31 December 2014

BEST OF 2014!

Another year has passed [away] and here is my classic [?!!!] Top 13 - Best of 2014!

MASTER´S HAMMER "Vagus Vetus"   Last year I was totally sure about the best album of the year, ZEMIAL´s "Nykta" was by far the best album of 2013, this year though, It was not clear for me.  By the mid of this year I had  two strong candidates in mind, and  both proved to be the best releases untill the end of the year. TRIPTYKON´s "Melana Chasmata" is great record, huge,  a dark monument, but in my opinion not as good perhaps as "Eparistera Daimones" was. Thus I chose "Vagus Vetus" by MASTERS HAMMER as the best album of 2014.  I know the album is not as good as "Vracejte Kove Na Misto", and the "plastic" sound of the drums has annoyed some listeners, but the album still has all the talent, creativity , variety and all the "weird" elements that this band always have had, and that special "magic" that allows to distinguish them far above the average... BRAVO!!!    The last place on the podium is for the amazingly obscure, chaotic, bestial and monumental "Death" by TEITANBLOOD. 

TRIPTYKON "Melana Chasmata"


SADISTIC INTENT "Reawekening Horrid Thoughts"



AT THE GATES "At War With Reality"

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR "Sights Of Suffering"

MORTUARY DRAPE "Spiritual Independence"

SOULBURN "The Suffocating Darkness"

VARATHRON "Untrodden Corridors of Hades"

VAMPIRE "Vampire"


There were good releases this year that I enjoy and are really worth to mention here: NECROHOLOCAUST "Holocaustic Goat Metal" ORACULUM "Sorcery of The Damned" NUCLEARHAMMER "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" DRACENA "Ravenous Bloodlust" PROVOCATOR "Antikristus" DEAD CONGREGATION "Promulgation of The Fall" PRINCIPALITY OF HELL "Fire & Brimstone" OBSCURE BURIAL "Epiphany" MASSACRE "Back Fom Beyond" VANHELD "Relics Of Sulphur Salvation" RIGOR MORTIS "Slaves To The Grave"

I´m not sure talking about the following albums as disappointments [except for OBITUARY "Inked in Blood" which was really a big disappointment] but enven being good albums perhaps I expected more that what they actually offered me: AUTOPSY "Tourniquets Hacksaws and Graves" INCANTATION "Dirges of Elysium" VADER "Tibi Et Igni" EXODUS "Blood In Blood Out" JUDAS PRIEST "Redeemer of Souls" MAYHEM "Esoteric Warfare" HOLY MOSES "Redefined Mayhem"  1349 "Massive Cauldron of Chaos" UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN "Baphometh Pan Shub-Niggurath"

1 December 2014


Satan Sitting Upon Throne
Bernard Zuber
 From "La Vie Execrable de Guillemette Babin", Maurice Garçon