30 July 2018

DEATH WORSHIP "End Times" MLP coming on winter 2018-2019

Superion Rises...again!! Short but great news regarding DEATH WORSHIP. The Canadian dark force led by Ryan Förster announced the release of a new MLP "End Times" coming on winter 2018-2019 through Nuclear War Now!.

But that wont be the only attack, as an unreleased demo version of "Extermination Mass" will be released. "The raw and even uglier versions of the songs later recorded at Fiasco Bros studios, for extreme die hard maniacs only!".

Both releases will be available as MLP, CD and digital formats. Expect the Abomination Storm.

ROK "Burning Metal" 2018

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"BC/AD (Before Christ/After Death"
The Key
1990 Earache Records

26 July 2018

VOIVOD "Obsolete Beings" Official Video

Probably you already enjoyed the new video clip of VOIVOD´s new single "Obsolete Beings", but cult prog Voivod is always enjoyable.

The track was released as a digital single as advance for the new album "The Wake" coming out on  September 21st via Century Media.

Before that, the band will release a 7" EP for the ablum track "Always Moving", including "Order Of The Blackguards" recorded live 2018 as B-side (limited x 1000 copies).  More info about pre-orders and different editions here.  

17 July 2018

SEPULCHER To release second album "Panoptic Horror"

On September 14th SEPULCHER will release the second album "Panoptic Horror" through Edged Cirlce Productions on CD and LP formats.

The opening track "Corporeal Vessels" has been revealed...great song!!!


"Revealing Cruelty"
Enjoy The Violence
1991 Shark Records

16 July 2018

WORSHIP VINYL: ANCIENT "Svartalvheim" Re-issue

Soulseller Records will re-issue the debut album by Norwegian black metallers ANCIENT.

"Svartalvheim" was originally released in 1994 through Listenable Records. Previously the band release the demo "Eerily Howling Winds", and the great 7" "Det Glemte Riket".  This was the first record that I heard from the band and it was really good. Coming from the then emerging norwegian black metal scene the band had ther own sound and certain touch of originality. 

So the debut full length raised great exptectations and I must say that the album didn´t dissapoint.  We all know the kind of music released on the following albums (if you dont´, dont waste your time) but Svartalvheim  was enshrouded in a grim and gloomy veil, a fresh and solid album with great tracks such as "Eerily Howlging Winds", "Call Of The Absu Deep" and "Det Glemte Riket", my personal faves.

So this is an interesting reissue by Soulseller, comes with alternative cover, available on black vinyl, gold vinyl and there is a picture disc version with outer sleeve. Click here for more info and pre-order. Release date: SEptember 3, 2018.

DEICIDE "Excommunicated" Lyric Video

Brand new lyric video for DEICIDE´s new track "Excommunicated", from the upcoming album "Overtures Of Blasphemy" To be released on September 14th.


Tapping The Vein
1992 Steamhammer

13 July 2018

12 July 2018

11 July 2018

VOIVOD To release new album "The Wake"

VOIVOD revealed details for their upcoming album, to be relesed on September 21st via Century Media.

"The Wake" is the title of the album that was recorded and mixed at RadicArt recording studio in Canada by Francis Perron. The artwork, smszing again, was created by drummer "Away".

A first single outtake off "The Wake" is expected  for release on July 20th. The full tracklist reads like this:

Obsolete Beings
The End Of Dormancy
Orb Confusion
Spherical Perspective
Event Horizon
Always Moving
Sonic Mycelium



"Journey To Oblivion"
Possessed By Fire
1986 Disaster Records

9 July 2018


SARCÓFAGO´s "The Worst" was the last full-lenght released by the band in 1996, Greyhaze Records will re-release it on vinyl and cassette for the first time on August 24th.

Is considered by many as the worst (jokes aside) album released  by the band, I wouldn´t say so, but there is probalby my least favourite. Since the album "Hate" released in 1994 SARCÓFAGO started to use drum machine, and yes I hated the sound of the goddamned drum machine, though the music is still fucking good.

There are a lot of great heavy riffs on this album, like the ones on the slow tracks, the title track and "God Bless the Whores". There is also a re-recorded version of "Satanic Lust", originally from their cult debut album "I.N.R.I" but though the guitar sound is good the drum machine ruins it and makes you stop listening the track and to look for the original.

"The album´s audio went through a high-quakity remastering process, including audio sourced from original master tapes. The Worst´s reissue also comes with an expanded visual package including previously unavailable photos  from the album´s photo session"

I NEED this in my collection! "Remember my friend, the worst is to come"... 

IN MEMORIAM: Bret Hoffmann

Bret Hoffmann
08/02/1967 – 07/07/2018


"Mirror Mirror"
Ancient Dreams
1988 Active Records

2 July 2018

LUCIFERICON To Release debut LP "Al-Khem-Me"

After a couple of EPs LUCIFERICON will release the debut full-lenght "Al-Khem-Me" through Invictus Productions on October 5th. 

"Succubus Of The 12 Aether" is the advance track unleashed. 

DEICIDE To Release "Overtures Of Blasphemy" LP

DEICIDE will release their 12th full-lenght "Overtures Of Blasphemy".
Century Media will release the album on September 14th, featuring great cover artwork by Zbigniew Bielak.

Vocalist Glen Benton made the following statement regarding the album:

"This album came together over time, meaning we didn't want to rush it. A few people might remember an interview where Steve Asheim (original member, drummer/songwriter) said 'the material is done, but it's just not there yet.' Well, that was the jumping off point of when this album truly started taking shape and the songs became what they are now...complete, compact and effective. As the band pushed forward, so did the writing process and a few other processes which made the record and the band stronger. The result is Overtures Of Blasphemy, perhaps the group’s strongest release to date. Jason Suecoff lended his considerable talents and attention to detail in making the tracking of the songs as great as they can be and the final mix as sonically brutal, yet as listenable as possible. An arduous process, but one well worth the time and effort."

Let´s hope we can hear one of the new songs soon, stay tuned!

VISUAL AGGRESSION: New Videos from Archgoat, Marduk, Satan, Lucifer.

"The Luciferian Crown" is the title of the new album by Finnish black metallers ARCHGOAT.  The album features 9 songs + intro and will be released through Debemur Morti on September 14th with cover artwork by Chris Moyen.

Here´s a lyric video for "Messiah Of Pigs", made by Guilherme Enriquez.
Pre-orders available here

MARDUK have released the official video for the album title track "Viktoria"

Yessss! NWOBHM icons SATAN are back with a new album entitled "Cruel Magic".

It will be out next September 7th on Metal Blade and a video clip for the track "The Doomsday Clock" was released. Pre-order here.  Horns Up!

First was Satan, now comes LUCIFER..Here´s the second video clip taken from the new album "Lucifer II". The video clip for "Dreamer" shows cool images of the band playing in a graveyard and also singer Johanna Sadonis riding a white horse in a forest...

Hail Satan!! (sorry...) Hail Lucifer!...well...Hail THAT guy!


"The Golden Walls Of Heaven"
Blood Fire Death
1988 Under One Flag