18 March 2016

DEHUMAN REIGN "Ascending From Below" LP

German Death Metallers DEHUMAN REIGN will release their debut full-length "Ascending From Below" on May 27 via F.D.A. Rekotz .  The band formed in 2011 released their 8 track debut mini album "Destructive Intent" in July 2013. 
"Ascending From Below" will be availbe as CD/Digital [the vinyl version will be released later, on July 1st]

Complete tracklist:
"The Ascension"
"Apply Salt To The Open Wound"
"Recipients Of The Abominable"
"Minds Of The Insane"
"Drown In Agony"
"Garden Of Decay"
"Articulating The Unspeakable"
"Grey Entity"
"Heart Of The Hypocrite"
"Stench Of The Infected"

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