31 December 2014

BEST OF 2014!

Another year has passed [away] and here is my classic [?!!!] Top 13 - Best of 2014!

MASTER´S HAMMER "Vagus Vetus"   Last year I was totally sure about the best album of the year, ZEMIAL´s "Nykta" was by far the best album of 2013, this year though, It was not clear for me.  By the mid of this year I had  two strong candidates in mind, and  both proved to be the best releases untill the end of the year. TRIPTYKON´s "Melana Chasmata" is great record, huge,  a dark monument, but in my opinion not as good perhaps as "Eparistera Daimones" was. Thus I chose "Vagus Vetus" by MASTERS HAMMER as the best album of 2014.  I know the album is not as good as "Vracejte Kove Na Misto", and the "plastic" sound of the drums has annoyed some listeners, but the album still has all the talent, creativity , variety and all the "weird" elements that this band always have had, and that special "magic" that allows to distinguish them far above the average... BRAVO!!!    The last place on the podium is for the amazingly obscure, chaotic, bestial and monumental "Death" by TEITANBLOOD. 

TRIPTYKON "Melana Chasmata"


SADISTIC INTENT "Reawekening Horrid Thoughts"



AT THE GATES "At War With Reality"

ATOMIC AGGRESSOR "Sights Of Suffering"

MORTUARY DRAPE "Spiritual Independence"

SOULBURN "The Suffocating Darkness"

VARATHRON "Untrodden Corridors of Hades"

VAMPIRE "Vampire"


There were good releases this year that I enjoy and are really worth to mention here: NECROHOLOCAUST "Holocaustic Goat Metal" ORACULUM "Sorcery of The Damned" NUCLEARHAMMER "Serpentine Hermetic Lucifer" DRACENA "Ravenous Bloodlust" PROVOCATOR "Antikristus" DEAD CONGREGATION "Promulgation of The Fall" PRINCIPALITY OF HELL "Fire & Brimstone" OBSCURE BURIAL "Epiphany" MASSACRE "Back Fom Beyond" VANHELD "Relics Of Sulphur Salvation" RIGOR MORTIS "Slaves To The Grave"

I´m not sure talking about the following albums as disappointments [except for OBITUARY "Inked in Blood" which was really a big disappointment] but enven being good albums perhaps I expected more that what they actually offered me: AUTOPSY "Tourniquets Hacksaws and Graves" INCANTATION "Dirges of Elysium" VADER "Tibi Et Igni" EXODUS "Blood In Blood Out" JUDAS PRIEST "Redeemer of Souls" MAYHEM "Esoteric Warfare" HOLY MOSES "Redefined Mayhem"  1349 "Massive Cauldron of Chaos" UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KULTEN "Baphometh Pan Shub-Niggurath"

1 December 2014


Satan Sitting Upon Throne
Bernard Zuber
 From "La Vie Execrable de Guillemette Babin", Maurice Garçon

29 November 2014

MARDUK - "Frontschwein"

MARDUK will release their 13th studio album "Frontschwein" in January  via Century Media. A war-themed album since 1999's  "Panzer Division Marduk". The band revealed the cover art and track listing and began streaming a new song named “Rope of Regret”. See  track listing and listen to the brand new song below:
The Blond Beast
Rope of Regret
Between the Wolf-Packs
Falaise: Cauldron of Blood
Doomsday Elite
Thousand-Fold Death

26 November 2014


Chilean Death Metal veterans TOTTEN KORPS are about to release their second full-lenght album "Supreme Comanders of  Darkness" and they recently unveiled the first single "The Black Flame Of The Underworld", listen at this location!

DESERTED FEAR "Kingdom of Worms" Vinyl!

The vinyl version of DESERTED FEAR´s second full-lenght "Kingdom Of Worms" is already out, the red-marbeled version is sold out, a few blue-marbeled and black vinyls are left. You can catch your copy through the band´s webshop www.desertedfear.de or on their upcoming concerts with Morbid Angel.


"Excursion Demise"
Excursion Demise
1991 Black Mark

21 November 2014


FOAD Records will officially release next december “Before The Downfall 1987-1989”  a TERRORIZER double LP / CD and double digipack CD. It will include an unreleased song from the “World Downfall” studio session, an alternative take of their split with NAUSEA and all existing demos and early recordings in great sound quality. 46 songs in total. The double gatefold LP comes with a silkscreened side D, a bonus CD inside, an extra slipcase and booklet, while the double CD is packaged in an 8 panel digipack. Two booklets feature extensive interviews, loads of never before seen photos, scans of old flyers, demo artworks and more.

6 November 2014


XTREEM MUSIC will officially re-release "Recognize No Authority",  DETENTE´s debut album from 1986. The album will be released on December 15th and come in form of a 2-CD containing two bonus on CD1 with re-recorded versions of two album tracks (one being the instrumental track "Catalepsy" but here with original lyrics), made in 2010 and sung by current vocalist Tiina Teal. On CD2 there's 19 songs from the 4 band's demos recorded in '84, '87 & '89 plus two unreleased songs recorded live & rehearsal in '85 and the 2 only demos by CATALEPSY from '87 & '88. All songs comes with remastered sound and packed with a complete presentation full of band photos, flyers, lyrics and extensive liner notes from Steve Hochheiser. There will be also a limited run of T-Shirts that will be available only through the Xtreem Music webstore.  

5 November 2014

GRAVEYARD "The Coffin Years"

GRAVEYARD will release a compilation CD entitled "The Coffin Years" through Blackseed Productions in early 2015! It will include old and new covers, bonus tracks, unreleased songs, live tracks, 7" split tracks...The band also plan to releasse a new EP on War-Anthem Records. This cover version of Darkthrone´s "In The Shadow of the Horns" will be part of "The Coffin Years".

VARATHRON "Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon"

"Kabalistic Invocation of Solomon" is the opening track of VARATHRON new album "Untrodden Corridors of Hades" to be released on November 21st via Agonia Records

ARCHGOAT Nuns, Cunts & Darkness

ARCHGOAT premiere song "Nuns, Cunts & Darkness" from the upcoming album "The Apocalyptic Triumphator"

26 October 2014

NECROHOLAUST "Holocaustic Goat Metal"

Iron Bonehead is streaming on their bandcamp page NECROHOLOCAUST´s "Holocaustic Goat Metal" on its entirely.  Check it out at  this location!

24 October 2014


German Death Metallers CHAPEL OF DISEASE  will release their second full-lenght  entitled “The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art” on January 16th  through F.D.A. Rekotz. The artwork was created by Misanthropic Art. Check out the song 'The Dreaming Of The Flame' at this location. The full tracklist reads like this: "The Mysterious Ways...", "The Dreaming Of The Flame", "Masquerade In Red", "Lord Of All Death", "Symbolic Realms", "Life Is But A Burning Being" and "...Of Repititive Art".

23 October 2014


PENTACLE have just released a double compilation CD entitled "The Fifth Moon… Beyond And Back" via Vic Records. The CD features the following material: CD 1 - "The Fifth Moon" [12" Picture Disc/MCD 1996]: "Black At Heart", "A Serpent In Blood Red", "The Flame’s Masquerade [Her Sun Is The Moon]", "Adoring An Endless Dawn", "A Serpent In Blood Red" [first take with alternative vocals], "Exalted Journey" [7" EP 1995]: "Exalted Journey", "Son Of The Dawn", CD 2 - "Paradise Of The Underground" DSFA 6 compilation track 1994: "A Dance Beyond", "Winds Of The Fall" [Demo 1993]: "Buried In Mankind’s Sleep", "Descending Of The Soul", "My Fall", "Deepness Of The Depths", "Winds Of The Fall", "Caressed By Both Sides" [Rehearsal Demo 1992]: "A Mind In Flames", "Belief From Below", "Son Of The Dawn", "Denial Of God", "Rehearsal 1990": "Belief From Below" [featuring DEAD END members]. The CD comes with a 32 pages booklet, that features many flyers, unreleased photos and liner notes

19 October 2014


ARCHGOAT is about to release its new full lenght, "The Apocalyptic Triumphator" through Debemur Morti records. The album will be released this coming winter on CD, vinyl and digital download. The cover art was  created once again by Chris Moyen.  Full tracklist reads like this:
Side A]
Intro [Left Hand Path]
Nuns, Cunts & Darkness
The Apocalyptic Triumphator
Phallic Desecrator Of Sacred Gates
Grand Luciferian Theophany
Those Below [Who Dwell In Hell]

Side B]
Intro [Right Hand Path]
Congregation Of Circumcised
Sado-Magical Portal
Light Of Phosphorus
Profanator Of The 1st Commandment
Funeral Pyre Of Trinity

17 October 2014


"Ritual For The Dead" a live split featuring NECROHOLOCAUST and SADOMATOR will be releases soon through Iron Bonehead Records.  Available in tape format only, limited to 200 copies.

13 October 2014

BLASPHERIAN "Upon the Throne..."

BLASPHERIAN will release a new 7" called "Upon The Throne...Of Eternal Blasphemous Death" through Iron Bonehead Productions.  The 7" is going to be released by the end of November with a 300gsm Gatefold Jacket & Poster, limited to 1000 copies on black vinyl.  Listen to the track "Phenix of Uncreation" at this location!


Final Gate Records will release "The Graveyard Brood", a split CD/LP featuring GRAVEYARD GHOUL and CRYPTIC BROOD.  The  CD version will be out on helloween the 31th of October. The 12" vinyl version is expected to be out the same day.  Here is GRAVEYARD GHOUL´s track  "Castle Freak"

9 October 2014


"Confession After Death"
Vengeance From Darkness
1989 Demo Self-released

6 October 2014

30 September 2014


ATOMIC AGGRESSOR revealed the the track "Unbodied Rites", a new advance of the upcoming  album "Sights Of Suffering", which will also be published in the next issue of Grinder magazine in a split 7" with UNHOLY WAR.  Listen to "Unbodied Rites" at this location!  and "Unholy War" by clicking here! 

29 September 2014


Canada´s NECROHOLOCAUST are about to release their debut full length after 11 years of blasphemous existence.  Honoring the black and impious tradition of cult gods such as Blasphemy and Beherit, NECROHOLOCAUST attack with “Holocaustic Goat Metal” Worship the Goat…

Hails!, please introduce yourself and the other members of NECROHOLOCAUST and tell us about the beguinning of the band.
B.P.O.W.A.D.-NECROHOLOCAUST 2014 is: Black Plague Of War And Disease - Vocals & Guitars, Grimlord Of Atomic Nuclear Hate - Guitars, Bloodlust Abominator Of Ritual War Incantations - Drums, Goatplague Messiah - Bass. NECROHOLOCAUST was starded by Black Plague Of War And Disease in 2003.
NECROHOLOCAUST is a great name and it is fully descriptive, how did you come up with the name of the band?
It came to me in a dream.  Some have tried to use the name after, but I don´t think they exist anymore
You have played and recorded cover versions of BEHERIT, BLASPHEMY, VON, ABHORER, HELLHAMMER, CELTIC FROST…are those bands your musical influence and the ones to blame for the birth of NECROHOLOCAUST?
Yes we have coveered bands that have been an inspiration for NECROHOLOCAUST.
What philosophies and/or ideologies have contributed most significantly to the thematic content of your work?
Every track has the exact same theme, anti-christ, anti-god, anti-religion, the lamb reperesentss the bastard son of god, the goat represents the adversary of christ and we blaspheme that fucker in every single track.
Holocaustic Goat Metal” is your debut full-length soon to be released via Iron Bonehead, how do you describe the sound and style of the album, is it what you call “Goat Metal”?
It is just that "Goat Metal" it is essentially "BEHERIT-SADOGOAT" worship but without totally ripping it off, it is stll NECROHOLOCAUST sound and style, people that listen to NECROHOLOCAUST know what that means.
The band logo was designed by Chris Moyen and the cover artwork was designed by Sickness 666, what do you think about their art? Is it the perfect visual connection to your music?
They have both been friends of NECROHOLOCAUST for many year, many years. I wanted their art on our first full length LP. It´s been 11 years of NECROHOLOCAUST we are honored to have worked with them.
Are you open to use a different kind of art on the future releases? Which album cover is your all time fave and had a great impact on you the first time you saw it?
We just chose art that suits the concept, Iám not a fan of full color art for this band, but we aren´t afraid of trying other ideas as long as it stays true to the Goat Metal ideal. BLASPHEMY´s "Fallen Angel Of Doom" cover, the Goat archer is a classic piece of metal history.
How did you get linked with iron bonehead for the release of the album?
I met Patrick when I was on tour in Europe with MORBOSIDAD, we had remained in contact and released the NECROHOLOCAUST/MANTICORE "Receiving the Unholy Communion" split 7" and got it in time for the first NECROHOLOCAUST european tour which he set up for us.
You are about to be featured on a new split LP “Jesus Fucking Wept Vol I” together with the bands OGDRU JAHAD, NECROBLOOD, WEREGOAT and IMPURE WORSHIP. What can you tell about this release? Which tracks will you include?
This will be released out of Greece on Blastbeat Mail Murder label, all deadly bands, it was an honor to be asked to be includes in this with bands that are friend of ours.  We recorded 2 old tracks, " I will kill For Satan" and "Black War Gestapo" with the current line up, those tracks are still raw and brutal.
You have been releasing almost two split 7” per year, in the past most of the bands used to record at least three or four demos before releasing a full-length.  Do you think that releasing split 7” is a good way to evolve before unleashing the debut full-length?
We don´t do what most bands do or follow a mold of what should be done.  Maybe a formula works for other bands but that is not what NECROHOLOCAUST is all about.  One thing I have learned sense the inception of this this band is that you can´t force anything with NECROHOLOCAUST. Things just Happen as they happen for whatever reason that is the path of the Goat.
Did the release of “Ritual Goat Command ”compilation last year marked the end of an era in the band career? Was it released with that purpose?
Yeah I think so, in a way subconsiously that could be true, it wasnt planned that way but looking back now that could be a fair assumption, releases as now we are at the dawn of releasing our first full lenght LP, which is actually more brutal than all the past releases, but still holds true to my initial concept of the band. It Definatelly is a new era for NECROHOLOCAUST wathever that may entail.
Some people may be still wondering about the title of your split with BAPHOMET HORNS…why “Fuck Norway”?  Your comments…
Myself and PS Christrape of BAPHOMETS HORNS agreed it was a fitting title for our mutual hatred of the joke that "Black Metal" has turned into with it´s "rock star" approach and attitude.  A scene that neither band wanted to be associated with. It was just assurance that both bands would be alienated from any association to that scene. I mean those types of bands are everywhere but they got the model from them.
Do you consider yourself a Satanist, Antichristian or Antireligious?
Personal beliefs or non beliefs are irrelevant.
In your opinion, what would be the most shocking and sublime act of blasphemy?
I don´t know the extermination of all mankind being wiped off teh face of this earth. 
Are there any current bands with which you feel you have a musical, ideological, or aesthetic connection?
You will contribute the track "Revelations of doom" in the upcoming tribute to Hellhammer, [Morbid Hammer prods], what do you think about tribute albums?  If you could release a tribute album would be a tribute to...?  Featuring which bands?
Is that still happening? That track will be featured on the NECROHOLOCAUST/ZYGOATSIS "Annihilation of the Kingdom of God" split 7" That will be out on Morbid Metal Records. The ZYGOATSIS side will feature a cover of HELLHAMMER´s "Messiah".
What do you think about the Canadian scene having this tradition of blasphemous and barbaric bands such as Blasphemy, Conqueror, Revenge, Nuclearhammer…
Tell me your opinion about the following bands: BLASPHEMY, SLAUGHTER, EXCITER, VOIVOD, NUCLEARHAMMER, ANTEDILUVIAN.
There are deadly bands that come out of Canada.
How would you describe your shows? How is the situation concerning gigs after the release of the album?
We will tour Europe again in support of this abomination.
What are your plans and goals for the near future of Necroholocaust?
We will follow the path hat the goat take us as these things are out of our control.
What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you have been?
When NECROHOLOCAUST headlined our first show in Juarez Mexico, it was total chaos.
Thanks for your time, last words are yours…

24 September 2014

SOULBURN "The Suffocating Darkness" LP

SOULBURN returns with a new release! the LP "The Suffocating Darkness" will be released via Century Media on November 17th [Europe] and November 18th [North America]. The album will be available as Special Edition CD Enhanced + O-Card, black LP, colored LP, silver LP, digital album.