27 December 2018

DIOIVO "Dioivo II"

Galician black metallers DIOIVO will release the debut full-length entitled "Dioivo II" on January 8th, through the Spanish label Darkwoods Productions.

The album will be released on CD jewelcase strictly limited to 200 copies from which only the first 40 ones are presented with an exclusive cardboard slipcase. Pre-order available here

DIOIVO will be presenting the album next saturday 29th December in Vigo, joining forces with galician pagan warriors LÓSTREGOS and MILETH. Ancient Celtic Gods...be proud!

Stay tuned for more info.

21 December 2018


Third round of announcments for 2019. And I want to star writting about MYSTIFIER, as they unveiled details of their comeback album, 18 years later after the last full-lenght.

"Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia" will be released on March 8th through Season Of Mist. The band released the single "Weighing Heart Ceremony", (dark, enchanting, melodic, violent, awesome!) The cover artwork (beautiful and recognizable art of Paolo Girardi) and full tracklist were also revealed.

Protogoni Mavri Magiky Dynasteia
Weighing Heart Ceremony
Witching Lycantropic Moon
Akenathon (Son Mighty Sun)
Six Towers Of Belial´s Path
Demoler Las Torres Del Cielo (En Nombre Del Diablo)
Soultrap Sorcery Of Vengeance
(Introducione D´la Melodia Mortuoria) Thanatopraxy
Al Nekba (666 Days Of War)
Chiesa Dei Bambini Molestati 

Spanish death metallers COME BACK FROM THE DEAD will release the second full-length "The Rise Of The Blind Ones" next year via Transcending Obsurity Records.
More details will be reveales soon, in the meantime enjoy the cool artwork by Cesar Valladares.

It´s great to have OPPROBRIUM back, if you are not aware of them (shame on you) the band released classic albums such as "Serpent Temptation" and "Beyond The Unknow" (cult!!!) undeR their former name INCUBUS. As OPPROBRIUM they released a couple of good death metal albums, being "Mandatory Havoc" the last one released back in 2008. 
So I hope a strong return with "The Fallen Entities", to be released in February 22nd via High Roller Records.
The band will premiere a brand new track "Wicked Mysterious Events" next January 5th, so stay tuned and don´t miss it.
The cover art was painted by Daniel Tyka.

Dark Days, Dark Times
Creations That Affect
Wicked Mysterious Events
The Fallen Entities
Through The Centuries
Turmoil Under The sun
In Danger
Obstructive Behaviour

Last but not least, GAAHLS WYRD will release the debut studio album through Season Of Mist in 2019. An album teaser was released, which leaves me intrigued and wanting for more...

17 December 2018


GORGON is undoubtedly a reference in the French scene and a cult act from the black metal scene of the early 90's. The band is back after a time of lethargy with "The Veil of Darknesss", a dark, violent and raw album, the way it should be. Chris, founding member, kindly answered the following interview ...from the unknow depths.

Hi Chris, good to have Gorgon back 18 years after your last full-length, what took you so long? J What happened with the band since 2001?
In 2001 we have known line-up problems so we have stopped our activities even if it was not “official”. During the next years I was contacted by the band OTAL to make as split album with them, but after years of silence, this CD is only out in 2011, released by three French labels. Moreover, the same year the Mexican label Rex Bagude productions released a CD compilation of the band originally for the South-American market. In addition, in 2018, the French labels Triumph Ov Death and Analog Spleen Records have re-issued the 1992 demo on vinyl format limited to 300 copies.
You will attack with the new album “The Veil of Darkness” next month, can you comment about your feelings and expectations towards its release? How long have you been working on these songs and ideas?
So many times during the last years I have seen guys who claimed play black metal where I only seen musicians not involved, and fast metal without dark feelings. Over time I started to think to a return and one day this decision was taken. I told him to a guy which distribute metal stuffs and few days later I received a proposition from a label, then few others propositions. In December 2017 I reserved the recording studio for June 2018, everything was supposed to be ready for the deadline. The album was totally composed during this period, December 2017 to April 2018 with only fresh ideas, no old stuff. I have composed 10 new songs and Hreidmarr (ex-Anorexia Nervosia), helped by his friend Jon. have created a track as introduction. I have asked him in December 2017 and he has immediately accepted. He was the first guest on this album.
Tell me about the recording process, If I´m not wrong you played all the instruments except for the drums.
Yes, as I play all instruments, I thought it was easier to do all the work by myself, but for drums I have paid a session drummer who made a great job. He has recorded his parts in 1 day. So, excepted the introduction, I have recorded all the guitars, bass and vocals. The Italian famous singer Cadaveria from the band Cadaveria also appeared on a song. Her appearance was the only musical thing she has made during this year.
The album sounds furious, raw and powerful and certainly evoking the past, the production really kick ass. The first track instantly hooked me and reminded me of the ferocity of “Tower Of Gargoyles”, so your roots are intact; and with a title like “Still Six Six Six” one could say it sounds like a statement…
By the fist song “’Still Six Six Six”, I wanted to send a clear message: The Gorgon from 1995 which played “Tower Of Gargoyles” is back in 2018, but with a better production for sure. Sebastien Camhi, our sound engineer, studied with Eddie Kramer (producer of albums from Jimi Hendrix, Anthrax, Kiss) and Andy Wallace (“Reign in blood” and “Seasons in the Abyss”- Slayer, “Arise”, “Chaos A.D.” and “Roots” - Sepultura, “Nevermind”- Nirvana) and his studio called ArtMusic was exactly what we need. He listened a lot Norvegian black metal bands in the 90’s.
Does the character, the perspective and the attitude of Gorgon nowadays differ much from the early days? What would you name as your influences during the period of silence for this new album?
I think that with our hindsight we have another perspective of the scene but our attitude has not changed. We are still against trends and it’s not because in 2018 a lot of guys thought black metal is only blast beasts and corpse paint that we’ll follow this way. We are our own identity so I don’t think we are specially influenced by new bands. Our inspiration has not changed throughout 28 years, it’s still black metal in all kind of forms (fast or slow, melodic, raw,…)
What can you tell about the lyrics? Is there an overall theme to the songs, or do they each discuss different topics? What´s behind a title like “The Roots Of My Fantasies”
This song mentioned is based on a voyage in the other world. Each song has its own theme even if witchcraft and black arts dominate here. It’s classical lyrics for a band like us and it’s the only way to conceive black metal for me. I’m not narrow minded and don’t want to impose my vision, but so many bands are off-topic with political or social lyrics.
Tell us about the cover artwork, who was responsible for the concept and drawing? 
It’s a tattoo artist called Stef Dess and the concept makes really “middle-age” for me. Exactly what I need with my songs about witchcraft and darkness. He has first made the drawing of the cover and called his work “The birth of the Antichrist”. He contacted me by mail to offer his talent, and I accepted with no regret so far. He has also made the 2 drawings of our new t-shirt.
Your debut album, “The Lady Rides A Black Horse” burst into the scene 23 years ago. What are your memories of the recording process, the response and reviews after the release?
This album has received good reviews from zines and mags as moreover it was the first for a French black metal band. The recording sessions have been made near our town with a guy and his personnel studio. We have known some troubles during the mix as the guy has cancelled sometimes but after all these years, we are rather satisfied of this first album. As usual for us, it was with a new line-up, and contrary to what is noted on the booklet of the CD, it’s me who have made all the guitars parts. The other guitarist was in the band since few weeks and was not ready at this time, which was not the case on the next album where we both we made our own parts.
What inspired the album title and the album cover? Can you tell more about that photo session?
I found this tittle one day during a travel and it means “Death rides a black horse”. The “Lady” is “Mrs. Death”. At this period, we decided to use a photo than a drawing for the cover, so we have made this photo session in a local cemetary by night. If I’m right, it’s me who took this photo. Among all the photos, we have kept this one showing the Death which kill an angelic symbol. We came back to this cemetary for other things later…(hmmmm...I am intrigued - Chris)
How do you look back at the album nowadays?
You have to consider I have known all the line-ups changes, and these guys on it don’t play in the band since a lot of time so it seems rather old for me and a bit “primitive” musically. Even if I have no regret as it was the best we can offer, here and there, I’ll be pleased to change some details.  It ‘s also our best-known album.
What are your memories of from the French scene back then? Were you in touch with bands such as Mutiilation, Vlad Tepes or the infamous Les Légions Noire? What was/is your opinion about them (LLN)?
I was only in (good) contact by mail with Mutiilation at their beginning. We have also played with Maleficum Orgia which was among the firsts French black metal bands. Excepted Osculum Infame and Malveliance (which will become Count Nosferatu) later, I was not specially in contact with French bands or just during 1 or 2 letters. About Les Légions Noires, they send me 2 times death threats in 1993: 1 by phone and 1 by mail. Then they stopped, I don’t know why. I’ve never wore a complaint of course. I’ve read recently by a guy from their town, who know them personally, that the children behind Vlad Tepes stopped their bullshit due to a police investigation. May be. In all cases they are overestimated today where as in the 90’s almost no one knew them.
Tell me from your point of view the most significant differences between the underground of the past with that of nowadays? Is there anything you miss from the old days?
The spirit has changed in which concerns the black and death metal bands, I don’t know about thrash metal or grindcore. In the past, the music was in our blood, in our veins, may import if it was technic or not. Today, it’s musicians who play these styles were as before it was maniacs involved. The level has increased but the integrity has disappeared. For most of them it must be taken in the second degree, it’s a clean and correct music. Of course, it exists some exceptions. Moreover nowadays, it’ too easy to listen and judge a band. In the 90’s when we bought a demo tape or a LP, sometime we bought it based only on the artwork because it was evil, dark. I’ll do it for “I.N.R.I.” (Sarcofago) or the first Dark Throne as example. You listen to it again and again because you waited for it, you spent money. Today, as all is free on the web, you can listen all what you want but you don’t give a chance to a band if you don’t like it in the first seconds. To conclude a thing that has not changed in France is the crowds to undergrounds gigs. Popular festivals have a lot of people but it’s really difficult for small concerts.
Are you aware of new bands and releases in the French scene? What bands do we have to take a look at?
With the free facilities of the web, as noted above, I listen of lot of new releases from French bands to have an idea of them and I’m in contact with some as Totale Angoisse or Council Daimonion. I’m very particular about music, so I prefer not to use names.
Sometimes it usually happens that there are bands with the same name, usually in different countries or even different continents, but are you aware of another band called Gorgon...from France!!! They were formed in 2013. Did you had any contact with them?
I have contacted them one time, few years ago and they answered me they choose this name as my band was not in activities!!!!! (What a ricicule reasoning - Chris) With such a view, they may have called their band The Beatles or Led Zeppelin. Imagine in some months, when Slayer will have stopped its career, do you think a new American band called Slayer will be taken seriously? When I started the band in 1991, it was not possible to know if somewhere in the world another band have the same name. That’s why it existed a lot of bands called Killer or Killers as example. But in 2013, you could search in the web, just like they did I’m sure, and for a French metal band as them, used the name of another well-known French metal band, it was really stupid as they knew our existence. For a band in Malaysia or in Africa, without computer, why not, but not from the same country. They could have named their band Gorgone or Black Gorgon, it was not excellent but different at less.
How did the signing to Osmose come about?
In the 90’s, Osmose helped us with the distribution of our material (demo, E.P., albums) so the band was known for them. When I have decided to record new songs, few labels have contacted me and Osmose was among them. The boss asked me to listen some songs to judge and I have sent him 3 of them (rehearsal versions of course). He appreciated and make me a proposition which contained the best conditions, so we have decided to work together.
All comes naturally and so far, they are deeply correct.
Gorgon´s first two albums and your 1992 demo “Call From Unknown Depths” will be reissued soon, can you unveil some details?
It’s the first time I’ll talk about. So, all the artworks are finished, we just waited for the new masterings before to send the stuff to the pressing. Each artwork is different than the original but in the same spirit. It’s common to see a vinyl version with the same cover than the CD version, but as it was a new print, we have made a new cover that I have approved. To conclude, as the demo is ever out recently in vinyl, it will be only a MCD version. The 2 first album will be out on CD and vinyl. 
Are you still in touch with the band´s ex-members?
I’m still in contact with Eddy (drummer on “The spectral voices”), who play now in a heavy metal band as guitarist and Cyril (bass player of the 3rd and 4th album). Some weeks ago, I have met Brice (guitarist from 1994 to 1998) never seen in 15 years. He lent me photos used for the re-release of the old albums. At the last summer, Joël, bass player on the first 2 album is  here for holidays, in the South of France, but as he lives in the West of the country, we share sometimes few lines by mail. Only Eddy is still an active musician.
In 2011 you released a split CD with the band Ordo Templi Aeternae Lucis, consisting of unreleased songs, intended to be released sometime back in 2006, when were the tracks exactly recorded? What were the reasons for the delay?
For our section, it was songs from my archives. From our demo, 2 songs were recorded later in a new version for our first album and 2 only exist on this demo. One of them is now on this split CD for the first time. As we had time during the noise settings of our first album, in 1994, we have recorded 2 covers: 1 from Burzum which is on this split CD and a cover of Venom never out I think. 2 others songs came from these sessions: a song released before and another one in a raw version (that you can find on our 3rd album in a definitive version). You have also an alternative mix from 1997 from a song which appear originally on our 3rd album and an unreleased song from the sessions of our 4th album in 2000. Since the summer of 2005, all was ready (artwork and music), few labels were interested but this split-cd did have some problems, and finally came out quite some years later.
Among those songs you recorded a Burzum cover “Ea, Lord Of The Depths”, why did you chose this song? Was/is Burzum´s music a strong influence for Gorgon?
This cover was an idea of our first drummer even if this song was unknown at this time. I pre-ordered the album at DSP and only few maniacs knew this band. It was not an influence at all but we have played this song in concerts in the era 1992-1994. Burzum was absolutely not so cult than today. It was just a band with an album. I’m remembered that I have received a letter from him in 1993.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
I don’t know if it’s the strangest place I have seen, but in November I have “visited” an old English cemetary not far from here. Near all the cross were broken, a lot of graves opened, no maintenance. This was abandoned even if there was a guard. The guy who show me this place told black masses were performed in many occasions in the past and some others things I can note here. I really found this place beautiful, calm (as you can imagine) and beyond time.
What will be the next steps for the Gorgon? Will you join forces with session musicians to play live? 
I have contacted a drummer and a bass player but actually we have never made a rehearsal to judge if we are on the same way. To recruit a second guitar player will be nice too for live performances. So, in the next weeks we’ll see if they are the good ones but it will take time before to be ready. I also continue to compose new stuff as I really hope a new album will follow this one. And as in some months I know I’ll have to promote the re-release of our back catalogue, I will be busy a large part of 2019.
Thanks you for your time, last words are yours...
“The Veil Of Darkness” is a new chapter for the band and I really thank all the support that I have received so far from zines, webzines, radios and fans. One year ago, this come back was a gamble and I was in front of a blank page. I have played guitar again and again to find good riffs and soon you could listen the result this work. The plague is ready to be widespread.

11 December 2018


The announcments of releases for 2019 continues and one of the most exciting has  been the announcement of "The Door To Doom", the new album by CANDLEMASS.

The band´s 12th full-length will be released on february 22nd via Napalm Records.
Johan Langquist, who left the band after singing on the 1986 debut album "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus" has reunited and the album features the pleasant and awesome surprise of the guest appareance by Tony Iommi, playing the solo on the song "Astorolus - The Great Octopus".

Pre-order available here

Splendor Demon Majesty
Under The Ocean
Astorolus - the Great Octopus
Bridge Of The Blind
Death´s Wheel
Black Trinity
House Of Doom
The Omega Circle 


VIRCOLAC return with their debut full-lenght. After the superb and high acclaimed EP "The Cursed Travails Of The Demeter" released in 2016, the Irish wolves will strike again with  "Masque"  on March 8th via Sepulchral Voice (Europe) and Dark Descent (America).

The band unveiled the dark and sinister track "The Long Trail"...

Tether & Wane
So I Hang From A Wretched Tree
Masque Of Obsequious Venality
Snake Among Man
The Long Trail
End Of 1a Beginning

"The Wings Of War" is the title of the new album by U.S. Thrashers OVERKILL

The album will come out on February 22nd via Nuclear Blast.
Cover artworw by Travis Smith.

Last Man Standing
Believe In The Fight
Head Of a Pin
Bat Shit Crazy
A Mother´s Prayer
Welcome To The Garden State
Where Few Dare To Talk
Out On The Road-Kill
Hole In My Soul

A new live album by KING DIAMOND! "Songs For The Dead Live" consist of two shows recorded at Belgium's Graspop Metal Meeting in June 2016 and Philadelphia's Fillmore in November 2015. Featuring a brace of classic King Diamond and Mercyful Fate tracks including "Welcome Home," "Halloween," and "Eye Of The Witch" before launching into Abigail in it´s entirety.

"Songs For The Dead Live" will be released on January 25th on DVD/Blu-ray and also on Vinyl, CD, and a speciad edition box set. More info and pre-order here.


26 November 2018


NECROMANIAC is an old school metal band from London that honor the glorious past with their violent and dirty morbid metal. The band, under the wings of the mighty Iron Pegasus Records has just released their first EP, a good opportunity to hook up with Sadistik Fornicator (guitars) yo learn more about the Necromaniacs and their Subterranean Death Rising ...

What brought about the formation of Necromaniac?
Ave maniac! First of all thanks a lot for your interest in Necromaniac and for giving us a platform to promote our morbid coven in your blog. HAILS TO CULT TO OUR DARKEST PAST 'ZINE!!! Necromaniac was spawned at the beginning of the cold dark month of January MMXI in London, UK; and the main reasons for its creation were the inherent hunger to unleash the black fire burning inside of me and the growing need to let that fire manifest itself and explode into musical form. The band name was taken from the old Hellhammer/Celtic Frost fan club (Necromaniac Union), and also, from the Mortuary Drape song of the same name included on their 2nd album "Secret Sudaria". Thus, being conspicuously chosen not just due to its meaning fitting the band's music, lyrical concepts, and visual aesthetics; but also, to show our deepest veneration to the old masters. HAIL THE ANCIENT HORDES!!!
Personally, how did you get into Metal music? What were the first records you heard?
I had already heard a handful of Hard Rock & Heavy Metal songs on the radio and had seen a few music videos on TV during my early childhood, but the defining moment of my transition happened back in the summer of 1987 when I was just 10 years old. My older cousins gave me a dubbed cassette with Iron Maiden's "Powerslave" recorded on it; and  I was instantly hooked to this new, loud and exciting sound that everyone else around us was mockingly referring to as nothing but mindless noise! Which, needless to say, made it even more appealing to us due to our rebellious nature. I could instantly relate to the youthful exuberance and transgressive attitude found on that music one hundred percent, and it honestly felt like I had finally found my calling after years of being completely lost. After that first unholy revelation, I religiously spent every single weekend coming back to visit those cousins armed with blank tapes and hungry to raid their killer cassette collection. I was given free rein to tape albums by bands such as Dio, Accept, AC/DC, Scorpions, Barón Rojo, Ángeles Del Infierno, Motörhead, Helloween, King Diamond, Warlock, Judas Priest, Santa, Ozzy Osbourne, Manowar, W.A.S.P. etc, etc. From there on, I searched for heavier bands and got introduced to a lot of the popular Thrash Metal acts of the time like Anthrax, Megadeth, Legion (Spain), Testament, Nuclear Assault, Sepultura, Tankard, Fuck Off, Metallica, S.O.D., Kreator, Exodus, Slayer, etc, etc. Prior to that, I remember also dubbing a few tapes lent by a couple of kids from my school including albums by Spanish Punk bands like R.I.P. and Eskorbuto. At the time, I found those Punk bands appealing mainly due to the outrage they caused to our teachers and parents via the vulgar and profane language included in their nihilistic lyrics. But soon enough I learned to appreciate the organic rawness and primal aggression of their music too. Being a bastard child growing up in a broken home on the verge of poverty I was considered an outcast. Therefore, this music was the perfect soundtrack to my life and it served as a vessel to finally channel all the vented anger and frustrations derived from my chaotic upbringing. Shortly after that, my quest for heaviness hit me right between the eyes when I stumbled upon a vinyl copy of Celtic Frost's "To Mega Therion" on a local 2nd hand record store. I still remember anxiously holding that jacket in my hands and being confronted with H.R. Giger's most heretical painting "Satan I" emblazoned on it. There it was, Satan menacingly staring back at me while holding a weak looking jesus christ modelled into a slingshot and aiming his sacrilegious weapon towards me. Talk about making a blasphemous statement! It remains, to this day, the most glorious piece of impious art I have ever laid eyes upon. There are simply no words strong enough to describe how I feel towards this masterpiece of an album. It is one of my all-time favourites, and I consider it to be not just my own personal introduction to both Death and Black Metal; but also one of the very best examples of those genres! Not long afterward, the big Death Metal and Grindcore explosion from the late 80s to early 90s started to rear its ugly head in Spain; and within the next couple of years I was introduced to bands like Autopsy, Repulsion, Immolation, Atrocity (USA), Necrophiliac (Spain), Death, Morbid Angel, Burial Ground (Spain), Dismember, Incubus (USA), Pungent Stench, Pestilence, Bolt Thrower, Entombed, Carcass, Napalm Death, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, and Obituary among countless others. Around that same time, I also discovered the underground Hardcore/Punk scene via a couple of guys from a neighbouring town with whom I started trading tapes. Those guys also happened to print their own 'zine and later on promote underground Hardcore/Punk and Death/Grind gigs at a squat in their town. Whenever there was a gig happening at that filthy little squat I would jump on a train and travel without a fare to see the bands play. Those gigs were also my only chance to meet like-minded maniacs from different parts of the country with whom I would swap addresses and eventually also start to correspond and trade more tapes with. So that's pretty much how I first discovered Metal and eventually got involved in the underground scene all those years ago.  
PH: Emily Power
Why is it important for Necromaniac to have that old-school touch, musically and aesthetically? Tell me about your influences and how important they are to the band.
We're not a bunch of youngsters trying to recreate a period of time that happened before they were even born. We've been involved in the underground Metal scene in one way or another since the early 90s. Therefore, that old-school touch comes naturally for us, since our formative years happened at the height of those ancient traditions. Regarding influences, some of the more inspirational works that were pivotal in shaping our morbid sound include the most obscure releases of bands such as Bathory, Hellhammer, Absu, Samael, Slaughter, Holy Death, Celtic Frost, Venom, Nifelheim, Sarcófago, Sadistic Intent, Tormentor, Vulcano, Mortuary Drape, Necrophiliac, Possessed, Mystifier, Slayer, Massacra, Pentagram (Chile), Mortem (Peru), Vomitor, Imperator, Poison (Germany), Morbid Angel, Repulsion, Sodom, Varathron, Mayhem, Sepultura, Master’s Hammer, Pentacle, Morbid, Sadistik Exekution, Merciless, etc, etc. Anybody with a trained ear will be able to spot those influences, and needless to say, without all of these band's output and legacy, Necromaniac's outlook on music in general just would not be the same. Also, some of our strongest influences come from different sources outside of the music realm. Thus, we take inspiration from all that is born of iniquity and exudes the sulphurous stench of death and darkness; be it either drawn from personal experiences, ancient manuscripts, visual art or literary form. We are fascinated by the inherent mysticism emanating from arcane practices of sorcery and divination of the dead which are used as gateways to enter otherworldly spiritual planes outside of the physical realm. That which dwells in those planes can only be contacted or experienced by the living through trance-like altered states of consciousness or with the aid of strong hallucinogenic drugs. Our lyrics deal mainly with necromantical themes portraying the most sinister aspects of death and the mysteries which can be found in all the folktales, myths, occult sciences, ceremonies and rituals from different cultures all over the world that have been surrounding it throughout the centuries. These practices have been around since the very first civilizations arose at the dawn of ancient times; and our ultimate aim is to perpetuate all these obscure beliefs and traditions through our music, lyrical concepts, and visual aesthetics. Needless to say, such themes are likely to be found too upsetting for the average person with a monotheistic religious background; and should, therefore, be considered to be of an overall dark, macabre, blasphemous, and lugubrious nature.
Was it easy to develop the style of the band?
This music is in my blood and this type of riffs just come out naturally whenever I'm playing guitar. Having said that, you'd get the impression that developing our style was a fairly easy task. However, a big obstacle to keep in mind is the fact that before assuming this role I had no previous experience whatsoever of being the main music writer in a band, so I had to work very hard in order to develop my songwriting skills for them to be at the level that we've managed to achieve thus far. The way I see it, I'm still constantly learning and trying my hardest to develop and follow my own path while proudly wearing my influences up my sleeve.
In 2015 you recorded the debut demo Morbid Metal, are you satisfied with the sound and the whole result?
We are indeed very satisfied with it. We firmly believe we worked to the absolute best of our capabilities and did the best that we could with the limited resources that we had. The demo received a very good response from all the Morbid Metal disciples that heard it, so we're confident we have crafted material that's strong enough to withstand the test of time. There's a couple of minor details that I would have done differently today, but it is pointless to dwell on things like that. You have to let it go, learn from the experience and move on to the next target.
Would you like to see it released on vinyl at some point not too far away? Is there a possibility, or at the moment you haven't thought about it?
Yes, a vinyl and CD reissue is planned on Iron Pegasus Records. However, we don't think this is a priority for the time being, as right now focusing on our debut full-length album is way more important than reissuing a demo that was released just three years ago. Let's face it, there really isn't that much demand for it at this point so we just don't see much point in doing it. In the last few years, we've seen a growing trend of underground bands releasing their demos on tape to only a few months later "reissuing" them on both vinyl and CD formats. We strongly believe this quick opportunistic record label cashing-ins oversaturate the market, which in turn creates long waiting lists on pressing plants and also confuses the public, as sometimes demos end up being viewed as EPs. Another issue is that this oversaturation of the market (along with the easy access to music files online) makes it also very difficult for new bands to stand out and get noticed, since there are so many releases available out there that the public has developed a fast food mentality when it comes to their music listening habits. Unfortunately, most people don't delve deep into music anymore like we used to do back in the old days due to only having access to a limited number of releases per month. Our old label wanted to do a vinyl pressing of "Morbid Metal" as soon as the first tape pressing was sold out, but due to all of the above reasons we politely declined the offer and decided to focus on writing and recording new material instead. No army has ever conquered anything by moving backwards or running around in circles, only by marching onward and forward into battle you stand a chance to savour victory!
Now, it’s time to talk about the new release, the “Subterranean Death Rising” EP. It continues with the aggression and darkness shown on the demo, what can you tell us about the recording session? Did you use the same equipment, did you try different things in the studio?
No, we used whatever was available in the studios that we used for each recording session, which was totally different gear apart from exactly the same guitars and pedals. Recording-wise the main difference is the fact that the demo tape was recorded in two home studios, whereas for the EP we recorded all the drums, guitars and bass tracks in a professional studio. That gave us access to a wider variety of professional equipment, and it shows. Decomposition-wise I think the songwriting on the EP is a lot more mature and dynamic than that of the songs we included on the demo tape. Production-wise both recordings are very organic sounding and have a raw and nasty vibe reminiscent of ancient times, which is something that a lot of Metal lacks in this day and age. Overall, when comparing both releases the EP songs come across as way more sinister, aggressive, and fully-developed. Which isn't just our own personal opinion, as those exact same sentiments have also been expressed by quite a few acolytes outside of the morbid coven.

Please tell us about each song particularly, about music and lyrics.
The organ intro on the EP was conceived and recorded on tape by Guido Saint Roch from Ysengrin, and the censer you hear on it was later added by The One. All music for both the demo and the EP was decomposed by me (Sadistik Fornicator) and disarranged with The One and V. Pestilencia. All lyrics on both releases were blood-scribbled by Thanatophilia R.G and disarranged with me.
Who did the EP cover, and by the way, is there any album cover that has impressed you lately or maybe there's some classic cover that is always haunting your mind?
The artwork was done by a German artist named Karmazid and I'm proud to say our EP cover is my absolute favourite work of his thus far. I personally find his versatile ability to master different styles to be the forte of his art, as opposed to a lot of other artists out there who paint album covers for different bands which, in my opinion, end up looking way too similar to each other due to the one-dimensional stylistic limitations of its creators. Regarding newer album covers that have caught my attention, the first ones that come to mind are Qrixkuor's "Three Devils Dance" by Daniel Corcuera, Vomitor's back cover for "The Escalation" by Death Dealer, the drawing included inside the gatefold jacket of Inconcessus Lux Lucis' "The Crowning Quietus" by Bethany White, and the cover art for LVME's forthcoming debut album "The Blazing Iniquity" by Heresie Graphics. As for classic album covers that are always haunting my mind some of my all-time favourites include Slayer's "Reign In Blood" by Larry W. Carrol, Celtic Frost's "To Mega Therion" by H.R. Giger, all Iron Maiden art drawn by Derek Riggs, and Black Sabbath's 1st album among countless others.
You have the luck to be part of the Iron Pegasus roster, and I say that you are lucky because for me it is a label that has good taste when it comes to choosing bands and great taste for the final result of their releases. How did the signing to Iron Pegasus come about?
It was in part thanks to the legendary Wannes Gubbels from the mighty Pentacle. We have been in contact since we released the demo tape and we got talking last time Pentacle played in London. He asked me what we were up to and I told him we were gonna start looking for a label to release our forthcoming 7" EP so he suggested Iron Pegasus Records. We liked the idea as we were obviously aware of the label and the bands that Costa had released throughout the years. So he got us in touch with him and after a lot of emails exchanged we reached an agreement and signed a contract with the label. However, I would not consider our signing to be a product of luck. If Costa didn't think our music was good he wouldn't have signed us regardless of any recommendations, so I'd like to think we deserve to be part of the label's roster. This year has marked the 20th anniversary of Iron Pegasus Records, so every single self-respected underground Metal maniac should be aware of this cult label by now! Costa is an absolute gentleman and has been totally dedicated to the underground Metal scene since way back in the early 90s when he started publishing his now long deceased Tales Of The Macabre 'zine. We're very happy to be working closely with him as he's not only given us complete artistic freedom but thus far, he has also met almost every single one of our demands and suggestions. He really believes in the bands that he signs as first and foremost he is a fan of the music. He is definitely not some business guy who's here just for the money, and that's proven by the fact that he's vehemently stuck to his guns and never followed any trends since day one! He releases quality over quantity and he's still extremely passionate about new bands that carry forth the old Metal traditions even after all the decades of being actively involved in the underground scene. To top things up it is also an absolute honour to be signed to a label that has absolutely fucking killer bands on its current roster such as Pentacle, Sadistic Intent, Eurynomos, Mortem, Force Of Darkness or Sabbat (Japan). And that has also released records in the past by total cult acts like Zemial, Agatus, Messiah, Deströyer 666, Pentagram (USA), Hadez, Mortuary Drape, Desaster, Beherit, Massacre or Poison (Germany), to name but a few examples. We truly feel at home here... HAIL THE TRUE OLD UNDERGROUND SPIRIT!!!  
If you had a time machine, would you like to be in a band at some specific time and place? E.g. Germany in the late 80's? Sweden in the early 90s?
Not really, I already lived those years so it would be extremely weird to relive them again. People seem to romanticize too much and forget there was a lot of awful bands during that era too (some of them even came from those countries that you mention). The past is gone and the future might not come, as you never know when Death's scythe will strike you! So I'd much rather focus all my energy in the here and now.
What can one expect from a Necromaniac show? How many times did you play live so far?
So far we have only desecrated the stage once opening for Archgoat in London back in April MMXVI (Qrixkuor, Valkyrja, and Scythian were also on the same bill). The show went well and we received a good response from all the Morbid Metal disciples who attended this unholy event. Our old vocalist moved back to Spain not long after completing the demo recordings so we had to decline quite a few gig offers. We were also booked to support Revenge in London back in April MMXVII but due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, the promoter cancelled the event, so we couldn't play this show. Now we've got a new vocalist who's also based in London, so hopefully, we'll have the chance to desecrate a few more stages to promote the morbid coven in the near future. However, we don't intend to play lots of gigs or do many tours since we all have full-time jobs which take up most of our time and we want to keep such events special and memorable. Our stage performance includes the use of dark lights, smoke, bones, bullets, spikes, leather, and chains paired with our very own brand of Morbid Metal played in its loudest and crudest form!
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
Probably an old abandoned haunted house in my town that I and some Punk friends used to frequent when we were teenagers. I don't wanna go into any details but something very strange happened during one of our visits, which prompted us to never return there again after that incident. The house was demolished a few years later, but there was definitely something present there, as you could feel a very cold presence lurking in the blackest of shadows.
What will be the next steps for the band? Upcoming shows? Do you have new songs ready for the upcoming album? Any scheduled date?
We're still working on new decompositions and the plan is to start recording the album towards the end of next year and release it sometime in MMXX, but then again nothing ever goes according to plan in this band and we never rush things or release anything until we feel 100% confident with the end results. so we shall see. Regarding upcoming shows, we're booked to desecrate London in January MMXIX with Possession from Belgium, Ultra Silvam from Sweden and Deitus from the UK. At the moment there are no other live profanations booked, but promoters are always encouraged to get in touch if they've got any serious offers playing with bands that we can relate to and feel an affinity with.  
Thank you for your time, the last words are yours...
Hails again for the support and keep up the good work with your 'zine. May the arcane mysticism contained within the very essence of our dark art mark your damned soul with the unmistakable stench of death and darkness until the very end of times! To all the Morbid Metal disciples who wish to stay up to date regarding all band-related news, live desecrations and forthcoming releases you can follow us on Facebook and Bandcamp. You can also subscribe to the Iron Pegasus Records newsletter or follow their Instagram and Facebook pages. Alternatively, you can contact me directly via email at sadistikfornicator@gmail.com
Sinister emanations,
Sadistik Fornicator on behalf of Necromaniac.