13 August 2019

RIPPER "Sensory Stagnation" EP

Yeaaaarrrggh Chilean thrashers RIPPER are back! The band will release a new EP o september 30th entitled "Sensory Stagnation".

The Ep will include 5 tracks and will be out via Unspeakable Axe Records on CD, casssete and digital. A vinyl version will come later through Dark Descent Records

Here´s the new track "The Unreal"...killer as usual from this band.


10 August 2019


New Orleans old school-thrash metallers EXHORDER ar back with a new album in over two decades.  "Mourn The Souther Skies" is the title of their thir full-lenght that will be released on Spetember 20th via Nuclear Blast Records.  The band already premiered the music video for the single "My Time". Thouhg I miss "something" from the good old days, still is a good dose of rabid thrash metal. Check it out...

GRAVEYARD from Spain have been in the sceee long time crushing skulls with ther dark heavy death metal. "Hold Back The Dawn" is their fourth fulll-lenght. The album will be released on September 20th through War-Anthem Records.  The band´s first single "Of Extant Cults And Living Terrors" is like a dark.- giant creature spreading darkness and horror. Great cover artwork by Matt Carr. Hail Graveyard!

"Enter Cold Void Dreaming" is the new advance track from 1349´s new album "The Infernal Pathway". The Norwegian black metallers already revealed their first sinlge a month ago ("Through Eyes Of Stone").   Both are fast and raw, yet tecnique tracks, showing the cold and aggressive sound and style that 1349 executed  in the past, I mean On the early albums.  Though I´ll wait to listen to the whole album to make an appropiate judgement, I must say that both tracks hooked me mor than their last couple of preious works.  The album will be out on October 18th through Season Of Mist.

"Born To Persih", the 16th(!!!) album by German thrash gods DESTRUCTION is already out. The band carry on pleasing their vast militia and the lovers of good thrash metal.  No surprises here, (and that´s good) I mean  that the band continues and sometimes seems to dig up  the solid riffs from the past, yet the result sounds renwed, played with energy and precission. Check out the recently streamed music video "Inspired By Death".

U.S. blasphemous ghouls PROFANATICA are back with a new album, "Rotting Incarnation Of God". The album will be ready to torment the ears of the christians on October 11th via Season Of Mist. Here´s the awesome title track premiered a few days ago. Enjoy! (unless you are...you know...a fucking christian!)

8 August 2019

SORCERY "Death is Near" Official Lyric-Video

It was a week ago when Xtreem Music premiered the lyric video of "Death is Near", the second advance track from SORCERY´s upcoming album "Necessary Excess Of Violence"
It´s a great track full of the classic old shcool swedish death metal vibe, so enjoy the song whether you´ve already heard it or hadn´t done until now...bang your fucking head. 

The 4th album by veteran swedish death metallers will be released on August 20th via Xtreem Music and will be available on LP/CD and digital (pre order available here)

Album Tracklist:
The Stellar Circle
Where We Were Born We Will Demise
The Darkest Part of You
Of Blood and Ash
I'll Be Gone in the Dark
Death is Near
King of Nothing
Year of the Plague
Language of the Conqueror