26 July 2016


Chilean Old-school Black Thrashers INVOCATIONS SPELLS have just recently released the new album "The Flame Of Hate".  The album released on CD is available directly from the band: invocationspells@gmail.com.  


"Delirium Tremens"
1988 Atom H

25 July 2016

ASPHYX "Incoming Death" LP

ASPHYX just revealed the cover artwork for "Incoming Death", the band´s new full-length album to be released on September 30th via Century Media. The artwork was created by artist Axel Hermann.

"Expect 11 unmerciful, battering tracks in the typical ASPHYX death/doom style" - Martin van Drunen

AKATHARTA "Pneumata" Promo Track

Funeral Doom band AKATHARTA have just signed with Pulverised Records. The band features legendary and influential vocalist Kam Lee

To describe the essence of AKATHARTA, Kam Lee issued an official statement: "I originally conceived the idea and concept of this band back in 1999, it was back then that I called the band Urizen but later changed the name to AKATHARTA as I felt it was a better fit. Yes... I've been carrying that name with me this long. So in different times throughout my career, I've attempted several different times to bring this band back and always the concept and ideas of this band's themes being the paranormal and supernatural elements. I've gone through several different lineup changes over the years, always seeking to find the right musicians to bring this band to the surface but was never 100% satisfied with the outcome of the members. With this band, I refused to compromise my stand upon this band's concept and sound. Too many musicians that play doom want to incorporate Black Sabbath type of riffs or play a particular tempo that removes that Funeral Doom element of pure sludge and atmospheric dread. I refused to bend. For years I would attempt to resurrect the band with new members but only to quickly end it, either because of the member's refusal to play the proper way or by them attempting to interject ideas I felt were completely counterproductive of the band's intended direction. So this band has always been an idea and a part of me for years but never was I able to find a way to bring it to complete fruition... until now. Finally in 2014, I started talking to Aaron Whitsell of the band Cropsy Maniac and not only did he understand the concept of what I envisioned AKATHARTA to be; he was very familiar with the Funeral Doom genre and that I myself am a huge fan of, especially the Finnish Funeral Doom bands. He quickly began to write full tracks with a very unique and signature style that I felt not only was a perfect capturing of the Funeral Doom genre but was in itself its own unique and individual style that sounded unlike anything else. Together we discussed the overall atmosphere and feelings of dread and utter downtrodden despair that we wanted to capture as well the supernatural and unearthly elements of paranormal tones and feelings. So for me AKATHARTA is a dream (nightmare) finally come true. For me, it's been years in the making... and I finally feel it's long overdue and perfect time to bring this band to the surface. I feel it's the right direction to go into as well... it's a long dreadful downward spiral into the everlasting darkness and dreadful bleakness that which is Doom."

AKATHARTA is: Kam Lee - Sonorous serenades of sorrow, lecherous Lurch groans and moans, & grotesque growls of ghostly hauntings.
Aaron Whitsell - Dreadful agonizing riffs of mournful tormented agony & ectoplasmic resonance of oozing slime. Plus - Dire rumblings of churning chaotic doom & seance conjurings of spectral entities.
Travis Ruvo - Coffin bashings of nocturnal grave smashing & skeletal bone cracking of necrophagous dread.

Check out the promo track "Pneumata".

VANHELGD "Temple Of Phobos"

The third full-lenght  of VANGHELGD entitled "Temple of Phobos" was released through Pulverised Records last July 22nd. Although the vinyl maniacs will have to wait as the label just announded that the LP version is not ready yet. Check out the opening track "Lamentations Of The Mortals".

ZEALOT CULT "Karmenian Crypt" EP

"Karmenian Crypt" is the debut EP from Irish Death Metallers ZEALOT CULT. It will be released by Blood Harvest Records on October 24th on vinyl for the first time, as the EP was released by the band erlier this year on CD only. The band is currently writing new material and aim to enter the studio later this year to record the debut album, which will be released also by Blood Harvest. 


"Morbid Faith"
Impending Doom
1990 Wild Rags

22 July 2016


"Buried By Time And Dust"
De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
1994 Deathlike Silence

20 July 2016


"Die Hölle" [Hell]
Hans Thoma
Illustration from "Festkalender" C. 1910
Published in Leipzig


The Grand Leveller
1991 Nuclear Blast

19 July 2016

AGATUS "The Eternalist"

AGATUS announced the release date of the third full-lenght "The Eternalist" on October 9th via Hells Headbangers.  Described as a tribute to the early days of heavy metal, the song "Perils Of The Sea [part II]" is a great proof  of that, embracing technical skill and the spirit of old heavy metal, the song serves as an advance for probably one of the highlights of the year.


"Beyond Insufferable Dormancy"
Excursion Demise
1991 Black Mark

18 July 2016


Beastiality from Sweden is a band that caught my attention thanks to the magnificent demo ”Ancient Bell Chimes”. The band is currently preparing the debut full llength, and I´m longing for what promises to be a monumental album of obscure and evil old-school metal.  The following interview was answered by E. Von (bass) and Heinrich (Guitars).  

Please could you introduce the band? How did the idea to form a band of dark and Old school evil metal come about?
The idea of the band got spawned in 2010 when the urge to foul up the Death Metal scene got too big, we felt that it needed some more bestial perverted death metal..We felt that too many bands were doing the same thing when it came to extreme/death metal, so we felt that something different was needed to be created. A lot of bands were (and still is) trying to manifest either the autopsy/nihilist, or the 90's Florida-death metal, while  we then felt that the first expression of it´s origin was far more extreme and original- e.g. death metal from Texas and Florida scene '84-'88, US Power/Metal Blade/Metal Massacre '83-'85, Brazilian scene '84-'93, Swedish scene '84-'89, Czech scene '86-'91....well, you get the deal. So in 2011 we, Heinrich and E.von, started the band in Göteborg..
How did everything evolve since the first days of the band in 2010 until the release of your  first demo “Ancient Bell Chimes” in 2013? The sounds is obscure, raw, and definitely old-school. How much did you work and rehearse to find that sound?  Which bands do you feel have helped influence Beastiality´s music??
Well first of all there weren't any rehearsing until the day before the recording of the demo.. Until then we had just jammed at Heinrich place at some occations. So the songs were rehearsed for the first time together with drums the day before the recording, this was in summer 2012.
The month after we both moved up to Stockholm and we then started to form the band and rehearsed together with our drummer Axxxelerator and later we also started to rehearse with our 2nd guitarist, Funeral Führer.. Later on we also found (our now ex. vocalist) M.Molester, who recorded the vocals for the "Ancient Bell Chimes"- demo and the track "Apocalyptic Storm" that came out on a compilation LP. We all had quite much of an mutual understanding of what we were aiming for- Death Metal Extremism, so the sound sort of came out by itself.
Beastiality is a "special" monicker, can you tell us why yoy chose it as a band´s name?
Beastiality stands for the wratful perverted intiation between the unchained beast and mankind.
One of the things that I liked most about Ancient Bell Chimes is the sound of the vocals, like a distant voice from a ghostly cavern, full of rotten corpses [yeah, I´m a poet, I know] Which bands, albums or vocalists influenced you to look for that style and sound?
We didn't look for other bands sound or whatever to create that demo, it all went down by default.  We had our morbid vison and sight against the world quite clear, we knew what we wanted to do. But subconsiously maybe some bands from the scenes as stated above might slipped in and "guided" our thoughts of what the final solution/product were going to be like. That and Mary Jane.
I really dig the covert artwork too, as I love this kind of old school designs please give me more details about it.
The cover were painted by the mighty David Herrerias, an insanely talanted artist, and friend of ours. We had our handfull of ideas and thoughts on what we wanted the cover to contain then David and his artistic mind of his created something amazing as the cover of the "Ancient Bell Chimes" demo. We were, and of course still are, very pleased with the result!
The demo was limited to 100 numbered copies and was reissued later that year by the band and last year by Morbid Bastard Records, so you can say that it was received very well, I would love to see it released on mighty vinyl, any chance for that?
Yes, I would definitely say that the demo got well recieved! Both duplications of the tape that we did got almost fully prebooked before we even released it..
The main reason why we just did 200 cassettes and not more were actually because M.Molester did all the duplications of the cassettes at his place- it even got to the point that the tape recorder got broken after all the copying.. If there were any interesting label who showed interest in us then it might have been another press of it. But a vinyl release of the demo I wouldn't count on if I were you..
Would you place an equal importance on both music and lyrics? Are there any non-musical influences, like literature, paintings…?
Yes, both musical and lyrical content are of importance. But with that said it doesn't necessary mean that it has to be intellectual, or "pretentious", lyrics to be good. The ambition to write forcefuckin' lyrics, and music, is the way of Beastiality and so it will continue untill the day we decide to put the band to the grave!
Well there's all kind of "non-musical influences" in our everyday decadens (of so called) life..
Ph: Cintia Mars

Unfortunately I didn´t had the chance to listen to your “Live in Stocholm” album, because I would like to listen to your live sound and because you recorded the cover versions of Merciless [Souls Of The Dead] and Sarcófago [Black Vomit] ,two amazing songs. For those who have yet to experience Beastiality live, how would you describe your live sound and performance?
Raw, fast and filthy.
How did you came with the idea to record and release a live album? Though it was only released on tape, you are among the few bands that recorded and released a live album before a studio album, like Vulcano or Atomic Aggressor…
This "Live in Stockholm" cassette you're talking about is a "official unofficial bootleg", so to say..
The cassette were made by E.von and got printed in just a handful of copies..so it's "official" in that way, but not official for the masses. We never declared that we've made this one. It was printed in something like 20 copies and they got spread within the closest circle around the band. Someone else reported about this tapes existence..
Later on we however agreed on having it reprinted on a Indonesian label on the agreement that it only will be distributed within the region of this muslim country..so we agreed to this label to do a very small repress. But those are the only ones that will be made!!

You played with Blasphemy, Watain, Archgoat, Interment and other great bands, what´s the best thing about playing live and sharing stage with those bands, what would you name as the band´s best moments so far?
Playing live is when we unveil the madness and manifest what Beastiality is, so in a way you can say that those are the essential moments. We haven't had that many shows yet so sharing stage with both Blasphemy, Archgoat and Nifelheim at the same day at the festival was of course cool, and as well our best gig..so far..
Before the live album, you released the song “Apocaliptyc Storm” featured on Evil Spells Vol l compilation. I recently  interview Occult Burial,  that were also featured  with one song, and we commented about the lack of more compilations like that nowadays, compared to the 80s and early 90s compilation LPs.  One of the conclusions was that they have fallen out of fashion, maybe due to the internet, what do you think about it? Do you have other point of view?
Not really, the concept of a compilation albums is pretty neat. The thing is as you say- bands these days use all kind of websites to promote themselves already, so in the end they won't make that much sense. It doesn't really fulfill any purpose. But honestly there's not much of a strong opinoin about this, can't really care that much about it.
In terms of production of Apocalyptic Storm sounds “better” than the sound of the demo, and when I say better I mean stronger yet raw and evil, do you think is important to evolve and “improve” the sound but reaching certain limits?
 No, not really.
Recently your released a demo tape “Demons from Niflhel” with two songs, as  advance from the upcoming debut lp ” Worshippers of Unearthly Perversions” Can you unveil more details about the album, the album concept? Has the release date been fixed yet?  Which record label will handle the release?
This cassette is more a "promo" for the album, to show that we're still alive. So it's not another demo.. Both tracks on that cassette are made with another mix then it will turn out on the album, plus the track, "Shadowside Path" are going to be re-recorded with another vocalist.
The song “Stanken Av Uråldrig Död [A Stench Of Ancient Death] is absolutely dark and eerie, the intro and the morbid chorus is brilliant, truly dark and sinister.  How did you work on that song? Can you tell what the song is about and what did inspire it?
We were granted this morbid lyric in Swedish by C.Conjurer, once written for Morbid Insulter in 2011 but never got used..Both us and C. found it suitable for the band so we then asked P.Penetrator from Morbid Insulter/The Third Eye Rapists to (s)lay the vocals for this one (as well as the other track on the cassette "Shadowside Path"). The lyrical content and meaning of the lyric one has to read by himself to understand..
Which albums, demos and eps released this year are among your faves? which ones would you recommend?
Nothing has really caught our interest this year.. We're not into that many new bands and the ones that are good haven't really released anything this year. At least what we can remeber right now...But one album that could, and should be mentioned is the "Temple Below - The Dark Godess", it's fuckin' good! [I agree 666% - Chris]
Heinrich [guitars] played in the now defunct Morbid Insulter, the latest ep “Antichrist Blasphemies” was really great and as far as I know the band´s releases received good feedback.  Why did the band break up?
Yes, killer band! E. Expulser left this world in 2011.
Fabian [guitars] also plays bass in Veternum, whose last release was “Awaken the grave” 7” EP in 2010, and Acke [drums] plays with Necromancy, whose last release was the debut full length in 2012. Are they still linked to those bands?
Nope. None of those bands exists these days.
Are there any bands from the current scene which you have a musical or aesthetic connection? What do you think about bands like Eurynomos, Occult Burial, Vampire…
Nah, wouldn't really say that we do. There's a few good bands out there that might have the same preferences as us, but much more then that in common I wouldn't really say we have. None of these bands that you're mention have caught our interest.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking one that you´ve been? 
...try hard drugs.
Beastiality appeared many times linked to the slogan “never stop the madness”, which is supposed that Euronymous started using and then many people in the black metal scene. What does that slogan means for the band?
It means what it says- Never stop the madness!
What are your current plans besides the release of the full-length, are you also planning some live activities to promote the new album?
Some of our current plans for the future would be to find a steady vocalist, continue working on our new material for our next release and to spread the word of hate and aggression.
Yes there might be some live manifestations ahead..it all depends on bookers and gig-arrangers out there.
Thank you for your time! End this interview as you want...
To get in contact with the band mail beastialityswe@gmail.com
Fukk off posers and fukk all these new trendy metal people. Faggots!!
-"Take your guns to kill the black metal trend".



"Intro/Morbid Visions"
Morbid Visions
1986 Cogumelo

15 July 2016

KAM LEE "Massacred" Tape EP Coming Soon

KAM LEE shared [for a limited time] 4 cover versions of MASSACRE demo songs from 1985/86 period, The songs will be released under the name "Massacred" on a "limited special cassette tape only Ep, comming soon".  Listen to the four tracks [Agressive Tyrant - Clangor of War - Infestation of Death - Perpetual Domination] right here below...


"The Baphometic Goat Of Knights Templar In The 12th Century"
1993 Osmose Productions

13 July 2016

SUPREMATIVE "Servitude Of The Impurity" 7" Vinyl Reissue

Blood Harvest Records will reissue SUPREMATIVE´s demo "Servitude oOf The Impurity" on 7" vinyl next July 29th. It will be limited to 250 copies. The demo was originaly released in 2013 by Conspiracy Recordings, then later that year it was reissued on cassette by Bestial Desecration and on CD through Soul Erazer.

GRAVEYARD GHOUL "Slaughtered, Defiled, Dismembered"

"Slaughtered, Defiled, Dismembered" is the title of Old school german Death metallers GRAVEYARD GHOUL´s third album, to be released this Autumn through Go Fuck Yourself Productions on vinyl and cassette. 

DECAYED "The Burning of Heaven"

Portuguese Black Metal band DECAYED have just released their 11th! full-length "The Burning of Heaven" The album is out through Helldprod Records available on CD [limited x 500 copies] The band lauched a clip for the song "Son of Satan" and it can be checked out here.  The album features the following tracks:

The Rise Of Darkness - Prologue
The Burning Of Heaven - Flames  of Armageddon
Son Of Satan
Darksoul - The prophecy
War Of The Gods
Defy The Master
The Mirror Of Usire
Halls Of Torment Part II
Night Of The Demons - Introduction
Deaf Forever [Motorhead cover]
Cravado Na Cruz


"Left Hand Path"
Left Hand Path
1990 Earache Records

12 July 2016

8 July 2016

INQUISITION "New Advance Track"

"Power From The Center Of The Cosmic Black Spiral" is the second advance track from INQUISITION´s new album "Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar Veyond The Celestial Zenith" which will be released on August 26th through Season Of Mist.