29 September 2015

Mestema leaves POSSESSION

Here´s the official statement posted from the man himself on  POSSESSION official facebook:
"I, Mestema / vocals, have decided to leave Possession as from now on. The band is not dead at all though and its remaining members will soon post information about the future of the band.  I would like to stress on the fact that there is no bad blood between us.  The reasons why I took this decision are not your business so do not waste your time asking.  I would like to thank those who have supported me / us since the beginning and wish Possession the best.


Vocals, Possession

December 2012 - September 2015"

The Band posted a new statement confirming that "As settled before, POSSESSION is not dead. We'll soon give more informations about our future, nevertheless, none of our upcoming gigs are canceled"


"...From The Stars, Nyarlathotep"
The Kinglike Celebration
1997 Oz Productions

28 September 2015

SEXORCIST "Necromantic Confinement"

Another great release coming from Peru. SEXORCIST was formed in 2009, the band released a demo-reh in 2012, a self titled single and one demo "Ritual, Sexual, Morboso" in 2013. Now the band have just released the EP "Necromantic Confinement" through Warkult Productions consisting of four studio songs + one live track of dark and morbid Old-School Death Metal. Below is the tracklist and songs from the new release...

Lustful Funeral
Sinister Rites [Cultes des Ghoules]
Mental Orgasmic Alteration
Into Terror Madness...Sexorcist
Into Filthy Demon...The Incubu [live]


"Claws Of Laughter Dead"
The Red In The Sky Is Ours
1992 Deaf Records

25 September 2015

MORBID SAINT "Destruction System" Vinyl Release

Greek metal label Weird Face Productions will release on vinyl for the first time, 1992 unreleased album of MORBID SAINT "Destruction System", while Nuclear War Now will be the exclusive distributor of this official release. According to the band "Destruction System is an unfinished rough copy that we took with us when we left the studio the last time. There was no final mix, or mastering done, it was just a cassette copy off the board for us to listen to until we finished it, which never happened…"
The Scheduled release date is 1-11-2015. Below is the track list and [very] detailed release info...

Intro instrumental

Destruction System
Darkness Unseen
Depth of Sanity
Disciples of Discipline
Spectrum of Death II instrumental
Halls of Terror
Living Misery
Sign of the Times
Final Exit
Outro instrumental

Black Vinyl [Limited to 440 Handnumbered Copies]
Clear Vinyl [Limited to 220 Handnumbered Copies]
Picture Disc [Limited to 220 Handnumbered Copies]
Radioactive Boxset [Limited to 120 Handnumbered Copies]

-The Boxset Consits of:
*Glowing in the dark record, the glow pigment is called "Luminux Effect Red" [in the daylight it has a yellow colour while its dark colour effect is supposed to be Red]
*Screenprinted Leather Box
*Regular Poster
*Glowing in the dark dust screenprinted Poster
*Additional Gatefold Jacket with
 Unreleased photos/flyers from Destruction System era [several parts on the front side of the jacket will be screenprinted with glowing in the dark dust]
*Woven Patch
*Silkscreen printed tank top or regular shirt

"Destruction System" CD'S are due to be out by KIll Yoursefl Prods within October.


Into The Abyss
1993 Midian Creation

23 September 2015


"Disciples Of Discipline"
Destruction System
1992 Demo/Unreleased LP Independent

22 September 2015

VARATHRON "The Confessional Of The Black Penitents"

VARATHRON, are about to release a new seven-track EP, called "The Confessional Of The Black Penitents", this October 23rd through Agonia Records. The EP will be available in the following formats:

* limited eko-pack [1000 copies]
* gatefold black MLP
* gatefold colour MLP with poster [limited to 166 copies]
* digital formats
* t-shirt and hsw
The EP is available for pre-order here 
Check out the tracklist and premiere track "Sinister Recollections" below...

The Confessional Of The Black Penitents
Sinister Recollections
Utter Blackness
Unholy Funeral* 
Cassiopeia's Ode* 
Descent Of A Prophetic Vision* 
Kabalistic Invocation Of Solomon*
*recorded in Larisa [Greece] on the 16th of May, 2015

SADISM "Conversion" Premiere Song

"Conversion" is the second single from SADISM´s upcomin seventh full-lenght "Alliance". To be released next October 20th thorugh Toxic Records [Europe/North America] and Australis Records [Chile/South America]. Killer!!!   


"Morbid Mayhem"
The Shining Pentagram
1985 Demo Self-released

21 September 2015

INSULTER "Blood Spits, Violence And Insults" LP

For those who have not yet heard sbout this release, Nuclear War Now resurrects this  piece of history of the migthy brazilian scene. Here´s an excerpt of NWN press release... 
INSULTER was formed in April of 1986 in Belo Horizonte,  in the same lineage of early Brazilian deathcore as such bands as Sarcófago and Sextrash, among others. In fact, all three bands shared members at different stages of their development...Insulter recorded and released two demos in this remarkable style in 1986 and 1987. The first of these demos, “The Insult” may be considered inferior due to its unpolished production, as compared to more traditionally accepted standards. However, it can be argued that the rawness of its sound serves as a better reflection of the band's true character. The second demo, "The Last Illusion" [aka "Black Church"], contains a re-recorded version of the first demo's track "Black Church" and another song simply entitled "Fuckin'." This latter track in particular, with its seemingly reckless percussion and frenzied guitar leads, demonstrates the elements of early Brazilian deathcore that separate it from all other subgenres. Following the release of these first two demos and several lineup changes, Insulter took another direction in musical style and aesthetic, moving somewhat away from the sinister black metal of the Brazilian deathcore movement and instead towards redefining themselves more as a traditional thrash metal band, which is evidenced by the sound of its third demo, “Ignoring the Falsity,” from 1989.
"Blood Spits, Violences, and Insults" compiles all three demos from both eras of Insulter, "The Insult," may be considered inferior due to its unpolished production, as compared to more traditionally accepted standards. However, it can be argued that the rawness of its sound serves as a better reflection of the band's true character. The second demo, "The Last Illusion" [aka "Black Church"], contains a re-recorded version of the first demo's track "Black Church" and another song simply entitled "Fuckin'." as well as a previously unreleased rehearsal recording from 1988".

This compilation is available as CD, and LP  including A2 poster,8.5″x11″ 28 page booklet: and a Die Hard Red vynil version with patch and sticker . Stream and enjoy the whole compilation below...

INVOCATION SPELLS "Descendent The Black Throne"

Another great release coming from the Chilean scene! INVOCATION SPELL's second album, "Descendent The Black Throne" will be released on December 11th. Released earlier this year in South America in a limited CD version, "Descendent The Black Throne" will be fittingly released on vinyl, CD, and cassette tape formats by Hells Headbangers.  Listen to the song "The Betrayal of Bastard" and check full track list below...

The Betrayal of Bastard
Lust to Death
The Black Rite
Under Shadows of Pentagram
Revenge of the Serpents
Descendent the Black Throne 
The End of Time

REVENGE "Behold.Total.Rejection"

"Behold.Total.Rejection" is the title of the upcoming fifth full-lenght of REVENGE and it will be released by Season Of Mist on November 13 worldwide. The album is available for preorder across several CD and LP formats [take a look about LP versions here.] The track "Wolf Slave Protocol [Choose Your Side]" is available for streaming and can be heard below...

GRAVE "Mass Grave Mass" [Lyric Video]

GRAVE presents the new song "Mass Grave Mass" through a lyric video, from" "Out of Respect For the Dead" scheduled for release  on October 16 through Century Media.


"Dead Shall Rise"
World Downfall
1989 Earache

18 September 2015

17 September 2015

PRAISE THE FLAME "Manifest Rebellion"

After the great 2013 EP "Profane Cult" Chilean PRAISE THE FLAME will release the debut full lenght "Manifest Rebellion" throuhg Memento Mori Rercords on September 21st. The Full album stream is available for free untill October 12th. Check it out below...

14 September 2015

UNDER THE CHURCH "Rabid Armageddon"

After last year´s great EP,  UNDER THE CHURCH will release the debut full-lenght "Rabid Armageddon" on october 30 through Pulverised on CD and digitally. The LP version will follow later in black vinyl and a more limited set in clear vinyl. Here´s the track list and the advance track "Walpurgis Night":
Sodomy And Blasphemy
Rabid Armageddon
Triad Ov The inquisitors
Suspended In Gore
Walpurgis Night
Mangled To A Bloody Mess
The Trail Of Chthulu


"Some Pain Will Last"
Extreme Aggression
1989 Noise

12 September 2015

POWER FROM HELL " Old Metal" Video

POWER FROM HELL premieres video for the brand new track "Old Metal" from the upcoming album "Devil´s Whorehouse" to be released via Hell´s Headbangers.

10 September 2015

8 September 2015

7 September 2015

VAMPIRE "Pyre Of The Harvest Queen"

VAMPIRE premiere song "Pyre Of The Harvest Queen" from the new EP "Cimmerian Shade" to be released next September 25 via Century Media.


"The Painless"
1991 Peaceville

5 September 2015

GRAVE "Out Of Respect For The Dead"

GRAVE will release the new album "Out Of Respect For The Dead" on October 16th via Century Media.  ...artwork done by Costin Chioreanu, who has been responsible for the band's last three albums as well as the "Morbid Ascent" EP.  "Out Of Respect For The Dead" is going to be released as Standard CD, Deluxe LP, Deluxe 2CD box set and digital download/stream. The pre-sale starts on September 18th 2015.


"Remmants of Withered Decay"
The Ten Commandments
1991 R/C Records

4 September 2015

AUTOPSY "After The Cutting" / "Skull Grinder"

Peaceville Records and AUTOPSY announced a special and limited release "After The Cutting" and the band´s  new full lenght "Skull Grinder". On November 13th "After The Cutting" will be relased "...containing an expansive book penned by Dennis Dread, acompannied by four discs featuring classics, new tracks and unheard rarities". This release will be followed  by the full lenght "Skull Grinder", containing 7 new tracks [also featured on "After The Cutting"] to be released on Novenber 27th on vynil [to coincide with this year´s Black Friday] the CD version will be abailable on 2016.  


"War Command"
Gods Of War
1993 Osmose

2 September 2015

ABYSMAL LORD "Disciples Of The Inferno"

Hells Headbangers set Noveber 27th as release date for ABYSMAL LORD debut album "Disciples Of The Inferno"  Traclisting and premiere track "Sabbat" below...

Incensation of the Altar
Temple of Perversion
Tormenting the Virgin
Golgotha Crucifixion
Immortalis Impietas
Black Liturgy
Disciples of the Inferno
Sermon of Fire
Tyrant's Wrath


Into Darkness
1990 Future Shock

1 September 2015

NECRODEATH "Headhunting" 7"

Italian veterans NECRODEATH have jsut released the new 7" single "Headhunting" [limited x 500 copies] through Terror From Hell Records and Dybbuk Records. Containing the tittle track [featuring Demolition Man and Mantas from Venom Inc/M Pire Of Evil as special guests] and "Forever Slaves [Live]".


"Disgusting Semia"
December Moon
1987 Demo Self-released