25 July 2014

BÖLZER - "Soma"

If you are among the ones who are anxiously watiting for the new BOLZER Ep "Soma", which will be out on August 5th via Inviuctus Productions, in the meantime you can stream both tracks "Steppes" and "Labyrinthian Graves" at this location. 

24 July 2014


Stream CEMETERY LUST's new album "Orgies Of Abomination" in its entirety at this location.  The album is now available via HELL´S HEADBANGERES on CD format, the vinyl version will be out early on August. Here is the full tracklisting:
Inhumane Indulgence [Intro]
Mass Grave Orgy 
Bloody Whore Bath 
Ride The Beast 
Malice In The Morgue
Cyborg Sex Machine 
Devils Grave Disturbance 
Intent To Molest
Cum On The Cross
S.T.D. [Sexually Transmitted Death] 
Malefic Masturbation

17 July 2014

MORGOTH - "God Is Evil"

MORGOTH will release a 7inch EP entitled “God Is Evil” as a  a teaser for the upcoming album “Ungod”, which will be recorded later this year, to be released early 2015 via Century Media Records.  "God Is Evil” will be available on black vinyl, limited golden vinyl [300 copies] and as a digital single, featuring the title track and  "Die As A Deceiver".

15 July 2014


Great Old-School Death Metal from the band MUTILATION PROCESS, they will release the EP entitled Flesh Eaters on July 29th 2014 as a Digital Album, available exclusively through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions Bandcamp site, available for pre-order at this location. . 

ENTOMBED A.D. - New Album Track!

Another new song from ENTOMBED A.D.  upcoming album "Back To The Front".  Listen to "Vulture An The Traitor".. 

14 July 2014


Triumph of Death
ca 1448 wall painting
Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo, Italy

7 July 2014

VULCANO - New Releases!

Celebrating 30 years of the release of the classic debut album  "Live!", VULCANO  is about to unleash three[!!!] new releases: 
- The new full-lenght  "Wholly Wicked"  on CD format. July 15th
- "Live II Stockholm Sweden"  on vinyl format, limited to 500 copies.  October 1st.
- "The Awakening of an Ancient and Wicked Soul-a trilogy" EP on CD format,  October 1st. 
 You can stream the full album at their official website. More info and details comming soon!

6 July 2014

MX - "Re-lapse"

Brazilian thrashers MX have just released a new full-lenght titled "Re-lapse" featuring re-recorded tracks from the first two albums, the great "Simoniacal" from 1988 and "Mental Slavery" from 1989.  Here is the full tracklisting:
Dead World
Mental Slavery
Dark Dream
Behind His Glasses
Fighting For The Bastards
The Guf
I’ll Bring You With Me
No Violence
I’ll Be Alive
Dirty Bitch
Fighting For The Bastards [bonus track  featuring  João Gordo from Ratos De Porao on vocals] 

DROWNED - "Idola Specus"

After several demo tapes and one EP Germany´s DROWNED will release the debur album "Idola Specus" via Sepulchral Voice Records next July 25th. 

1349 - "Massive Cauldron of Chaos"

"Massive Cauldron Of Chaos" is the title of the forthcoming 6th 1349´s full-length album.  MCoC will be out through Indie Recordings on September 29th.  The band already presented the lyric video of the single  "Slaves", check it out below the tracklist:

4 July 2014


The new EP from NECROS CHRISTOS "Nine Graves" is already available on CD format [vinyl will be available in October] through Sepulchral Voice Records and Ván Records.  The EP features two new exclusive songs, re-recorded yet totally new arranged versions of two old band classics and four interludes and one huge, persian influenced midtro...
Here is the full tracklisting and the title track...
Temple I
Black Bone Crucifix
Temple II
Va Koram Do Rex Satan
Baptized By The Black Urine Of The Deceased
Temple III
 Nine Graves
Temple IV

2 July 2014

CANNIBAL CORPSE Advance Song From New Album "A Skeletal Domain"

September 16rh is the official release date for the new CANNIBAL CORPSE album "A Skeletal Domain". Below you can check the tracklist and the brand new song "Sadistic Embodiment" 
High Velocity Impact Spatter
Sadistic Embodiment
Kill Or Become
A Skeletal Domain
Headlong Into Carnage
The Murderer’s Pact
Funeral Cremation
Icepick Lobotomy
Vector Of Cruelty
Bloodstained Cement
Asphyxiate To Resuscitate
Hollowed Bodies