10 March 2016


Another brutal assault from the Chilean scene: INVOCATION SPELLS is one of those young bands hitting and conquering the underground by spreading darkness fast and mercilessly. Specially after releasing “Descendent The Black Throne” last year. We managed to contact Whitchfucker and he kindly answered to our questions.  

How would you describe the origins of invocation spells?  What would you say specifically brought you all together to make dark heavy music?
Hi demons! Witchfucker answering!
The origins of Invocation Spells were born through the idea to express all the hate and the nonconformity in which we live; our rites connect us spiritually by following the path of the dark metal. Passion, hate and desire of keeping alive the black flame of our music are the facts that keep us together as band.
What kind of bands influenced you most to play this kind of music?
Our music is influenced by the damn black metal. Bands like Celtic frost, Atomic aggressor, Pentagram, Nocturnal, Destruction [old], Hellhammer, etc.
Did you record a demo or a promo tape before the recording of your first album?
In Invocation we did not record any demo before the full album, we already known what we want and where we must be focused. Those demos are personal and part of the pre-creation of the final songs.
Regarding our experience recording, we had already recorded in our other bands we are part of. I, Witchfucker, play in Dekapited and Obssessor in Unjustice, thrash metal bands from Chile.
What can you tell about the recording of the debut album? Are you personally satisfied with the musical results on “Unholy Blasphemies"? The album was released originally on tape through Suicide record and then on cd via Metal Command, how was the contact and relationship with by both labels?
Yes, I’m 101% satisfied with the music created but it’s not the same according to how it sounds. I think that "Descendent the black throne" is my 100% in every aspect.
Suicide records is my personal label, for that reason I was in charge of the tape edition, after that Metal Command from Argentina released the CD with this record label had already tried for the previous release of dekapited but I decided to avoid working with it because part of the contract was not fulfilled and I had to travel to Mendoza [Argentina] to get mi Cd’s, Do you know what is that?! Uff total rejection to Metal command! rip off! There are not more deals between me and the label.
Last year you recorded and released your second full length, "Descendent the black throne". How this album differs compared to the album debut regarding sound and style?
The sound is a little better prepared than before, I like it much more than the first album and also musically it satisfies me more. And I think every album that I will release from now it will be better than the album before; my mind is gaining more knowledge and more ideas, to throw my hatred! 1 disc per year is our goal.
Lyrically where do you draw the inspiration from for the lyrics?
Our inspiration is far from the city, surrounded by trees and nature; we are influenced by hatred of humanity, false Christianity and total repudiation of false gods. I think all that motivates us to continue making music, keep spewing hatred and black metal.
The album was re-released on Cd, tape and vinyl last December through Hells Headbangers, how did you feel about the interest shown by the label?
Excellent! It is an honor to be considered by Hells Headbangers, it is the major label on the underground world, which motivates and makes us feel proud too!
Are you satisfied with the response you have received from the public?
Uff yes! It is greater than we thought; we always wanted to compose metal only for us and the fact that now our music, feelings and thoughts are being massified and more bangers can appreciate our hate is really good! We hope with Obssessor to create a band for 2017 and and to devastate Europe and South america.
How would you describe the cover artwork? How important is the artwork and the image for the concept of the band? 
Very important. Covers can show faithfully what we want to transmit, everything comes “first by sight "and I think the cover perfectly reflect what invocation spells is.

You released two albums in a short space of time, are you working on new material?
Yes! 1 album per year is our proposal! And if there is an interest of Hells headbagers could be 2 per year. We have much hatred and experience to expel, we need to connect us and that’s it! 
Have you considered adding new members to achieve a more full sound or are you content with the line-up as it currently exists?
The sound is already full. In the recording studio we will always be Witchfucker and Obssessor but it is unavoidable having more people to give the presence that we need in live, for that reason we already have some friends soldiers to collaborate and make of Invocation Spells the darkest ritual before seen.
How are your live rituals? Did you play many gigs so far? Did you have the chance to play abroad?
??????? INVOCATION SPELLS Dont’t Play Live!!!!! only for 2017 can exists an idea for Southamericanand Europe tour!
What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you´ve been? 
The darkness of my house is the best place! A field full of hills and rivers, with my dogs; far away from the city and its people. Definitely a perfect place!
What are your current future plans?
To finish the third album of the band and start rehearsal this 2016, so in 2017 we could devastate everything we can!
Thanks for your time, is there anything you would like to add…
Thank you for the interest to Invocation spells! Thanks to the bangers that delight their minds with our rites!

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