30 April 2014

MAYHEM "Trinity"!

Brand new track "Trinity" from MAYHEM´s forthcoming new album "Esoteric Warfare" 

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR "Sights of Suffering"

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR have revealed cover art and tracklisting to "Sights of Suffering", the band´s debut full-lenght which will be released this fall through Hell´s Headbangers. The band finished the recording sessions and now start the mixing stage. The full tracklisting reads as follows:
Circle Of Evocation [Intro]
Faceless Torment
Spawn Of Doom
Greed Supremacy
Curse of Creation
Unbodied Rites
Sights Of Suffering
The Ancient Burial
Lords Of The Abyss
I Beheld
Twillight Spectres [bonus track-vinyl only]

28 April 2014

Judas Priest - Redeemer of Souls!!!!

JUDAS PRIEST new song, "Redeemer of Souls" from the upcoming album of the same title to be released next July 14th in the UK and July 15th in the US.



Greetings Sodomic, how is everything going in Sao Paulo?
Sodomic - Regards, here it's alright, São Paulo remains the same infernal city ever.
Your debut album “The True metal” is being reissued ten years after its original release, what can you tell about this special release and the new song recorded exclusively for this release?

In fact the album has been reissued before, but in CD format in LP format is the first time you will be re-released, this album took unimaginable proportions around the world and I am really happy to know how much it is important for some people the released is being done in partnership with 2 labels, one U.S. and one from Norway. 
What are your memories concerning the creation, rehearsal and recording of the songs?

I started writing the songs for the album "The true metal" at the end of 2002, there were only 2 rehearsal sessions and then in February 2003 he was recorded in January 2004, the album was released on vinyl for the first time Here in Brazil
Did you play “Old-School” metal right from the start? Did you play any covers before you tried to write own songs?
Yes We played covers of various bands of the 80s, only after that I started writing. 
Whose idea was it to call the band Power From Hell at all, and why?
The name is inspired by the first album of ONSLAUGHT, and how I love this album, I decided to put the same name in the band.
Besides the rock/ metal attitude lyrics there are titles like “Days Of Lust”, “More Whores”, “Bondage Desires”...I think that the message is clear enough but, I will give you the chance to expand on this subject…
Almost all letters of PFH are of some sexist theme, some are own experiences and others are fictitious.
On the song “The Old masters” from the album Lust and violence you name CELTIC FROST and BATHORY, are they the main influence of the sound and attitude of Power From Hell?
BATHORY is the most influential for the PFH, CELTIC FROST was amazing, but the major musical influences is BATHORY. 
Would say that there was an evolution since the release of “The true metal” to your last album Lust and Violence?
I would not say it was an evolution of the PFH albums are very similar, the only difference is that some are dirtier than others. 
Do you have a favorite Power From hell song? If so please tell why?
Not, impossible to choose just one. 
Are there any “new” bands that you respect for their attitude and/or music?
I like many new bands, especially bands here from Brazil, to name just a band im in, I listen to the band "OLD".
Fenriz from Darkthrone has stated in some interviews that he likes Power From Hell, and you even posted on your facebook page a pic of him wearing a PFH t-shirt, What do you think?  Did you ever meet him or chatted with him?
My contact with Fenriz is only by e-mail, was a great surprize when he wrote to me asking me for the first few albums of PFH because he liked, he is an important guy in the history of extreme metal, an honor for I know that my music is appreciated by him.
How would you describe a Power from hell concert? Who are the musicians that join forces with you to play live?
The band is just me, when I record the albums the drummer of the Anarkhon that play with me over 15 years to record the albums, so basically the band is just me and him. 
How many concerts have you attended as a fan? Which bands or shows have had an effect on you?
I've been to many shows, but to name one that was unforgettable I'd say Black Sabbath with original lineup.
How is the scene in Scene in Brazil? Would you say it is strong and united? 
I would not say united , but here we have albums of the best bands in the world , is a place filled with great musicians and inspired people to make good music.
In an interview with Wagner Antichrist that I read  (I think it was in 2012),  he was asked aboutwhat would it take for him to participate in a SARCÓFAGO reunion gig and then he replied that he would accept to play again as long as the rest of the I.N.R.I.  lineup  (Gerald, Butcher and DD Crazy) also would.  So I have to ask you...how much Reais should I send you for kidnapping the four guys and kept them locked in a room until they agree to play together?  Would you like that to happen?  Maybe they end up recording a new album!
These guys recorded one of the most important albums in the history of extreme metal , they have due respect everywhere in the world , but I do not know if a new SARCÓFAGO album would work .

Please name your top 5 of Brazilian Metal releases?
Only Death Is Real [Apokalyptic Raids], INRI [Sarcófago], Anarkophobia [Ratos De Porao], Arise [Sepultura], Bestial Devastation [Sepultura].
What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you have been? 
What is Power From Hell currently working on? Do you have songs ready for the next release? 
Currently I'm starting to think about the next album, already has a new song on youtube "Molesting the holy virgin". 
Ok, thanks for your time, is there anything you would like to add?
I thank you for your support and your interest in the work of PFH.


The First Test Of The Initiate
Émile Antoine Bayard
Illustration for Histoire de la Magie by Paul Christian
1870 Paris 

20 April 2014

BÖLZER New Song Streaming

BÖLZER are streaming one of the two new songs entitled "Steppes" that will appear on the forthcoming EP "Soma". The EP will be released soon through Invictus Productions. In the meantime you can listen to "Steppes"at this location.

19 April 2014

NUNSLAUGHTER "Angelic Dread"

NUNSLAUGHTER will release a double CD/LP entitled "Angelic Dread" through Hell´s Heabangers. The band´s first full-lenght since 2007´s "Hex" will be released on June 24th. Full tracklist reads as follows:
Disc 1: "Angelic Dread"/"Looking Into The Abyss"/"Twisted Spirit"/"Crush The Guff"/"Inner Beast"/"The Lycanthrope"/"Blood Drinker"/"God"/"Doomtown"/"Don't Mourn For Me"/"Infested"/"Coffins And Crosses"/"Three Nails, One Liar"/"One Bad Bitch"/"Death Beyond The Gallows"  Disc 2: "Emperor In Hell"/"God Has Lied"/"The Bog People"/"Midnight Mass"/"Shadow World"/"Healing The Possessed"/"In The Graveyard"/"Ouija"/"It Is I"/"Atheist Ways"/"Phantom"/"Sickened By The Sight Of Christ"/"Black Horn Of The Ram"/"Driving Out The Demons"/"'Deathlehem"/"Cerebus"

16 April 2014

NECROS CHRISTOS "Nine Graves" Video Teaser!

Video teaser of NECROS CHRISTOS upcoming MCD "Nine Graves" to be released in early May through Sepulchral Voice and Ván Records

1349 "Slaves" Official Lyric Video

1349 released lyric video for the new single "Slaves" from their upcoming album to be released by Indie Recordings. More info about "Slaves" physical 7"vinyl and digital format at this location.

13 April 2014

SINISTER - The Post Apocalyptic Servant

Dutch Death Metal band SINISTER will release a new album entitled "The Post Apocalyptic Servant" through Massacre Records next May 23rd.  There will be a limited edition 2 CD digipack with bonus tracks and video Material. The band have release "The Burden of Mayhem" as sample track. Check it out below the tracklist [with bonus tracks included]:
The Science Of Prophecy
The Macabre God
The Sculpture Of Insanity
The End Of All That Conquers
The Masquerade Of An Angel
The Dome Of Pleasure
The Post-Apocalyptic Servant
The Art Of Skin Decoration
The Saviour
The Burden Of Mayhem
Fall From Grace [Morbid Angel]
Deadly Inner Sense [Paradise Lost]
Unstoppable Force [Agent Steel]

9 April 2014

VAMPIRE-MIASMAL Strictly Limited 7"

VAMPIRE and MIASMAL have released a split 7" on their Death Comes Ripping showcase together  with Morbid Chorus on April 5 in Gothenburg. The 7" features one previously unreleased song from each band. Some copies are available through Century Media store for those who couldn´t attend the show. 


8 April 2014

MAYHEM premiere song "VI Sec"

MAYHEM are streaming the song "VI Sec." from the upcoming album "Esoteric Warfare" at this location 


Greek band PRINCIPALITY OF HELL featuring THE MAGUS [Necromantia, Thou Art Lord...] EL [Soulskinner, Thou Art Lord] and MAELSTORM [Thou Art Lord] announce the release of the debut album in late may 2014 through WTC Productions. The album entitled "Fire & Brimstone" will be released on CD and LP and will contain the following tracks:
Fire & Brimstone
Codex Inferno
The Bleeding Nun
We ride at Night
Witches' Coven
Hellfire Legions
The 9th seal
The hand of the Hangman
Strike of the Beast (EXODUS cover CD version)

Tormentor (SLAYER cover LP version)

7 April 2014

IMPALED NAZARENE! Vigorous And Liberating Death

Here is the lyric video for the title track of the forthcoming IMPALED NAZARENE album "Vigorous and Liberating Death" coming out next week [14th Apr] via Osmose Productions.


Nymphes et Satyre  [Nymphs and Satyr]
William Adolphe Bouguereau
1873 Oil on canvas
Sterling & Francine Clark Art Institute
Williamstown, Massachusetts, Unated States

6 April 2014

Preview songs from NUCLEARHAMMER and DIOCLETIAN!

Preview the track "Multidimensional Prism of Black Hatred" from NUCLEARHAMMER upcoming album "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" out on Nuclear War Now!. You can also stream the entire album at this location.

DIOCLETIAN and Osmose Productions reveal  the second promotional song from the new album "Gesundrian" coming out in May.  Listen to "Steel Jaws" at this location.

4 April 2014

1349 "Slaves" New Single!

1349 announce their new single, "SLAVES", the 7" vinyl will be released as a special edition strictly limited to 666 copies on April 30th through Indie Recordings.  The single also will be released digitally in the coming weeks.  The band will be selling a special 7" vinyl of "SLAVES" at the Metal Alliance Tour exclusively. This special edition of "SLAVES" was produced on 1349's own Aural Hellfire Records, and is also a limited edition of 300 copies. 
1349 also announce that a new full-length album will be unleashed this fall via Indie Recordings throughout the world and Season Of Mist in North America.

NECRODEATH - "The 7 Deadly Sins" Album Trailer

NECRODEATH have released a teaser video for their new album "The 7 Deadly Sins", coming out on May 13th on Scarlet Records.

3 April 2014


GOSPEL OF THE HORNS and Invictus Productions revealed the artwork for the front of the forthcoming 20th anniversary box set. Painted by John Fay, this is one of four pieces painted specifically for the release.  Behold His Majesty...  

2 April 2014

KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR - War Of The Voivodes vinyl!

DOOMENTIA RECORDS have just released the vinyl edition of KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR 2010 second full-lenght "War Of The Voivodes".  Available on vinyl for the first time, this deluxe release comes as double gatefold with embossing bullets and includes five bonus tracks, two unreleased covers [Impaled Nazarene and Napalm Death] recorded exclusively for this release and live footage professionally recorded [Kingdom of Darkness I&II, Devoted To Death and The Flag Of Hate Shall Rise Again. Limited to 500 copies [100 green vinyl, 400 black vinyl].  Buy...listen...worship!!!