26 October 2014

NECROHOLAUST "Holocaustic Goat Metal"

Iron Bonehead is streaming on their bandcamp page NECROHOLOCAUST´s "Holocaustic Goat Metal" on its entirely.  Check it out at  this location!

24 October 2014


German Death Metallers CHAPEL OF DISEASE  will release their second full-lenght  entitled “The Mysterious Ways Of Repetitive Art” on January 16th  through F.D.A. Rekotz. The artwork was created by Misanthropic Art. Check out the song 'The Dreaming Of The Flame' at this location. The full tracklist reads like this: "The Mysterious Ways...", "The Dreaming Of The Flame", "Masquerade In Red", "Lord Of All Death", "Symbolic Realms", "Life Is But A Burning Being" and "...Of Repititive Art".

23 October 2014


PENTACLE have just released a double compilation CD entitled "The Fifth Moon… Beyond And Back" via Vic Records. The CD features the following material: CD 1 - "The Fifth Moon" [12" Picture Disc/MCD 1996]: "Black At Heart", "A Serpent In Blood Red", "The Flame’s Masquerade [Her Sun Is The Moon]", "Adoring An Endless Dawn", "A Serpent In Blood Red" [first take with alternative vocals], "Exalted Journey" [7" EP 1995]: "Exalted Journey", "Son Of The Dawn", CD 2 - "Paradise Of The Underground" DSFA 6 compilation track 1994: "A Dance Beyond", "Winds Of The Fall" [Demo 1993]: "Buried In Mankind’s Sleep", "Descending Of The Soul", "My Fall", "Deepness Of The Depths", "Winds Of The Fall", "Caressed By Both Sides" [Rehearsal Demo 1992]: "A Mind In Flames", "Belief From Below", "Son Of The Dawn", "Denial Of God", "Rehearsal 1990": "Belief From Below" [featuring DEAD END members]. The CD comes with a 32 pages booklet, that features many flyers, unreleased photos and liner notes

19 October 2014


ARCHGOAT is about to release its new full lenght, "The Apocalyptic Triumphator" through Debemur Morti records. The album will be released this coming winter on CD, vinyl and digital download. The cover art was  created once again by Chris Moyen.  Full tracklist reads like this:
Side A]
Intro [Left Hand Path]
Nuns, Cunts & Darkness
The Apocalyptic Triumphator
Phallic Desecrator Of Sacred Gates
Grand Luciferian Theophany
Those Below [Who Dwell In Hell]

Side B]
Intro [Right Hand Path]
Congregation Of Circumcised
Sado-Magical Portal
Light Of Phosphorus
Profanator Of The 1st Commandment
Funeral Pyre Of Trinity

17 October 2014


"Ritual For The Dead" a live split featuring NECROHOLOCAUST and SADOMATOR will be releases soon through Iron Bonehead Records.  Available in tape format only, limited to 200 copies.

13 October 2014

BLASPHERIAN "Upon the Throne..."

BLASPHERIAN will release a new 7" called "Upon The Throne...Of Eternal Blasphemous Death" through Iron Bonehead Productions.  The 7" is going to be released by the end of November with a 300gsm Gatefold Jacket & Poster, limited to 1000 copies on black vinyl.  Listen to the track "Phenix of Uncreation" at this location!


Final Gate Records will release "The Graveyard Brood", a split CD/LP featuring GRAVEYARD GHOUL and CRYPTIC BROOD.  The  CD version will be out on helloween the 31th of October. The 12" vinyl version is expected to be out the same day.  Here is GRAVEYARD GHOUL´s track  "Castle Freak"

9 October 2014


"Confession After Death"
Vengeance From Darkness
1989 Demo Self-released

6 October 2014