30 December 2013


Les Trésors De Satan (Satan´s Treasures)
1895 Jean Delville
Musées Royaux Des Beux-Arts De Belgique, Bruxelles

27 December 2013


Next Spring 2014 Brazilian POWER FROM HELL will reissue their 1994 debut LP "The True Metal" via  Duplicate Records. This reissue will feature a newly recorded bonus track and revised layout. It will be limited to 500 copies available on different formats (see flyer)  a good chance to get this great albun on vinyl. Don´t miss it!

26 December 2013

BEST OF 2013!

Ok, I know it´s cliche, but here is my top 10, best of 2013! (Comments are welcome...)

ZEMIAL "NYKTA" Is by far the best release of 2013!
(Then in no particular order...)
UNCOFFINDED "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites"
VOIVOD "Target Earth"
OBLITERATION "Death Black Horizon"
PROVOCATOR "Darkness is Rising" 7"
POSSESSION "His Best Deceit" Demo
THOU ART LORD "The Regal Pulse Of Lucifer"
INTO DARKNESS "Transmigration of Cosmic Creatures Into The Unknown" 7"

21 December 2013

The Past is Alive!...(News)

Hammerheart Records releases on March 3rd 2014 EMPEROR´s classic "As The Shadows Rise", originally released as 7" in 1994. This time it will be released as a 12" vinyl, with an etching on side B and the songs as CD on one great package. Limited to 666 copies.
The same day Hammerheart will re-release HADES "Alone Walking" demo from 1993, this time limited to 500 copies.
Two great Black Metak classic from Norway...from the Dark Past!

20 December 2013

News, News, News!!!

Slovenian Black Metallers BLEEDING FIST are working on the upcoming full lenght with new guitarrist Jex, who replaces Angelus and Occultus. 7 tracks are already recorded for the new album to be released next year through Moribund Records.  In other Bleeding Fist news, Moribund will release on March 4th a compilation entitled "Death´s Old Stench - The Deathcult Sessions" which will feature unreleased song from 2011-2013. More info here:http://www.bleeding-fist.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/chaosblackmetal Chaos Black Metal!!!

"Ravenous Bloodlust" is the title of the new EP of swedish band DRACENA. The MCD will be released on January 30th.  More info at: 

"Altars/Tunnels" is the title of the great debut Demo of Blackened Doom Metal Band UPYR from Sofia, Bulgaria. This self-released 3 songs CD is also available on tape (4 songs) released by Serpent Eve Records, and digital download via UPYR bandcam page. Highly recommended Black Doom!!!

A new 7" EP featuring ENTRAILS and Spanish GRAVEYARD will be released via War Anthem Records. "Unleashed Wrath/Silent Whispers of the Graveless" will be availabe en January 2014.

Italian Death metallers The Beyond have released their self-produced debut EP "Decaying Death". A good piece of brutal death metal assault with an Old School taste! Check them out at their bandcamp page...http://thebeyonddeathmetal.bandcamp.com/

16 December 2013


Witches At Their Incantations
1646 Salvator Rosa
Oil on canvas
The National Gallery, London, England

13 December 2013


Don´t tell me there are no cool underground Black Metal Bands around anymore, think again! Or in case you want a proof...here is PROVOCATOR from Slovenia.  The debut 7" EP Darkness Is Rising, recently released by the mighty Doomentia Records is a total cult  to old school  attitude and sound.  HELLSCREAM is the only force guiding this monster through the dark; let the man himself tell us  more about this ghastly creature...

Hails, please give me some background of PROVOCATOR.
I give birth to Provocator for one reason only, for passion to the old school black metal of death, like Hellhammer, Venom, Bathory, Mayhem, Blasphemy, Von ....

I had a lot of riffs and stuff i never used for my other band Bleeding fist, so i decided to do this solo project.
What are the influences and inspiration on Darkness is rising?
The musical inspiration came from the old ones, the gods of the underground alike I said before, it’s a reclaim of the old raw filthy sound
Darkness is Rising sounds like a good statement?  Where do you get inspiration to write your dark lyrics?
Darkness Is Rising it`s my tribute to Chaos and the dark side of this shitty planet, if you look the world situation, you will see that the Evil, Chaos and Darkness is back at full force, and this will be from my point of view the beginning of the end… I hope.
How do you describe your style, Is there a deeper description than “raw black metal”?
I can say that the sound of Provocator can be described better with this two words CHAOS METAL.
You work with the great and constantly growing label Doomentia records, are you happy to release your first opus with them?
Sure Lucas from the mighty Doomentia it`s a great and professional person with a really good taste for bands and his passion for the underground will bring the flag od Doomentia very high in the metal underground.
Do you care about words such as “Movement” or “Scene”? If so, how do you expect that Provocator fit in the international black metal scene?

Honestly, I don’t care of the scene, movement, i`m doing this first for myself, and than maybe for the others.

Nowadays the scene as you call it, is full of copy paste stuff, and Provocators stuff is nothing new, it`s only a tribute to the old school metal, you know that raw shitty and lo fi demotape feeling, this is the spirit I want for this project, I don’t wanna contaminate it with other influences or make it more modern or technical
Are there any bands that you respect for their attitude and/or music?
Sure, I like Urfaust, Deiphago, Kurgaall, Whiskey Ritual, Cult of Fire, Bestial Raids, Blasphemophagher, Hellsword, and all the old stuff.
What can you tell us about the scene in Slovenia?
Nothing special, the scene here in Slovenia is fucked up, there is a few really great bands, but we can´t talk about the scene.
I like to see new and original bands emerging from different countries, think of the days with great bands like Masters Hammer (Cze), Rotting Christ (Gre), Ancient Rites(Bel), Samael(Swi), Mayhem(Nor), Sarcofago(Bra), Blasphemy(Can)…What do you think?
Sure there are a lot of interesting bands around, especially in Italy and Netherlands, Poland…Like Cult of Fire, Hellsword, Voidhanger, Bestial Raids,possession, Bolzer and other great bands…
Let me tell you that I really like the cover art of Darkness is rising, I think it is iconic. Simple but intelligent, just like in the old (cult) horror movies like Murnau´s Nosferatu, a symphony of horror.  Sometimes simplicity is enough to cause a visual impact, don’t you think? What did inspire you to use this image?
As you said the image is iconic, I wanted to use a symbol, a character like the Motorhead Warpig or the venom`s baphomet, iron maidens Eddie etc… in my case this is the Necrohead who will be present on all the Provocator releases in different forms, I found ispiration from an old movie poster, then I re – make that face and add some details, it`s the same story as the misfits crimson ghost, they used an image from a movie and they make a symbol out of it.
The sound on D.I.R. is indeed dark, raw and harsh, but as a musician always “progress”  do you “fear” to fall into temptation of writing more technical songs and explore cleaner production?
No, maybe I can go backword and insert some more punk stuff but never the Provocator sound will be perfect or technical, for the new album I detuned the guitar to make a little bit fucked up sound, so if we are talking of progression or better sound this is not the chase of Provocator hahahhaha.
Are you considering playing live with guest musicians in the future? How would be a perfect black metal gig for you?
For now I wanna keep it as a studio band-project, maybe in future, and if this will happen you will see, gasmasks, blood, hoods and rotten animal parts on the stage.
The Black Metal scene seems to be out of the spotlight nowadays, at least compared to the popularity achieved around 1995. Do you find this positive? There a few “black metal”  bands  like Satyricon and immortal that are very popular…but, do you think that most of people do not consider them  Black Metal anymore? What does a band need to call themselves and their music Black Metal?
I understand what you are talking about, I can say this, first of all i`m no one to judge the work of other bands or say Satyricon don’t sound like Satyricon, because only them can decide, how they should sound, the same with Watain and other bands, I can say that I don’t like the last work of watain, I was a huge fan of them but, I don’t know the last album is not giving me what they do with their previous releases, but if they know that this is the sound they want, only they can say this is or this is not the sound of Watain.
Let me ask you about some releases:
Watain – The Wild Hunt – I don’t like it
Marduk – Serpent Sermon – it`s not bad
Master´s Hammer - Vracejte Konve Na Misto  great album
Rotting Christ - Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy  I heard only a song and I don’t like it.

What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you have been?
Dachau concentration camp, the gas chamber, I must say that that was one of the most creepiest places I have been, there is a very strange feeling there, and you can feel the smell of death.
Do have new material written? When can we expect your debut full length?
I have the whole album already done, today I get the artwork by Lord Sickness 666 (Impiety, Archgoat, Black Witchery, Morbosidad…) I think it will be out in the middle of 2014.
So what will be the next steps for Provocator?
Release this album, and maybe a split, we will see.
Thanks for the interview, is there anything you would like to add?
Thank You too, Only death is real!
Great! can´t wait to hear the new stuff! Expect nothing but thick fog and a shroud of Chaos Black Metal. Yes my friends…Darkness Is Rising...

12 December 2013

SLAUGHTER LORD - "Thrash till Death" Forthcoming LP reissue!

According to Invictus Productions the label is working in cooperation with Steve Hughes on the forthcoming reissue of SLAUGHTER LORD´s legendary "Thrash Til Death" on vinyl. New artwork, that will include Lyrics, flyers, posters and never seen before band photos will combine the insert and layout.  The album will be mastered specifically for vinyl. They promise that this will be an excellent reissue, and I´m pretty sure of it!!!

THOU ART LORD "Orgia Daemonicum" Vinyl release!!

THOU ART LORD will have "Orgia Daemonicum", the album originally released in 2005, available on vinyl for the first time thanks to Floga Records and Hell´s Fire Records. With completely new artwork and limited to 500 copies (see flyer) the LP will be out on 31.12.2013. Indeed Orgia Daemonicum is a good way to celebrate the end of 2013...and the release of the album too of course! 2013 can go  to hell!

9 December 2013


Fallen Angels Entering Pandemonium
1841 John Martin
Oil on canvas
Tate Britain, London, England

7 December 2013

Interview with POSSESSION

POSSESSION from Belgium have just break into the scene recently with the debut demo "His Best Deceit". It can be described as a perfect example of "back to the roots" demonic Black-Death metal. Well executed, with hellish passion and ferocity. The music speaks for itself, but to know more about this hellish force here is an interview with Mestema (vocals) and V. Viriakh (bass).

Please Introduce yourself and the other members of Possession and give us a brief summary about the beginning of the band...

Possession is Mestema (vocals), V.Viriakh (bass), I.Dveikus (guitars) and Pz.Kpfw (drums). We have been hanging around together for years so that at some point it was kinda natural for us to start playing together. In December 2012 we had a first rehearsal all together and the alchemy took life. 

Is possession the first band for you and the rest of the members?

We have all been involved in other bands in the past but there’s no point mentioning them over here.

Possession, as a band name is total oldschool and fits perfect  for your style of music, is that the reason why you choose it?

We chose that name because when we started the band, we decided that the demoniac possessions was a theme we wanted to explore.

Are you satisfied ith the result in terms of sound and production? are there any "mistakes" you already sense, and that you would like to improve for the next release?                                            

We are satisfied with the sound and the production of our first demo. There are mistakes but we chose not to spend hours in the studio trying to overdub them. We think that the feeling is way more important than recording the perfect demo from a technical point of view. This is also why we decided to record live in the studio. This way we think we managed to capture the bestiality of our music. We are not sure at all whether we feel like improving something sound wise. We prefer focusing on writing new tracks instead of jerking off on how good musicians we are and how cooooooooooooool it would be to have an Abyss studio like sound.

How was the recording, did you work on a "live" basis? How long took you to record the demo?

As we wrote in our previous answer, our demo was indeed recorded live in the studio. We spent 4 days in Phorgath of Enthroned studio named ‘Blackout’.

The intro of the demo  sounds really blasphemous and seems to be inspired by The exorcist (The movie), though the sound of bells and religious chants makes it even  more haunting…which intro would you say that is the best you ever heard?

What you hear is a mix between real recordings of Anneliese Michel’s exorcism + a Latin hymn called “Dies Irae”. Bells can also be heard. They’re announcing the beginning of our demo and they’re also to be heard at the end of the demo announcing the end of a chapter and the coming of a new one. We think Sextrash Sexual Carnage album intro is the one of the best intro ever.

How do you describe your style? Do you find it closer to death or black metal, or is it something you don´t mind at all? Do you feel comfortable with the term “old school”?

We play black / death metal. Period. Old school? There is no such thing as old school metal. Using the term ‘old school’ is acknowledging that there is a new school while we strongly deny the fact that what is called modern metal has anything to do with what metal was and still is meant to be.

What's the meaning behind “His Best Deceit”?

His Best Deceit was convincing the world He did not exist … This is one of the frightening truths lying behind a veil blinding most people.

Lyrically, your songs deal with religion. Do you feel this topic inspiring? Are you open to write about other topics in the future? 

Demoniac possessions, the perception of the Devil throughout Western European Middle-Age and witchcraft in general are topics we feel like exploring in our tracks.
You recorded a Sepultura cover, “Necromancer” from their EP Debut Bestial Devastation, a great song from a great EP.  What bands inspires and/or influences you, is Sepultura one of them?
The 80’s South-American scene is one of our main influences but we are also influenced by acts such as Archgoat, Blasphemy, Ungod, Katharsis and so on. Nothing really original.
What do you think about Ancient Rites and what can you tell about the actual scene in Belgium?
Everything Ancient Rites did up to ‘Blasfemia Eternal’ is outstanding. The rest is meaningless to us.  95% of the Belgian metal scene is just a bunch of retards trying to play music they do not even understand. Some bands are interesting though and we support them. 
They know who they are!

How did you come to the deal with two different labels (Iron Bonehead and Invictus) to release the demo on CD and Tape?, why do you think there is this “revival” of using cassettes again?    

Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions are the only labels we ever got in touch with when we were looking for someone to release our first demo because we felt that they both were the labels we wanted to work with the most. Luckily they liked what they heard. We salute them.                                                                                             Have you played live, do you have scheduled gigs to support the release of the demo, maybe abroad?
We played our first live show the 16th of November at the occasion of our first demo release along with Necroblood, Vortex of End and Maleficence. It was a kinda private show so that we did not promote it. We just invited a bunch of people we know who could enjoy our music. There is nothing sure for the future yet. We are not like those lame bands jumping on every gig opportunity. We value quality over quantity.
Do you have new material ready? Do you have plans for a debut album shortly?
In early 2014 we will announce our next release for April 2014. It’s already recorded. We hate the idea of rushing the recording an album so that do not expect listening to a Possession albums before at least 2015.
What are you listening to nowadays? Do you remember the first record you bought?
As far as recent releases are concerned, we gotta say we really enjoyed Cultes des Ghoules and Cult of Fire albums. As far as the first records we bought are concerned, we cannot really remember them but they were probably an Iron Maiden or Metallica album.
What is the strangest place and the most shocking one you've ever been?
The earth.
Thanks and good luck in the future, is there anything you would like to add to end this interview?
We thank you for your interest and salute your readers.

6 December 2013


Undergound record label Down With The Most High Productions will release a split 7" featuring SABBAT (Jap) and FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM (Por). "Copula Necrotheologica: Sabbat Infernal" contains an exclusive and unreleased song from each band. Limited edition (see flyer for description) Don´t miss this Cult release, you have been warned...

3 December 2013

SADISM - New Album in 2014!

Chilean Death Metal veterans SADISM reveals cover artwork and date release of their upcoming sixth full length album. "THE OCULARIS DOMINATION" will be released on March 1st 2014. A lyric video of the  first single will be available on January 3rd, and later, a full album teaser will be posted on February 1st. So keep an eye on www.sadism.cl and stay tuned to Cult To Our Darkest Past for more news!!! 

2 December 2013

NECROMANTIA "Vampiric Rituals" available on LP!

This cult and magnificent demo of NECROMANTIA is available on vinyl for the first time thanks to Black Vomit Records. Limited to 400 and a die hard version limited to 100 copies. If this is not enough for you, you can also get NECROMANCY´s "Vision of Lunacy" demo on LP. Pre Necromantia and Magus first band! Total Cult!!


Le Pape Formose et Etienne VII - Concile cadavérique de 897
(Pope Formosus and Stephen VII - The Cadaver Synod 897)
1870 Jean Paul Laurens
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Nantes. France