31 May 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: MÖRBIT (Morbid) METALION: 50 Years of Fucking Off Life"

Last week F.O.A.D. Records released a limited and very special LP (due to the quality and meaning) to celebrate the 50 year birthday of Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen (hails!!).  “MÖRBIT (Morbid) METALION: 50 Years of Fucking Off Life" ... special indeed! 

And Here´s the label description to give you more in detail about this special (did I say special again?!) record..."In 2011 the Swedish Black Metal Cult MORBID released the gigantic sampler "YEAR OF THE GOAT". To celebrate that a very special band was put together in order to perform some MORBID classics live for a selected audience. The band went under the name MÖRBIT and consisted of legendary musicians of the Swedish Extreme Metal scene.  Erik of WATAIN on vocals, Tyrant of NIFELHEIM on bass, David of DISMEMBER on guitar, Erik of MERCILESS on guitar and Stjäfnvind on drums (ENTOMBED, MERCILESS etc.). The night before the actual cncert the band had a final rehearsal at the WATAIN´s "wolf lair" which also was the funeral for Metalion´s SLAYER MAGAZINE. Now a few years later METALION turns 50 and in order to celebrate this unholy event it was decided between all members and of courese MORBID & METALION  to release a really rare recording of the final reherarsal before the gig the day after. With the help of Erik of WATAIN and F.O.A.D Records this was made possible!"

The ultra die hard Metalion birthday edition limited to 50 copies on clear red vinyl with extra poster and the splatter red/black vinyl limited to 100 copies are sold out, there is (was?) a black vinyl version limited to 320 copies still available but I guess may be too late.  It´s worth to try directly from F.O.A.D. Records or perhaps somewhere else to find this rare gem...good luck! 

VALLENFYRE "Nihilist" New Advance Track

Another advance track  from the new VALLENFYRE album, this time the song "Nihilist" hits you mercilessly!  

A few words from Greg about the song: "Nihilist is about those who take their ridiculous holy book seriously and carry it out to the letter. In light of recent events it is dedicated to the innocent victims of the Manchester attack".

Fear, emptiness, despair?...tt´s almost here, "Fear Those Who Fear Him" comes  next June 2nd. 


“Black Embrace”
The Karelian Isthmus
1992 Relapse Records

30 May 2017


Listenable Records reissue MALEVOLENT CREATION´s first three albums. “The Ten Commandments” (1991), "Retribution" (1992) and “Unborn" (1993) comes in different colors, and also the good old classic black vinyl if you are among those who run away from “exotic” colors (like me).

Good quality and very alike to the first press, so if you don´t want to spend stupid prices for an original first press on ebay or somewhere else now you have a good chance.

I don´t know if the band support this reissues, at least they are not involved as I saw a post of Phil Fasciana surprised and complaining about no one informing the band about this, though they are “100% official” releases…it´s up to you…www.shop-listenable.net


“Intro / Freedom”
1989 Orfeo

29 May 2017

FUNERAL LEECH "The Funereality"

FUNERAL LEECH are from New York, they have just released "The Funereality" EP, and I discovered the band thanks to a recent post by Kat Shevil (hence, thanks to her deathly fine musical taste! Hails Kat! Ugh!!!)

This three tracks EP (the band´s debut recording, I think) is nothing but heavy, dark, intense and crushing old school doom/death metal.

I hope tha band releases a full-lenght album soon. By now, enough said…listen/repeat…

NECROT "Blood Offerings"

Continuing with info about U.S. Death Metal releases, California based NECROT have just revealed the track “The Blade”, taken from the upcoming debut full-length “Blood Offerings”.

The band was formed in 2011 and released three demos “Necrot”, “Into The Labyrinth” and “The Abyss”.
Tankcrimes Records will release the album on June 9th on CD, Tape and gatefold LP on different versions (150 copies on purple splat, 350 copies on gold splat, 500 copies on black and 1000 copies on gold vinyl).

Raw old school Death Metal…great!!!

Track list:
The Blade
Rather Be Dead
Shadows And Light
Blood Offerings
Empty Hands
Breathing Machine
Layers Of Darkness


U.S. Death Metallers FATHER BEFOULED will release a new album after five years since the release of the previous full-length. “Desolate Gods” will be released on June 23rd through Dark Descent Records.

“Desolate Gods picks up the torch, infusing their influences into a suffocating and mysterious album of serpentine riffing and lurching, cavernous doom. Compounding that is a maturity - a sound evolved from the heavy-handed Incantation worship of before - to a disdtinct sound all their own."

The band unveiled the title track at Decibel´s website, here"Desolate Gods" will be available on CD and digital formats.

Track Listing:
Exsurge Domine (Intro)
Offering Revulsion
Mortal Awakening
Exalted Offal
Ungodly Rest
Divine Parallels
Vestigial REmains Of...(Instrumental)
Desolate Gods

INCANTATION "Profane Nexus"

INCANTATION revealed covert artwork and release date for the forthcoming new album “Profane Nexus”.  The band´s 11th full-length will come out on August 11th via Relapse Records.  Great cover artwork by Elinar Kantor!


“Evil Warriors”
Seven Churches
1985 Combat Records

25 May 2017

URN "The Burning"

Finnish black/thrashers URN return with a new album, to be released by Iron Bonehead Productions on July 28th.

“The Burning” is the fourth album and marks the return since the last album, “Soul Destroyers” in 2008.

The band revealed cover artwork, by Rok - as you already noticed-, full tracklisting and the first preview track, “Sons Of The Northern Star”

Intro - Resurrection
Celestial Light
Hail The King
Morbid Black Sorrow
Sons Of The Northern Star
Nocturnal Demons
Wolves Of Radiation
All Will End In Fire
Falling Paradise
The Burning


“Scream Hatred”
…Simply Dead
1990 Demo

24 May 2017


“With Their Flesh, He´ll Create”
The Erosion Of Sanity
1993 Roadrunner

23 May 2017

AKATHARTA "Onryo (Wrath Of A Vengeful Ghost)" Premiere Track

They´re among us…AKATHARTA revealed the first song “Onryo (Wrath Of A Vengeful Ghost)” taken from the upcoming debut album “Spiritus Immundus”
The band confirmed that the release date will be 23rd June for Europe and 27th June for US on CD (vinyl version yet to be confirmed) through Pulverised Records.

Recorded at several studio locations and with the mixing and mastering duties meticulously helmed by Dennis "DerClint" Israel at Clintworks (Amon Amarth, Misery Index, 3 Inches Of Blood, etc), album cover artwork by Malaysian illustrator Irwan Ironworx (Bone Gnawer, Deathevoker, etc) and also with the iconic Lord Of Logos Christophe Szpajdel (Emperor, Old Man's Child, Enthroned, etc) putting his signature stamp on the band logo.

Grim, obscure, macabre, monumental funeral death doom!... “The Doom That Came From Darkness…”

Macabre Reflections In The Dark
Onryō (Wrath Of A Vengeful Ghost)
Tenebrarum In Aeternum
Nocturnal Interment
Transpierce The Umbra
Possessione Diabolica
Pneumata (CD Version)
Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost Cover)


“Embalmed In Sulphuric Acid”
For God Your Soul…For Me Your Flesh
1990 Nuclear Blast

22 May 2017

MEFISTO "I in the sky" New Song

Back to the roots…with those words Swedish Old School Metallers MEFISTO announced and unveiled the brand new track, “I In The Sky”, from the upcoming album to be released in October. Stay tuned for more details…

VALLENFYRE "An Apathetic Grave" Lyric Video

VALLENFYRE launched lyric video for “An Apathetic Grave”, new single from the upcoming full-length “Fear Those Who Fear Him”.

The Album will be released on June 2nd via Century Media  and will be available as Gatefold LP+CD on limited coloured and regular black 180 gram vinyl, as Special Edition Digipak (international version), Jewelcase CD (Canada, USA, Mexico only) and on all digital/streaming platforms.

Regarding the track, the band comments: "By total contrast to the previously released track "Kill All Your Masters" this one is an extremely miserable, crushing doom song about a man reachingthe end of his life and reflecting on the fitility of it all"


“F.O.D. (Fuck Of Death)”
1987 Diabolic Force

18 May 2017


Hell yezzz! Hells Headbangers Records releases a special vinyl pressing of ARMOURED ANGEL's "Wings of Death" demo. "Wings Of Death" was the second demo of this great Australian band and it was originally released in 1989, on cassette and then a vinyl edition that´s long out of print..

Just like Hells Headbangers' earlier edition of “Communion” (the band´s third demo), this pressing is a one-sided 12" (red vinyl) with a photo silkscreened on Side B. A must!

IMPORTANT Tom G. Warrior about forthcoming CELTIC FROST reissues

Tom G. Warrior posted important words regarding his point of view about the forthcoming CELTIC FROST reissues. It´s worth reading so please click here