30 June 2014


Le Pandemonium
John Martin
1841 Oil on canvas
Louvre Museum, Paris, France 

SOULBURN - "Feeding on Angels" LP re-release!

SOULBURN´s great album "Feeding On Angels" will be re-released through Soulseller Records as a limited 2 LP edition on deluxe 180 grams gatefold double vinyls with printed inner sleeves and seven rehearsal bonus tracks. The release is limited to 500 copies [200 on black vinyl and 300 on transparent red vinyl] Get it!!! 


INTO DARKNESS split 7" with GHOULGOTHA will be available via Unholy Domain Records in a short period of time. The release is limited to 300 copies [100 red vinyl, 200 black vinyl]. In the Meantime you can listen to INTO DARKNESS "Shifted To The Red End of The Spectum" here or download it from the band´s bandcamp page at this location

PRINCIPALITY OF HELL - "Fire & Brimstone" update!

PRINCIPALITY OF HELL´s debut Album "Fire & Brimstone" will be released on August 18th on CD format [a vinyl version will be available later] through W.T.C. Productions.  If you missed the info posted earlier, POH features THE MAGUS [Necromantia, Thou Art Lord...] EL [Soulskinner, Thou Art Lord] and MAELSTORM [Ravencult, Thou Art Lord] and according to the official statement the band´s aim is: " to revive the old black/thrash spirit of the early/mid ´80s, when legends like Venom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, Sodom, and Voivod stalked the earth...Pure Fucking Black Metal the old-school way!" More info at this location

24 June 2014

CRUCIFYRE "Black Magic Fire"

Swedish Old-School Thrashers CRUCIFYRE unveiled cover artwork and tracklisting for their upcoming album "Black Magic Fire" to be released soon through Pulverised Records. You can listent to the song "Pentagram Palms"  at  this location  Here is the full tracklisting: "Apocalypse Whore", "Black Magic Fire", "Pentagram Palms", "Baphomet´s Revenge", "Funeral Pyre", "Faces of Death [His Satanic Shadow]", "Through The Darkness", "Anneliese", "Wolf´s Hour", "One And One is One".

23 June 2014


Satan Calling Up His Legions
William Blake
1804 Tempera on canvas
Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England

19 June 2014


PROVOCATOR´s "7 Sorms of Eternal Damnation" from their upcoming album"Antikristus" out next August 19th.

9 June 2014

PROVOCATOR "Antikristus"

The release date for PROVOCATOR`s debut full-lenght "Antikristus" is next August 19th via Moribund Records

7 June 2014

NUCLEARHAMMER - Vinyl Available!

The vinyl version of NUCLEARHAMMER´s "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" is out now. The Die hard version looks fucking killer! [Blue vinyl with silver/black splatter DLP with etching on the 4th side, gatefold jacket. A2 poster, 12" faux leather logo patch and sticker].  Available through Nuclear War Now, European distributors and directly from the band too. 


DEATHRONATION premiere new song "Ghostwhipper" from the forthcoming album "Hallow the Dead" soon to be released. 

6 June 2014


SLAUGHTERDAY announces the release of the E.P. "Ravenous", featuring three new songs and a coverversion of Acheron´s "Ave Satanas".  The EP will be released through FDA REKOTZ on August 8th. 
The first press vinyl version will be limited to 300 bloodred colored 12 inch copies and included the CD version for free.  The full tracklisting is:
Crawling In Secrecy
Abyss Of Nameless Fear
Ave Satanas [Acheron cover]