31 May 2018

BONEHUNTER To release "Children Of The Atom" reveal new track

BONEHUNTER revealed a brand new track, "The Reek Of Reaper´s Schyte", taken from the upcoming album "Children of The Atom".

The release date of the band´s third full-lenght will be announced shortly, to be released on Vinyl, CD and cassette tape formats by Hells Headbangers.

More info at: 


"...From The Stars, Nyarlathotep"
The Kinglike Celebration
1997 Oz Productions

28 May 2018

25 May 2018

WORSHIP VINYL: AMORPHIS "The Karelian Isthmus" & "Tales From The Thousand Lakes" reissues

Relapse Records will reissue the first two full-lenghts of Finnish (once death metallers) AMORPHIS on vinyl. 

The wonderful classic debut "The Karelian Isthmus" and the..."something diferent" melodic album "Tales From The Thousand lakes", (yeah, you guessed right, Im not a fan of that album)

Check out the video teaser below for details about different formats coming out on July 20th, available for pre-order here


"My Dark Subconscious"
December Moon
1987 Demo

17 May 2018

My Hails to...Gallaecia. DIOIVO, LÓSTREGOS, SARTEGOS

Celtic Lands Rise!...no Día Das Letras Galegas

"Sempre Pola Morte Esperas"
Sempre Pola Morte Esperas
2016 Independent

"Señor Dos Escuros Dons"
Lendas Baixo O Luar
2017 Darkwoods

"Lume Do Visitante-Morrer No Nascente"
Sartegos/Balmog Split
2018 Caverna Abismal Records

16 May 2018


"Living In Fear"
Prime Evil
1987 Demo

SADISM "The Spectral Veils" Official Lyric Video

"The Spectral Veils" is the brand new lyric video by chilean death metallers SADISM, from the forthcoming album "Ethereal Dead Cult"

Raw, furious yet technical old school death metal, excellent! Out next August via Toxic Records.

More info at: 

14 May 2018

VISUAL AGGRESSION: New videos from Morbid Angel, Immortal, Overkill, Ováte, Nervosa, Lucifer

This video from MORBID ANGEL´s track "Garden Of Disdain" came as a surprise. The song belongs to the band´s latest album "Kingdoms Disdained" released in December last year.

The video produced by Nadar Sadek is really dark and disturbing, intersting indeed and far away from the typical cliches.

Norwegian black metallers IMMORTAL are back, or better said Demonaz and Horg. 

A lot of people, (or may be just a few, anyway, I´m not among those) were expecting the new stuff, and the band have just presented the lyric video of the track "Northern Chaos Gods". The track will be released as a 7" single on May 25th, and is also the title track of the new album to be released on July 6th through Nuclear Blast...

Only a few days left for the release of "Live in Overhausen". A double  live album by OVERKILL performing "Feel The Fire" and "Horrorscope" albums in its entirety. 

A couple of live videos have been revealed, "Thanx for Nothing" a few wees ago and recently "Second Son". Live in Overhausen will be released next friday 18th through Nuclear Blast on several formats. More info here.

OVÁTE is a black metal duo formed by Aindiachaí (guitasrs/bass) and Brodd (drums). They will release the debut album on June 1st through Soulseller Records.

The album will feature guest vocal perfomances by V´Gandr (Helheim/Taake), Hoest (Taake/Gorgoroth) El (Ghaal´s Wyrd, Aeternus), Odemark (The 3rd Attempt) Ese (ex- Windir, Slagest).

Here´s the first rrack "Song Til Ein Orm" with Hoest on guest vocals.

"Kill The Silence" is the first trackfrom the new album by Brazilian thrashers NERVOSA. The song belongs to the band´s third full-lenght "Downfall Of Mankind" to be released on Jue 1st by Napalm Records.

Last (but not least) here´s the advance video clip of the new single by LUCIFER, the trio featuring Nick Anderson on drums and Johanna Sadonis on vocals. "California Son" is the opening track of the new album "Lucifer II". The album comes out on July 6th.

I didn´t hear the debut album, so I discovered the band thanks to this song. I like this kind of vintage, retro rock or whateve is called. I first thoutght about Wolfmother, the sound (mainly the bass and guitar) instantly reminded me of the debut EP and the first full-lenght of the australian band. I like that stuff and so I like the vibe of this song (and the simple but cool vintage video clip). I really look forward to the release of Lucifer II. 

DREADFUL FATE "Hour Of Reprisal" new track revealed!

Hell yeah! DREADFULL FATE revealed a new track from the upcoming debut album, "Hour Of Reprisal" is pure old school thrashing wrath, fucking great!. "Vengeance" comes out on June 15th through I Hate/To The Death Records.


Show No Mercy
1983 Metal Blade Records

3 May 2018

THRASH ATTACK: by Deathstorm, Dreadful Fate, Invocation Spells

Austrian Thrashers DEATHSTORM are about to release their third full-lenght "Reaping What Is Left" next May 25th via High Roller Records.  Teh band recently unleashed the second advance track "Agent Of Dismay". Killer Old-School thrash metal highly influenced by bands like Kreator, Sadus, Sodom...pure 80s thrash metal worship.

"Reaping What Is Left" track listing:

Thea Reaping
Agent Of Dismay
Predator Kill
Ossuary Darkness
Hallowed Ground
By Sword, By Pick, By Axe
Unholy Lamentations
Dying Insane


DREADFUL FATE released their first recording last year by launching the cool demo "The Sin Of Sodom". Now the band will release the debut album entitled "Vengeance" through I Hate Records and To The Death Records. The first track "Death Sentence" shows a total 80s thash metal aggression that will quickly remind you of Merciless early kreator, Blood Feast...

"Vengeance" track listing:

Death Sentence
Altar Of Cruelty
Unholy Lust
Witches Hammer
Hour Of Reprisal
Eternal Fire
The Final Sacrifice

"Spread Cruelty In The Abyss" is the third album by chilean black thrashers INVOCATION SPELLS. The album is out now via Suicide records on CD version available  from the band... "Victims of Doom" is the sexond track revealed, you can also check the opening track "Ruins of Cemetery" here.

"Spread Cruelty In The Abyss" track listing:

Ruins Of Cemetery
Rotting Sacirifice
Victims Of Doom
Torment of Obsessor
Old Rites
Spread Cruelty
Obscure And Evil
From The Graves



"Shadow From Mordor"
Behind The Realms of Madness
1985 Children Of The Revolution

1 May 2018

VISUAL AGGRESSION New video clips from: Marduk, At The Gates, Candlemass, Come Back From The Dead, Filii Nigrantium Infernalium

Some good and interesting video clips has been unleashed recently...

First of all, the lyric video for MARDUK ´s new song, "Werwolf", the opening track from the upcoming new album "Viktoria", to be released next June 22nd via Century Media Records.

"Viktoria" track listing:

June 44 
Equestrian Bloodlust 
Tiger I 
The Last Fallen 
The Devil's Song 

Silent Night

AT THE GATES revealed the second single and second video clip from  the new album "To Drink From the Night Itself"... this time the video is for the track "Daggers of Black Haze". The album comes aout on May 18th throug century media

"To Drink From The Night Itself" track listing:
Der Widerstand
To Drink From The Night Itself
A Stare Bound In Stone
Palace Of Lepers
Daggers of Black Haze
The Chasm
In Nameless Sleep
The Colours Of The Beast
A Labyrinth Of Tombs
Seas Of Starvation
Tn Death They Shall Burn
The Mirror Black


CANDLEMASS retunrs! Napalm Records will release the new EP "The House Of Doom" on may 25th. The EP will include four new songs, here´s the lyric video of the tilte track.

ROTTING CHRIST have just released a live video for the track 'Κατά τον Δαίμονα Εαυτού'. It was was shot during the band's headlining anniversary show in Athens, last year. The band released a "best of" double CD compilation last March via Season Of Mist, with 33 tracks (including the unreleased song "I will Not Serve")

Spanish old-school death metallers COME BACK FROM THE DEAD unleashed a new video clip through the US site Toilet Ov hell. The video is for the track “Endless Bloodshed” which belongs to the band´s wondefull EP “Caro Date Vermibus” released last year by Mono Canibal on 10” vinyl and on CD and digital versions via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Last but not least, we have FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM official teaser of the upcoming album "Hostia", an album which already is among my fave of this year so far and surely will remain on my top three at the end of the year.

Enough said, play it fucking loud bastardos!!!