21 May 2020


Released in 1994 "Hate" is the third full-lenght of SARCÓFAGO (cult!).
When it came out I totally disliked the sound because of the drum machine.  As a fan, back then I would have liked the band to continue the style and sound they reached with the previous and magnificent album "The Laws of Scourge", and the work of Lucio Oliver on that album was brilliant. But after "Laws" Lucio and guitarist Fábio Jhasko left the band and Sarcófago remained as a duo formed by Wagner and Gerald, adding Eugenio "Dead Zone" on keyboards and drum programming.

Musically, "Hate" moved away from the more technical style of "Laws" and was somehow a return to the primitive and rawer style the band shown on their early days.  Despite the sound of the drum machine (wich I still dislike) the music is good enough to make "Hate" a brilliant album and a highlight among Sarcófago´s short discography, with great songs like "The God´s Faeces", "Orgy Of Flies", "Hate" or "Anal Vomit". 

Greyhaze Records have just reissued this album on vinyl (and tape), giving the album the high quality vinyl treatment the label usually do on all their reissues (specially all Sarcófago`s LP reissues). The audio was remastered from the original master tapes and visually the artwork honors the original releas adding 11x24 insert with "new" graphic material, on gatefold (limited) purple or black vinyl.

Order the LP here and check the album in its entirety below.