30 November 2013

VAMPIRE Sings with Century Media

"Hail the true, intense Vampires..." Swedish VAMPIRE have sign with Century Media Records! No surprise as their demo 2012, released later as 7" was really good! http://vampiretheband.bandcamp.com/
The band is currently finishing the recording of their self-titled debut which is scheduled for a late march 2014 release.     "The Sick Curse is Alive"

SIGH Debut Album Reissued in 2014

Hammerheart Records will reissue a remastered version of SIGH ´s classic album debut "Scorn Defeat" originally released in 1993 through Deathlike Silence. This time the album will be available as double CD including "Requiem for Fools” EP and the songs from their split with Kawir on the first disc added as extra. The second CD has Sigh’s compilation tracks and their demos.

20 November 2013

Interview with...ZEMIAL

ZEMIAL has released a new opus called Nykta through Hells Headbangers Records. Personally I think is one of the best releases of 2013. I contacted  Vorskaath, the mind behind ZEMIAL to talk about this new musical journey called Nykta and also about the past and future of this old and cult name of the underground scene...ZEMIAL.

Hi VORSKAATH, thanks for answering the following questions, how are you doing today?
Doing well thanks.  Enjoying a quiet day and following this interview with some studio work.
Nykta, your last opus was released a few days ago, how do you feel now that the album is released?, how long you´ve been recording the album?
I am relieved.  I begun recording in summer 2010 I have had to stop the process and change studio locations 5 times in the process of recording NYKTA. It became very tiring. At times, I had trouble seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as the saying goes, but it is out now and the reception is very rewarding. 
After listening to Nykta, If I would have to highlight a quality of the album in one word I would say diversity. How do you describe, or who do you define the style and the change or progression from your earlier material?
I agree with your description. Offering something new and diverse was one of my aims and clearly NYKTA has been received that way unanimously.
When I look back at my discography it is quite evident that there has been progress at different rates, from Necrolatry onwards.  It is now very safe to say that NYKTA has pushed Zemial into Avant-Garde territory.
Like I said before, there is a wide  range of musical sound in this album, from beautiful melodic, atmospheric  and progressive passages, to direct, dark and aggressive  black/thrashing riffs. What does inspired you, and I mean musically and emotionally, when you wrote the album? 
The answer is: a whole lot of things.  Books I read, films I watched, music, sounds of nature, wandering in nature and much more. 
A lot of music was written or at least orchestrated and arranged whilst I lived in a remote forest area in Germany, totally secluded. That period offered incredible inspiration and just walking around the forest or looking outside from the studio would be enough to inspire me. Creating “The Small” was the direct result of 4 very emotional days during that period. My only way to express those feelings was through music and so The Small was born. 
Monty Pythons also played a big role in inspiring and influencing NYKTA actually. 
Musically, a lot of 70’s music.  Progressive Rock and Jazz Fusion were the main inspirations, particularly in terms of drumming.  As you can hear, I am slowly but surely abandoning blast beats and double bass drumming which I find very limited in scope and I now prefer to use them as fills rather than beats.
What's the concept behind Nykta in terms of music and lyrics?
Space, existence, and dreaming.
I think that the cover artwork is as dark as beautiful and certainly expresses the content of the album, and it is something totally new comparing to your previous releases. What´s in your mind when it comes to choose the cover and the artwork for each of your works?
Since NYKTA is very much a departure from previous albums, I wanted the cover art to do so as well. Above all, however, the cover is full of symbolism. The eclipse, the constellations and nebulae, are all part of the greater symbolism of NYKTA.
The vastness of space, the insignificance of humans in the greater order of the universe, the supremacy and self-centricity of humans within a microcosmic view, the overthrow of power by the small and moving from light into darkness into light, are all themes connected to NYKTA and represented by its cover.
I generally try to find something that represents both the feel and atmosphere of each release as well act as a symbol that represents the release thematically. All artwork yields to those parameters and so does the logotype, to which I am not bound (to the dismay of some).
Being a one man band and playing all instruments means of course total control but also a lot of dedication and hard work. Why did you decided to go on your own? What would you say that was most difficult or the most painful time while recording?
It is definitely a lot of work and since this album is much more technically complex than any of my previous work, it was also very demanding to execute.
I do this on my own out of necessity.  But aside from that I also write the music for all instruments obviously and it is hard to find people and show them exactly what to play. I might as well play it myself right? 
The hardest part to record was probably the guitars, because I never practice guitar. Ever.
As it is, I never rehearse any of the music, as there is no band to rehearse with. A very, very large part of the recording is based around improvising. In fact, the recording process itself is an integral part of my compositions.
First I will record a rough outline of the song, normally with guitar. Then I add harmonies and various effects which will help me establish the mood of the piece. Then I add drums to compliment the various melodic lines. I will usually follow with bass and finally vocals will be added when the piece is more or less complete.  That is one way I utilize. Another way is to put down just a basic melody and begin exploring ideas with the drums.  On top of those patterns I add various guitar and bass parts to complete the picture.  Most often, a mixture of these ways of composing makes its way to the end result.
Which is your main instrument and what is your knowledge of the instrument? Have you had studied it formally?
I actually started with guitar and on the way picked up bass guitar, drums, percussion and keyboards. However my greatest strength and flexibility lies with drums and percussion. I am largely an autodidact/self taught, however I did study classical guitar for a short time and then followed that with classical/orchestral percussion studies and drumset studies.
The instrumental “The Small” is one of my faves of the album, what is the concept of this song?
The Small (previously titled Little Soul) is the direct result of an intensely emotional period that involved the feeling of loss. It is somewhat private.  The brief dedication on the CD describes all that one should know.
There is a very rich and varied vocal work on every song of the album, adding some kind of theatricality and dramatic performance.  On "Under Scythan Command" your voice reminds me to Tom Warrior on Hellhammer, do  you have one or many vocalist that influences you and/or inspires you?
Having my own studio and working alone gave me the opportunity to feel comfortable and really “get into the role” of the various characters featured in the songs. I wanted the added theatricality because on songs like Pharos for example, there is a story being told, with various characters and a monotone voice would not express that.
On Under Scythian Command Tom Warrior did not even cross my mind. This was a one-take recording for the vocals and  what I had in my mind was German Thrash.  Sodom and Destruction.  Angel Ripper and Schmier. If there is any Tom Warrior in there it was not intentional.
As for being inspired by vocalists, I can’t really say that I have someone in mind because I rarely listen to metal. I try to find the feel of each song and sing according to that feel. So my voice changes depending on the atmosphere I try to create. I don’t try to copy anybody and If an influence comes out (like with the ones mentioned above) it is an mostly an unconscious action.
Why did you decide to record a new version of “Eclipse” and “Breath of the Pestilence”?
Because they were always meant to be in NYKTA.  What some people have not clearly understood with Necrolatry, is that it was – from the beginning – a rehearsal of NYKTA material.  Because of the unexpected popularity of Necrolatry, I did not want to re-record all of the songs again, so I chose those two only.
Zemial is almost 25 years now, what do you remember from your early days as a musician? Do you miss anything from those days? Do you consider Zemial as an underground band?
I started, very, very young with no musical knowledge.  I just played by feel.  Lots of great memories. 
It was hard finding people to share my musical views and practices and before long, it was clear that this would be a project in which I worked alone.
I wanted to stay outside of trends and common practices from an early point.  Hence my refusal to sign to any big labels.  I guess that has remained the same until today.
My music is certainly not mainstream per-se  but it is also far from the confines of black metal. I like to think of it as music that belongs to the heavy metal/rock genre with a lot of experimentation.
Are you into checking new stuff in the scene or do you prefer to listen to classic stuff? What are you listening to nowadays?
I have stopped following what is going on in black metal since the late 90’s.  I have no idea and I like it that way, as this genre is long dead in my view.  The mind-set that fueled this music has disappeared since the 90’s and all one hears is echoes of that time.  I am not interested in the un-original image-centered music scene called black metal in 2013.  I am not part of it.
In those rare occasion when I do listen to metal it is anything from the 70’s until the mid 90’s.
Since the early to mid 90’s I have been mainly listening to prog rock and various connected music styles.  These days I listen to a lot of experimental music, electronic music, prog rock, avant-garde classical music, jazz, blues and the occasional bluegrass for good measure.
I read that you are a vinyl collector, what is the most appreciated record on your collection, and the one that you still don´t own and that you would kill for?
I am no longer a vinyl collector as I have no more space!  I have some great rarities but nothing that I sti and look at for hours like Golem and the Ring!
I wouldn’t kill for any record.  I appreciate the sound and big print of vinyl – I am not a nut!!! 
What can you tell me about the Greek scene nowadays. Does it have the same spirit as when  bands such as Rottig Christ, Necromantia and Varathron used to be really united and worked together? You had a strong link with Varathron...
Since I don’t follow it I have no idea.
I was the main composer, guitarist bass player and drummer for Varathron’s His Majesty at the Swamp.  I was credited (by error) as Necroslaughter. 
Speaking about working together, you collaborated with Equimanthorn.  Are you still in touch with Proscriptor from Absu? Is there any chance for a new collaboration in the future?
The collaboration with Equimanthorn arose from the brotherhood I shared with Absu in those days.  I am still in touch with Proscriptor and with Equitant and still consider them very close friends.  We still share a lot of common interests and as Proscriptor said to me in his first communication all those years ago:  we are of the same wavelength.  That remains so.
I am hoping to collaborate with them in the future.  I approached Equitant to do the bass for a tour but he was not able to.  A collaboration with Proscriptor is a matter of time.  We will do it in the near future.
You have been living in different locations, Greece, Australia and recently in Germany If I´m not wrong. Would you say you are some kind of nomad or there are simply a matter of being in the right place at the right time?
I am currently back in Greece after 6 years in Germany. I like being at the right place at the right time, however that is highly subjective.  It all depends on what I want to do in my life at the time, what opportunities I see and above all else: what I want to experience.
I am still open to new places and cultures and the truth be told, I would very much like to try the English countryside for a while and see what I can do there.
You have released material on at least 5 or 6 different labels, including yours NYX. What´s your view about it? Do you think that working  with the same record company for too long can make that you lose control over your work?
I have never thought about it in that way.
My interest when selecting a label is that they honour their financial commitments and our transactions and that they do not attempt to direct things in terms of the artistic output in any way.  If that works, I am pleased and stay. Hells Heabangers have been a very good partner so far and we are both enjoying this collaboration immensely.
Are there live shows scheduled to support the release of Nykta? Do you have musicians in mind for a possible tour?
No shows planned yet.  I do have a couple of players ready but I am still looking for a synth player from any country, willing to tour.  When presenting NYKTA I want to do so with analogue synthesizers as part of the show. 
At present I want to work on the follow up of NYKTA and concentrate on studio work.
What is the strangest and the most shocking place you have been?
Hard to say really.  Romania had some candidates for shocking places unfortunately, as did Las Vegas outside of the strip.  I have seen fucked up places all over the globe really.  Behind each beautiful place there is one of great ugliness to balance the equation.
Anything you would like to add to end this interview?

18 November 2013


Na cmentarzu (Cemetery)
1890-92 Wladyslaw Podkowinski
Pencil on Paper
National Museum of Art, Warsaw

15 November 2013


Sedlec Ossuary [Bone Church]
[Kutná-Hora, Sedlec, Czech Republic]

Sic Transit Gloria Mundi...

13 November 2013

MALTHUSIAN "MMXIII" demo premiere...

Ireland´s promising and distinctive band MALTHUSIAN will release the demo debut MMXIII on November 22nd via Invictus Productions. "The demo will be available first on cassette and then a CD version later on; a vinyl LP version is potentially in the works" (yes please!!!). MALTHUSIAN have created a really dark, bestial yet avant-garde opus. Take a look for yourselves and stream MMXIII at this location:

12 November 2013


Canadian gods VOIVOD have released a new 7" titled "Kluskap O´Kom" through Century Media. The 7” contains the studio album version as well as a live version of  “Kluskap O' Kom”.   and it is available on different colors and packages.

11 November 2013


L'Inhumation précipitée (Premature Burial)
Antoine Wiertz
Musée Wiertz, Brussels
1854 Oil On Canvas

9 November 2013


After 4 show in Mexico MYSTIFIER returned to Brazil and currently are recording 2 new songs and a re-recording for a new Picture 12" Lp maxi single to be released in 2014 through Non Serviam Records.
Besides, Leandro Kastiphas is no longer part of the band and Diego DoUrden (meber of the death metal band Infested Blood) was called to replace Kastiphas.

INTO DARKNESS New 7" out in December

Italian Old School Death Metallers INTO DARKNESS have revealed a new song from the upcoming 7" (limited to 500 copies) "Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures Into the Unknown" to be released on Doomentia Records in December 2013. Here is the link of the new song: 

7 November 2013

OBLITERATION "Black Death Horizon"

OBLITERATION The new album "Black Death Horizon" will be out tomorrow (November 8th) through Indie Recordings/Relapse. You can stream the whole album here:

5 November 2013

NOCTURNUS Thresholds vinyl reissue

NOCTURNUS classic "Thresholds" will be reissued on vinyl after Earache´s succes of Kickstarter campaign. 
The vinyl is available on the following limited edition colours:

Clear Vinyl - Limited to 100 copies, only available as part of the package deal
Green Vinyl - Limited to 200 copies
Purple Vinyl - Limited to 300 copies
Black Vinyl - Limited to 400 copies

4 November 2013


Triumfátor (The Triumphant)
Josef Mandl 1874-1933
Date: Unknown
Oil On Canvas

3 November 2013

Glorious Times are back!...Old School Printed Zines

Old School Metal zines are more than alive these days. A proof of it is CODEX OBSCURUM ZINE. Issue #3 is ready for order and will be shipped in mid-November. So if you feel nostalgic for the old (cult) days of printed zines you have a good chance. The past is alive! more info here:

Another Old School zine which really looks cool(t)! is REBORN FROM ASHES, also from U.S. They are currently shipping issue #7. If you want to know more about them go here:  

The Past Is Alive!

2 November 2013

SLAUGHTERDAY "Nightmare Vortex"

German Death metallers SLAUGHTERDAY will release their debut album "Nightmare Vortex" through F.D.A. Rekotz on December 06, 2013.Here is the trakclist: Unearthly Evocation', 'Nightmare Vortex', 'Addicted To The Grave', 'Cosmic Horror', 'Morbid Shroud Of Sickness', 'Cult Of The Dreaming Dead', 'Obsessed With The Undead' and 'Cryptic Desolation'. The vinyl edition will also feature a cover of PENTAGRAM's 'The Ghoul' as a bonus track.  Check out a teaser video for the album here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6go5gLaOjaE

DEICIDE new song "Thou Begone"

New Lyric Video of  "Thou Begone" from the new album In The Minds Of Evil coming out this month on Centuy Media Check it out here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZPMpNWMcSM&feature=youtu.be