14 March 2016


Last year a part of musical history was unearthed, bringing back raw and aggressive sounds of the past. “Blood Spits, Violence and Insults” collects the legacy of INSULTER, which does not enjoy the popularity or the glory of other contemporary bands from their country, but had a great importance in the development of the powerful Brazilian underground scene. But far from being just part of the past the band is still alive, so in the following interview Reinaldo Resan brings light over the past and present of INSULTER.

INSULTER old cult demos have been re-released last year. How do you feel after so many years they were recorded?
It was one of the best feelings I've had in my life, it's like the birth of a son who was disillusioned.
How and when the idea to reissue the demos come about?
It was in 2012 I had my first contact with NWN and after that were almost two years to gather material that could and more time for the record company to take care of your other projects.
Can you tell how did you get linked with Nuclear War Now! Productions and how was the proposal for the reissue?
I learned from rumors that seen in a black church video on YouTube in 2007. Yosuke is a big fan of the band, so it was quiet deal with him
The vinyl version looks really cool, what do you think of it? Are you a vinyl collector? Name some of your most appreciated LPs of your collection?
Brother, I have not seen the LPs personally. what has me crazy !!! [Hehehe] Yes, I'm freak of LPs, I have about 500 LPs, my favorite is a 1965 Beatles, my number one.

Give us a bit of background of the formation of Insulter and tell us your memories of those days?
The first line up was me on bass, Pussy Ripper - Vocals, Damned Sentry - guitar and D.D. Crazy - drums. After passed many people by the band until Carlos - vocals, Paulo - guitar, Denis - bass and Ricardo - drums began to play with me. We ended up becoming a family and we are friends, but I lost contact with some members of the band. Today Insulter is formed by Reinaldo Resan - guitar and vocals and Anderson Resende - bass and vocals. We're playing with drummers invited for now
Whose idea was it to call the band INSULTER at all, and did you choose that name?
Insulter name was Oswaldo [Pussy Ripper] idea, when he called us to join the band, there was already the name and we all like.
When did your general interest in music start? How old have you been when you bought your first own record?
I started to playing guitar when I has six years old and I came back to play when he was 13 years old. My first recording I was 13 or 14 years old, I played guitars, sang and played my bed like a tribal drums. I recorded 3 songs as well, but never showed it to anyone, it was really bad!
How was the recording of the first two demos "The Insult" and "Black Church"? What inspired you musically and lyrically? Who compose the music and lyrics of Black church?
"The Insult" was recorded at the home studio of Thomas Stock, from Exterminator, "The Last Ilusion" [aka "Black Church"] has been recorded in a decent studio. Our influences: Kiss, Black Sabbath, Rattus, Accept, Venom, Motorhead. The lyrics were made by Oswaldo and the songs were made by Rodrigo, D.D. and I.
Do you think that because of that song many people think that insulter and Sextrash was the same band with a change of name?
I really do not know why it happened. I think it was because of an interview that our former drummer Adolfo did for a zine          
What provoked the departure of some of the guys to form Sextrash? How was the relationship with them? Are you still in touch with DD Crazy and Damned Sentry? Are they still involved in metal music?
Damned Sentry and Pussy Ripper left Insulter to join Sarcófago. Our relationship was cool, we're friends to this day. D.D. and Damned Sentry do not play anymore, so I know.
After the release of "Black Church" demo, next was the recording of "Ignoring the Falsity" demo.  It was the line-up changes what caused the change of style? Did you feel that the band evolved technically? Why did you leave after the release of "Ignoring the Falsity"…?
Yes, certainly! It was a big change in the line-up of the band, but it was a natural evolution that began with our song "Fuckin". I kept made the Insulter songs, the contribution of other musicians was more technical than musical. I continued still playing in Insulter until the year 1991. Then I moved away and tried, along with Carlos Bosch [vocals on "Ignoring The Falsity" demo], back with the band many times since 1994
How did it come that Insulter reunited and started playing live again in 2012 With Anderson and Rodrigo?
I met with Carlos Bosch and Ricardo Nascimento in 2009 and decided to record an album with our old songs and new ones but Ricardo died of pneumonia in 2012. Then, in 2013 Anderson invited me and Rodrigo for a project and I invited Anderson and Rodrigo to playing the Insulter. For personal reasons Rodrigo is not playing in Insulter anymore.
Back to the past, were you tape traders and wrote letters to other bands as some of us did before things like emails, facebook and the whole internet appeared?
We never sold our demos. People sent us a K7 and we recorded our demos to them. some people won our K7 for free. All the contacts was made by mail.
What bands have you contacted back then?
I don't remember. Carlos "Bosch" contacted all Brazilians bands because he had a zine in the 80ies
Anderson, you were member of Holocausto and during the times of “Warfare Noise” and the legendary album “Campo de Exterminio” playing bass. What can you tell about the recording off Warfare noise and “CDE”?
Anderson - At that time we were teenagers and inexperienced in terms of music, the songs flowed both the creation and the development of the arrangements, but we lived in a country under military dictatorship and then the aggressiveness of the music and lyrics that were based on militarism and war. The recordings, everything was very busy, or too "Trash".
What meant to you to live the success of bands like Sarcofago, Sepultura, Vulcano, Sexhtrash, Holocausto, Mutilator… the international recognition that the whole Brazilian scene gained and the cult status it achieved nowadays?
I'm very proud of it. Because made metal music in Brazil in the 80ies was very hard
What albums would you guys choose as the best Brazilian releases?
I consider 3 the most important: the Splits; Dorsal Atlantica/Metamorphose and Sepultura/Overdose and Vulcano  "Live", because the 3 records say to all the Brazilians bands: we can!
Do you have special memories or anecdotes of the times when they were released?
There was magic in those albums. Our friends recording LPs and the bands have been given another purpose in addition to rehearsals and shows
How are Insulter gigs nowadays?
Nowadays, they are less unpretentious. We played to celebrate the opportunity to be on stage
Do they differ much regarding the feeling and vibe lived in the past?
Yes, here in Brazil for sure!!! They are very different situations, in the 80ies there was more unity and the bangers waved more!
Will there be a new Insulter album soon?
We are trying to record this album since 2012 and finally he is on the way. we will start recordings in April and the forecast is August/ September 2016.
In 2014 you recorded and posted online a new song "Lies, Lies Lies", will the new stuff follow the same style? The song is great and both, sound and riff has that old school vibe...
Yeah, all the new songs have the 80ies spirit.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
I was traveling, I had a ticket on a bus and I sold that ticket, there was an accident and the woman who bought my ticket died. [Your time has not yet come, brother! - Chris]
Tell us about the band next activities.
After the album is ready, we will try to make an European tour and show how Brazilians metal songs were made in the 80ies

"Black Church"
 Black Church Demo 1987
 [Remastered vesrsion -  2013]

Lies, Lies Lies
Promo Track 2014

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