11 February 2015

10 February 2015

VADER Demos!

VADER will re-issue the early demos  "Live in Decay" [1986], "Necrolust" [1989], and "Morbid Reich" [1990] on gatefold LP, Tape, CD and Digipack through Witching Hour Records  on April 3, 2015. See flyer fore more info. 

9 February 2015


ANCIENT RITES will release the sixth full-lenght "Laguz" next 20th february through Massacre Records. There will be a limited edition digipack containing bonus video clips.  The band and the label unveiled a brand new song entitled "Carthago Delenda Est".....

1 February 2015


DEMOLITION HAMMER's "Tortured Existence" [1990] and "Epidemic Of Violence" [1992] will be reissued on vinyl  featuring heavy 180g wax and the original cover artworks! Both titles are set for release on March 9th, 2015 through Century Media.
The following limited editions will be available on:

"Tortured Existence"
• black LP - limited to 600 copies
• gold LP - limited to 200 copies 
• white LP - limited to 200 copies

"Epidemic Of Violence"
• black LP - limited to 600 copies
• silver LP - limited to 200 copies
• transparent blue LP - limited to 200 copies