23 December 2019


"The Baneful Choir"
Norma Evangelium Diaboli

Music from the tomb, from the kingdom of worms, from the mud...Infernal, Ugly, EVIL music...beyond darkness, beyond death, beyond this fucking universe...Horror Inhumano...That´s "The Baneful Choir".

Profound Lore Records

The release of "The Key" in 1990 was a milestone in death metal and extreme metal history. Now in 2019 we have the sequel of that masterpiece. "Paradox" is a perfect follow-up the debut album and a reminiscence of those elements that raised Nocturnus as an avant-garde cult band, slowed down by the mistakes of the second album "Thresholds".
Mike Browning, a visionary musician, must be proud of his achievement, "Paradox" is a comeback album that crowns the band as the originators and kings of science fiction themed Death Metal in this galaxy...and also in the distant ones. Seizing the throne.

"Spectre Of the Eight Ropes"
Iron Pegasus Records

Pentacle never disappoint. Every release sound as fresh and powerful as in the early days. "Spectre of the Eight Ropes" follows the same path. Powerful, old-school, skull crushing metal.  Don´t forget the ancient spirit...it still rules!

"Old Star"
Peaceville Records

This album shares the podium at #3. Riffs, riffs and more riffs! That 80s nostalgia, that "analog" sound, the "TomWariorresque" vocals of Nocturno Culto and the high Celtic Frost influence circling in the air. Awesome! ..."Mankind dies in a shroud of introvert mumbling"...

Sepulchral Voice Records

A few months went by since the album was released until I finally heard it. It was a great discovery since I had not heard Funereal Presence´s previous works.  "Achatius" is a solid album, with a great and diverse songwriting that reflects reminiscences of classic heavy metal to primitive black metal, all in a vintage vibe. "Achatius" is a truly dark gem.

"Lords of the Permafrost"
Soulseller Records

The return of Usurper 14 years after the previous album was indeed great. "Lords of the Permafrost" embodies the mighty elements that the Chicago metalheads have been performing since the early days, powerful black-thrash influenced by the sound of the 80s and yeah...the mighty Frost!! And I got the cool vinyl version next to "Diabolosis..." and "Skeletal Season" LPs. Ough!! 

Century Media Record

I didn´t like Mayhem´s latest works, neither those of the Maniac era, Bu I really liked "Daemon" at the first listening.  Not only because it instantly reminded me of the atmosphere and style of DMDS, but because it is probably the best since the debut album (imho). So considering it as the successor of DMDS there´s no need to say more. Another Mayhem´s classic!

GMR Music Group

Mefisto gets darker and darker on every album. Except for the 2016 "The End of It All..." album, the self-titled album released two years ago and "Octagram" are a good exercise of looking for the extreme with a dose of blackened death-thrash, with a lot of different influences. Improving all what they recorded so far and walking on the right (left hand) path.

"Revelations of Oblivion"
Nuclear Blast

A comeback album, but not exactly Possessed if you ask me. Obviously I didn´t expect it to sound like 80s Possessed (yeah, too obvious). Jeff Becerra´s vocals haven´t changed, and that´s a great fact, that´s something that bring the memories of the glorious times of "Seven Churches". But without being exactly the old musical style, "Revelations of Oblivion" is a great Death metal album, wrapped in the old-school vibe. The production is clean but heavy, all tracks are good, the lyrics are dark and the album cover is one of the best of the year. Pure gold!

"Usurper of the Oaken Throne"
The Church Within Records

This is Doooom. Heavy weight riffs. "Usurper of the Oaken Throne" is the impressive debut full-length of Thronehammer giving us a dose of slow epic doom metal (with touches of funeral doom). The sound is heavy as hell and the vocals of Kat are as melodic as heavy. Did I mention that this sounds heavy? Besides, you can´t go wrong with a band name like Thronehammer. Let the Warhorn sound... 


"The Fallen Entities"
High Roller Records

"Supernatural Death" (demo), "Serpent Temptation" and "Beyond the Unknown" are in my opinion death metal classics and among the best released between the late 80s and early 90s, when this band was known as Incubus. "The Fallen Entities" is the third full-length recorded under Opprobrium´s name (not counting Serpent Temptation 1996 re-recording) and in my opinion their best one so far. Furious and classic old-school death-thrash. Highly recommended.

"Angel Of Light"
Metal Blade Records

Angel Witch´s "Angel of Light" may be not their best release, but considering the monumental album debut it´s quite understandable. However, this fifth full-length is an outstanding heavy metal album and I hope the Sorcerers carry on waving the flag of classic heavy metal for long time.

"O Sange da Noite"
I, Voidhanger Records

Among the many releases of the prolific Galician black metal scene comes the debut full-length of Sartegos. "O Sangue da Noite" is one of the finest albums of black thrash, but with a wide source of influences. Evoking the ancient spirits, the dark, the galician roots, perfectly executed with passion and strength. 

My Hails to: 1349 "The Infernal Pathway" / Atomic Aggressor "Invoking the Primal Chaos"Candlemass "The Door to Doom" / Chevalier "Destiny Calls" / Cianide "Unhumanized" / Concatenatus "Unfathomable Depths" / Concrete Winds "Primitive Force"Death Worship "End Times" / Deathspell Omega "The Furnaces of Palingenesia"Denial Of God "The Hallow Mass" / Die Kunst Der Finsternis "Revenant in a Phantom World" / Dikasterion "Stavelot 1597-Rome 897" / Dioivo "II" / Drastus "La Croix de Sang" / Dreadful Fate "Bringer of Damnation" / Exhorder "Mourn the Southern Skies"Exumer "Hostile Defiance" / Gorgon "The Veil of Darkness" / Graveyard "Hold Back The Dawn"Holocausto "Diario de Guerra" / Impiety "Versus All Gods"Imprecation/Black Blood Invocation "Diabolical Flames of the Ascended Plague" / Krypts "Cadaver Circulation" / Midnight Priest "Aggressive Hauntings"Mystifier "Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia" / Mystik "Mystik" / No One Alive "The Grim Reaper" Overkill "The Wings of War" / Pentagram Chile "Past, Present, Future" / Pheretrum "Inwards Lunacy" / Possession "Passio Christi Part I & II" / Profanatica "Rotting Incarnation of God" / Protector "Summon the Hordes" / Ripper "Sensory Stagnation" / Saint Vitus "Saint Vitus" / Sodom "Out of the Frontline Trench" / Sorcery "Necesary Excess of Violence" / Thanatos "Blind Obedience-Thanatos" / Trajeto de Cabra "Supreme Command of Satanic Will" / Undead "Existential Horror" / Urn "Iron Will Of Power"Vader "Thy Messenger" / Vectis "The Executioner"Venefixion "Necrophagous Abandon"Vircolac "Masque" / Vitriol "Chrysalis"Wolfbrigade "The Enemy: Reality" 

16 December 2019

VULCANO Announce new album and reveal first single/video

The creators of the 1986 awesome classic "Bloody Vengeance" are alive and kicking ass. Well, Zhema is the only remaining member from those times but every VULCANO album still has that thrashing rage and intensity and the band will  strike with a new album next year.

"Eye in Hell" will be out on March 13th 2020 through Mighty Music.
The band unveiled the first single and video of the track "Bride of Satan".  

12 December 2019

NECROWRETCH "The Ones From Hell" Official Lyric Video

NECROWRETCH revealed the second advance song from the upcoming album.  This time is turn for the lyric video of the title track, "The Ones From Hell" which is a fierce track starting slow and ending in a hellish speed massacre, commanded by the great sick vocals of Vlad

Out on February 14th, 2020. "I am of death..."

PH: Leonor Ananke

8 December 2019

NECROMANTIA "Baron Blood" Final Release in 2020

NECROMANTIA revealed plans to release a final recording next year, an EP titled "Baron Blood" in honor of the recently deceased co-founder member of the Greek cult band.

According to the official annoucement by The Magus, the EP will contain 2 or 3 songs and "it will be a final tribute to Baron Blood for his spirit and restless soul. Afterwards Necromantia will be officialy disbanded, therefore will be no more releases or re-releases beyond December 31, 2020. After this date Necromantia will be no more."

7 December 2019

INVOCATION "Attunement To Death" New EP in 2020 reveal new song

Chile´s INVOCATION will release their new mini LP "Attunement To Death" on February 21st 2020 through Iron Bonenead Productions.

Following the previous EP "The Mastery of the Unseen" released in 2018, the new EP contains six brand new tracks of which the monstrous "Flying Ointments" has already been revealed, check it out...

2 December 2019

THANATOS "Violent Death Rituals" New album in 2020

THANATOS, the cult dutch old-school death-thrashers will release the new album in 2020.

"Violent Death Rituals" will come out in spring 2020 through Listenable Records.  The band unveiled the awesome cover art by Roberto Toderico. Let´s hope we can enjoy a killer advance track soon!

PH: Gerard van Roekel