2 March 2016

CADAVERIC FUMES Official Trailer for "Dimensions Obscure" MLP

Blood Harvest Records will release CADAVERIC FUMES´ debut mini-album "Dimensions Obscure" on May 2nd. It will be released on vinyl and there will be a limited version including a logo patch and a transparent blue vinyl.

The band based in Rennes, France, released the debut demo "Macabre Exaltation" in 2012 and the split mini-album with Demonic Oath "Entwined In Sepulchral Darkness" in 2014,  The band is currently planning a tour through Europe between May 27th and June 13th. Find below the tracklisting and the homemade trailer the band did "to present a few glimpses of "Dimensions Obscure"

Crepuscular Journey
Extatic Extirpation
Where Darkness Reigns Pristine / Swallowed Into Eternity


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