announced the upcoming release of the debut album by GÖDEN, the spiritual succesor to Winter.  Founding guitarist Stephen Flam set to work on what has become Göden, "a project that has inherited much of Winter's ultra-bleak apocalyptic scope, but in the spirit of the transition between Celtic Frost and Triptykon", The album title is "Beyond Darkness", it will be releaased on May 7th.


20 February 2020


CIRITH UNGOL have just revealed a lyric video of the brand new track titled "Legions Arise", taken from the upcoming album "Forever Black" out on April 24th via Metal Blade.

"Realm of Ash and Blood" is the title of the new album by Finnish Death-doom monsters SOLOTHUS. The album will be released on March 27th via 20 Buck Spin records. The first track unveiled is "The Watcher", a reeeally heavy midtempo-neck breaking track.  

Spanish NECROPHILIAC surprises us with their first official video clip ever.  This veteran death metallers are about to release the second full-length "No Living Man is Innocent" via Xtreem Music. The track chosen for the video clip is "GodBundy".

Second lyric video released by CANDLEMASS from the band´s new EP "The Pendulum". The track appeared on Avatarium´s latest full-length "The fire I long for", released last year, but according to Candlemass´ Leif Edling this version of "Porcelain Skull" is "rawer and harder"... 

THE SWAY OF MOUNTAINS is a one man project coming from South Africa. It is a self-released instrumental death metal album performed very well by Rowan Deysel. I´m not into instrumental albums so I missed some vocals here and there, and I missed more rawness and a dirtier production too. But on the other side, in the five tracks on "Elasticity" you´ll find some great riffs, progressive parts, good solos and melodies  that proves that Rowan has good ideas and he play with a precise technique.  So for me it is worth to check "Elasticity" out and to keep an eye on on the next release, as Rowan is already working on new songs.


PUTRID from Peru will release the second full length "Antichrist Above" on Godz Ov War Productions on March 13th. Here´s the first attack of blasphemous savagery with the lyric video of the track "Warfare In Golgotha"...

3 February 2020


Hell yeah, I´m really longing for this album. THANATOS will release "Violent Death Rituals", their 7th full-lenght via Listenable Records on March 20th on LP and CD. A few days ago the band premiered a lyric video for the great title track. Pre-orders available here. The album will feature the following ten tracks: "Violent Death Rituals"; "The Silent War"; "Unholy Predators"; "The Outer Darkness"; "Vurn The Books of Hate"; "It Always Ends in Blood"; "Corporate Indoctrination"; "Sent from Hell (I Infidel)"; "Legacy of the Gods"; "As the Cannons Fade"

TESTAMENT have just premiered the official lyric video for "Night of the Witch", the brand new track taken from the upcoming album "Titans of Creation" to be released on April 3rd through Nuclear Blast. The complete tracklist reads as follows: "Children of the Next Level"; "WWII"; "Dream Deceiver"; "Night of the Witch"; "City of Angels"; "Ishtars Gate"; "Symptoms"; "False Prophet"; "The Healer"; "Code of Hammurabi"; "curse of Osiris"; "Catacombs".

Chile´s underground gods PENTAGRAM released a video for the track "Evil Incarnate", with footage shot at last year´s Santiago gets louder festival. The track is a "new" song composed by parts of two old tracks, the original "Evil Incarnate" and "Summoned from the Grave", taken from an old rehearsal tape from 1985. The song is included on the compilation "Past, Present and Future" released last year by Cyclone Empire Records.

CANDLEMMAS announde a new EP entitled "The Pendulum" due out March 27 via Napalm Records. The EP consist of the title track and five demo tracks from "The Door To Doom" 2019 album sesions, that were left unused on the album. The following tracks will appear on the EP: "The Pendulum"; "Snakes of Goliath"; "Sub Zero"; "Aftershock"; "Porcelain Skull"; "The Cold Room"

Poland´s death metal giant VADER have just released the official lyric video for the track "Shock and Awe", the opening  song from the upcoming album "Solitude In Madness", out in May via Nuclear Blast.

"Metempsychosis" is the title of the self released advance EP of FORCE OF DARKNESS. The digital release consists of the title track and "Sons of Hypocrisy", though the physical format includes 3 tracks, no further info has been revealed yet. So stay tunned for more news soon...

"Evil Empire" is the second track unveiled from the new album by Brazilial vetetans VULCANO entitled "Eye In Hell", to be released on Mighty Music next March 13th.