25 September 2020


The new SODOM sounds like 80s good old Sodom. The proof? the brutal new track "Sodom & Gomorrah" that the band premiered today with an official lyric video.  

The song belongs to the band´s upcoming album "Genesis XIX", to be released on November 27th via Steamhammer/SPV.
Here´s the complete tracklist: "Blind Superstition", "Sodom & Gomorrah", "Euthanasia", "Genesis XIX", "Nicht Mehr Mein Land", "Glock N´ Roll", "The Harponeer", "Dehumanized", "Occfult Perpetrator", "Waldo & Pigpen", "Indoctrination", "Friendly Fire"
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"Misanthropic Breed", the new album by Swedish death metallers LIK is released today via Metal BladeThe band have just released a new video for the track "Morbid Fascination". Great Old-School Swedish Death Metal!

The complete tracklist reads as follows: "The Weird", "Decay", "Funeral Anthem", "Corrosive Survival", "Female Fatal To The Flesh", "Misanthropic Breed", "Flesh Frenzy", "Morbid Fachination", "Wolves", "Faces Of Death", "Becoming".
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SKELETHAL´s second album "Unveiling The Threshold" will be released on November 20th trough Hells Headbangers Records.
Following the succes of the debut album "Of The Depths..."  released in 2017, the frenchmen continue delivering Old School Death Metal with late 80s/early 90s sweedish death metal the influences. Filthy and raw as it must be!

The band unveiled the first advance track "Sidereal Lifespan".
Tracklist reads as follows: "Sidereal Lifespan", "Antropomorphia", "Emerging From The Ethereal Threshold", "Repulsive Recollections", "Cave Dwellers", "On Somber Soil", "Adorned With Black Vetebra", "Abyssal Church...The Portal Revealed".

"NOA´S D´ARK" is the title of the new album by SOULBURN. The band released the lyric video of the first single "From Archaeon Into Obliveon".

The band´s fourth full-lenght will be released on November 13th through Century Media.
The following tracks will appear on the album: "The Morgue Of Hope", Noah´s Dark", Tempter Ov The White Light", "Anarchist", "Shrines Of Apathy", "Assailed By Cosmic Lihgtning", "Triumphant One", "Anoninted-Blessed-And Born For Burning", "The Godless I", "From Archaeon Into Oblivion", "Abyssica", "On The Crimson Wings Of My Ruin".
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NWOBHM icon DIAMOND HEAD announce the 40th anniversary re-recording of their classic debut album "Lightning To The Nations", to be released on November 20th.

The band released an official video of the new version of "It´s Electric". Avoiding obvious comparisons sounds good to me.
For this special release the band adds four covers to the album: "No Remorse" (Metallica) "Sinner" (Judas Priest) "Immigrant Song" (Led Zeppelin) and "Rat Bat Blue" (Deep Purple). 
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Norwegian death metallers CADAVER return. "Edder & Bile" is the title of the new albumt which will be released on November 27th via Nuclear Blast.

The album will be available on LP (including a special edition LP + 7" edition) CD and digital.
Pre order available here
Check out "Morgue Ritual" , the first single revealed by the band...

11 September 2020

MÖRK GRYNING to release "Hinsides Vrede" reveal new track

15 years after their previous full-lenght, Swedish Black Metal band MÖRK GRYNING will release the new album "Hinsides Vrede" on October 23rd through Season of Mist.

Two tracks have been already revealed, the latest was "A Glympse Of The Sky",  a melodic mid-tempo song that the band describes it as an homage to Bathory "Blood Fire Death" era.

The first track unveiled was "Fältherren" a fast track with a break of clean guitars. Very much in style of "Tusen år har gått..."

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