21 March 2015

PARADISE LOST "The Plague Within"

PARADISE LOST announce the release of the new album "The Plague Within" nect June 1st through Century Media Records.

16 March 2015

ABOMINATOR "Evil Proclaimed"

Australian band ABOMINATOR will release the comeback album, "Evil Proclaimed", set for international release on April 7th via Hells Headbangers. After eight years, "Evil Proclaimed" is ABOMINATOR's fifth album to date, and their first album for Hells Headbangers. Here is the full tracklisting:

Black Mass Warfare
The Brimstone Nucleus

Evil Proclaimed 03:45
Ashes Of A Demonic Legacy
Invoker Of The Four Winds
The Devils Pandemonium
Indomitable Master
Re-Birth Of The Arch Nemesis

13 March 2015

12 March 2015

INCANTATION - Entrantment of Evil LP

INCANTATION's "Entrantment of Evil" released for the first time on 12" vinyl through Hells Headbangers. Entrantment of Evil was first released in 1990 on 7" vinyl by Seraphic Decay Records and then by Relapse Records a year later, again on 7" vinyl.  This 12" vinyl includes bonus track, and silkscreened art on side B.

8 March 2015

GORGOROTH "Instinctus Bestialis"

GORGOROTH will release the new album "Instinctus Bestialis" through Soulseller Records on 8. June 2015 on CD/vinyl and digital. Here is "Instinctus Bestialis" track listing...
Radix Malorum
Dionysian Rite
Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diabolus
Come Night
Burn in His Light
Kala Brahman


"Satanic Blood"
Satanic Blood
1992 Demo Self-released

2 March 2015

UNLEASHED - "Dawn Of The Nine"

UNLEASHED will release the twelfth studio album "Dawn of The Nine" this spring via Nuclear Blast.
Above you can see the cover artwork, the band and pulbished on facebook the following words about the concept:...“The artwork represents the continuation of our previous album, which ended with ‘The Great Battle of Odalheim.’ The battle took place at Uppsala Fields in Sweden, and you can clearly see the kings graves in the cover art work which is also present in the future. You can also see the bombed out church in the far distance, the place of blot in the front, and the rune stone with the runic symbol of courage of the new dawn.”
The track listing for "Dawn of The Nine" is:
A New Day Will Rise
They Came To Die
Defenders Of Midgard
Where Is Your God Now?
The Bolt Thrower
Let The Hammer Fly
Where Churches Once Burned
Land Of The Thousand Lakes
Dawn Of The Nine
Welcome The Son Of Thor!

The band and Nuclear Blast revealed the official lyric video of the single "Where is Your God Now?"...


 Here´s the brand new track "Guilty"  takenfrom POSSESSION´s upcoming mini album "1585-1646" to be released on June 05th through Iron Bonehead.