21 January 2020


YOTH IRIA marks the return of Jim "Mutilator" Patsouris to musical activities with a new band. Together with The Magus from Necromantia, the band is about to release the debut EP "Under His Sway". Reason enough to send a few questions to Jim to take a little glimpse at the past and to know about Yoth Iria's present and future. Bless upon us, the cursed ones...

How and when exactly does the beginning of Yoth Iria materialize?
The idea started to work in my mind in the mid of 2000ies. After some years from my hiatus with Rotting Christ i felt the need of composing new tracks. Around 2008 2009 started composing new tracks for a new band but it took me up to 2019 to create my new band.
How did you guys team up together, are all permanent members? Can you give details about the working process? about songwriting and rehearsals?
Me and Magus are the core of the band and hopefully the other guys, my brother and the drummer John The Maelstrom, will go far with us. Allthough George Emmanuel gave us big help and education cant follow as a permanent member due to his heavy duties with Lucifers Child and Pentagram studios.
When I saw the band name instantly came to my mind the chorus of “The Fourth Knight of Revelation”. Why did you choose Yoth Iria and how did you develop the concept under this name?
Yoth Iria is one of my personal guardians from my childhood years . It also connects me with my Rotting Christ period still.
In your own words how would you describe the music in “Under his Sway”? As you were part of the early days of Rotting Christ, do you think that people will take it for granted that you´ll be under the influence of that sound and style?
Its very difficult to describe my own music. Lets say its a mix of all metal kinds but its infused with black metal ideology. Of course some Rotting Christ similarities are here but it just happened as thats my way of making music from the first days of my carrer

Tell me about the opening track, the title track, it has great melodies, and a powerful chorus, please tell me about the writing of this song and its lyrics.
This is the first track I composed after my departure from rotting christ . Actually the track was 2 minutes shorter but after we entered the studio we added some more ideas. 
The second track, Sid-Ed-Djinn, starts with a slower part, huge choruses, and then fast riffs, then and rich melodies, very dynamic and diverse. The female vocals add an epic dimension. What were your sources of inspiration for the lyrics, and the music too.
Unlike Under His Sway , Sid Ed Djinn is the very last track i composed for the album and was born after George Emmanuel listened to an old recording of me with some forgotten riffs. He forced me to try to work on this riff and making a new track. So Sid Ed Djinn was born. Lyrically is an anti religion track that shows my philosophy against christianity as a theory without value.

You are working on a video clip for this song, can you comment some works about it?
The guys of Repulsive Records in cooperation with Ritual Video take care for the video (the video clip is amazing and you can watch it  at the end of this interview - Chris).
The choice of Visions of the Dead Lovers was indeed a nice surprise, why did you choose to do a new version and how would you describe it?
I think this is one ofe the best rotting christ tracks that never appeared in a rotting christ album. So it was a good reason to re release it with a more modern production and make people flashback to the original one.
Do you plan to do more cover version in your next releases?
Yeah I have some more covers in my mind from some tracks that built my own personality from such bands as Bathory, Possessed, Celtic Frost and GBH...
The cover artwork is amazing, who had the idea and concept and why did you chose the indian artist Harshanand Singh?
This cover magnetised me from the first sight. It was exactly what it fit us according our music and our general thematically concept.
How did you get in touch with Repulsive Eco Records? Why did you decide a 10” inch vinyl release (which is very cool) instead of a 12” version?
A common friend brought us in contact and from the start we felt really comfortable . Im extremelly satisfied with Repulsive Re. as they are really proffesionals and above all they know their job.
I can´t avoid asking you about the early days of Rotting Christ and Necromantia, What are your memories from those days? What are you missing from the old days, comparing the old days and the current “scene”?

We were little kids with a life dedicated to what we can name metal music. Not only as a kind of music but as a way of life. We started our first band with Sakis and Themis back in 1985 in a period of time that heavy metal music was totally anti social and we were considered by society like human scums.Of course with the passing of years it has changed and to be a metal fan is normal but those days it was really hard to be a part of this music. I cant imagine my life without this, i prefer to die than change life.With few words those days are unforgetable and glorius.
How do you feel about the importance of the Hellenic black metal sound? Do you thing that the new bands always tried to feel close to the style started by Rotting Christ or Varathron?
We were from the first bands worldwide to play this kind of music. makes sense that a  lot of bands are influenced by us. In my opinion there is one scene and this is a worldwide scene. Of course im happy to see Greece to have so many great metal bands and so many talented musicians.
Jim, how were out of the musical scene, but you had a record shop, how was the time there, how did you live the evolution or involution of the scene.
yeah I used to run my own metal shop from 1994 to 2009 It was really good to be daily into the metal music and all day long to be amongst metal fans but i felt i couldnt go any more as a metal merchant so i sold everything and return to paluing music and of course listen to the music.
You recently collaborated with Medieval Demon, or beyond just a collaboration, are you a permanent member of the band?
I know the guys from Medieval Demon since 1993 when they hit the door of our storm studio recording their debut demo. So after they asked me to play in their upcoming album i said yes. Medieval Demon is a black metal band dedicated to old school and they are dedicated to underground soul and body.
You also did guest vocals on the last Mystifier full-length, please tell us how did that happen? Were you in contact with them when they were in Osmose too?
Armando is a legendary black metal hero from the late 80ies so i was really honored to have a little participation on their latest effort.
How important is it for you as a musician to be part of a scene? Do you agree to promote the motto "support the scene"? And how do you interpret it as a fan?
Absolutely I agree . As I told you , im a metal fan first . In my opinion metal fans and metal musicians are the different sides of the same coin.
What are the best, or what do you appreciate most about about living in Greece?
Life in greece is full of an ancient energy and is a really mystic place to live. Of course there is a big economical crisis but overall is our home.
Besides music, are there other artistic expressions that interest you?
Of course I enjoy writing.
Would you name some of your fave bands and your fave albums from Old good veterans and newcomers?
I still die for bands like Bathory, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Celtic Frost, Possessed , Discharge, Destruction, Kreator, Sacrifice, Necrovore, Dissection but still worship tons more bands that i need days to mention all of them.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been? 
I dont think I have been ever in a place that shocking me, actually theres no fear on me for anything .

What will be the next steps for Yoth-Iria? Are you already working on a full-length?
Next step is to release our full length album and play some gigs around the world.
Are you going to play live or touring with this line-up?
If there is demand on us of course.
Thanks you for your time, last words are yours...
Thanx for the great interview. NON SERVIAM & METAL MAGIC FREEDOM....

14 January 2020

YOTH IRIA "Sid Ed Djinn" Official Video

Excellent video for an excellent track by YOTH IRIA. This Greek obscure incarnation marks the return of bassist Jim Mutilator, former member of Rotting Christ, joined by Magus Wampyr Daoloth from Necromantia on vocals, George Emmanuel from Lucifer´s Child on guitars and J.V Maelstrom on drums, ex-Thou Art Lord, currently on Caedes Cruenta and more.

"Sid Ed Djin" belongs to the upcoming EP "Under His Sway" , to be released soon by Repulsive Echo Records in March.

This magnificent video was created by Ritual Video. Stay tuned for more detailed info about YOTH IRIA soon! Hail the Beast!

NECROPHILIAC To release new album, reveal first single

Spanish death metal veterans NECROPHILIAC revealed details of their upcoming album "No Living Man Is Innocent", the second full-length following the debut album "Chaopula - Citadel of Mirrors" released in 1992.

The band returns with four of the original members plus a new bass player. The new Lp will be out in March 12th through Xtreem Music on CD and LP.

The band revealed the first single "Kill All, Burn All, Loot All", a very "old-school" death metal track, heavy, dynamic, with a very obscure sound.
The cover artwork belongs to Artem Grigoryev, a totally different concept to what they used on "Chaopula"


Piper Leading Innocents
Hunting Humans
Magma of Flesh (Beasts of the Earth)
When Mother Ate Son
Inhabitants of the Red Forest
Kill All, Burn All, Loot All"
No Living Man is Innocent

12 January 2020


"The Ghost of Orion" is the title of the upcoming album of gothic/doom metal icons MY DYING BRIDE.

The album will be released on March 6th,  5 years after its predecessor "Feel the Misery" via Nuclear Blast.

The band released the ooficial video for "Your Broken Shore", a great video of a track that sounds "classic", melodic, brutal, with the lovey violin and cello sound, and of course Aaron´s clean and death metal vocals. A track that embodies and expresses the recongnisable spirit and esence of MY DYING BRIDE.

The album will be available on various 2LP gatefold versions and CD. Pre-order here

With each new song from "The Ones From Hell" that NECROWRETCH reveal, I´m more sure that the album will be something grandiose and one of the best of 2020. The track "Codex Obscuritas" is a monument of Sonic Darkness, hypnotic and sinisterly enchanting. 

Vlad´s vocals sound better and more diabolical every day. A voice that would make Satan himself proud.

I just came across KONVENT, a band from Denmark a few days ago on YT, watching the official video clip of "Puritan Masochism", the title track of their upcoming album to be out on January 24th via Napalm Records. 
A couple of days ago the band released a video clip of a brand new track titled "Ropes Pt. II". A highly recommended crushing death/doom track. If you like it, I also recommend you to check the lyric video of "Trust" (here) and the aforementioned video of "Puritan Masochism" (here).
Pre-order available on different formats here 

TULUS is a band formed by members of Sarke and Khold, a band that I have not paid attention to since the release of their debut LP "Pure Black Energy". They have released a brand new single "Jord" and I truly enjoyed it.

The song belongs to their new sixth full-lenght "Old Old Death", which will be released on March 6th via Soulseller Records and will be available on CD, digital and limited vinyl versions.

Cold, grim, strong black metal.

11 January 2020