8 March 2016


New Zealand's PRISONER OF WAR are about to release their debut mini-album "Rot" which will be released on 12" vinyl format through Iron Bonehead Productions and on CD including bonus tracks via NecroShine Records on May 2nd. The band was founded by vocalist/bassist Charred Remains, guitarist Typhoid Filth, and drummer MG-42 in Auckland in 2013. 

PRISONER OF WAR debut was a four-song demo entitled "Shit-filled Pit of Hell" in 2014. The band´s members have a strong interest in the World Wars, with the lyrics and vision of the band reflecting this. P.O.W. presented the track "Evil Sky", which you can check below along with the full tracklisting:

Slow and Painful Death by Gas
Evil Sky
Purgatorial Shadow
Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay

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