30 January 2015


German Death Metallers MORGOTH unveiled cover artwork for the upcoming new album "Ungod" designed by Seth Siro Anton. The album will be released on March 30th, 2015 in Europe and April 7th, 2015 in North America through Century Media Records.  Listen to te brand new track "Black Enemy" at this location! 

29 January 2015

VOIVOD "We Are Connected"

Canadian godz VOIVOD have recently recorded a new song "We Are Connected" for an upcoming split 7 Inch vinyl release with AT THE GATES, which will be released on April 6th, 2015 in Europe via Century Media Records. We Are Connected...

27 January 2015

POSSESSION "1585-1646"

POSSESSION announces the recording of their upcoming mini-album entitled "1585 - 1646".  It will be recorded in mid-February, will be released the 5th of June this year and will feature the following tracks:
The following versions will be available:
I. CD edition (including both Anneliese 7” tracks as bonus) through Invictus Productions 
First press: 1000 copies, will be repressed when sold out
II. Regular 12” vinyl edition through Iron Bonehead Productions on black wax including A2 poster - First press: 700 copies, will be repressed when sold out
III. Limited 12” vinyl edition through Iron Bonehead Productions on plain white wax including A2 poster and huge faux leather logo patch.- 300 copies, no repress
A track will be posted on youtube in late February-early March. The following flyer features part of the cover artwork by Chris Moyen -Thorncross. 

26 January 2015

TORCHURE - The Essence

VIC RECORDS has released TORCHURE second album "The Essence". The album comes with very special liner notes, rare pictures and 2 re-mastered never released bonus tracks.

NOCTURNUS - Demo Collection LP

Nuclear War Now! Productions announces March 13th as the international release date for NOCTURNUS' "The Science of Horror" collection.  In celebration and commemoration of the NOCTURNUS appearance at the NWN! Fest Vol. IV in November of 2014, Nuclear War Now! first offered a reissue of both NOCTURNUS demos on a single picture LP, limited to 100 copies and only available at the festival. Following closely on the heels of this picture-disc reissue, Nuclear War Now! is proud to once again offer both demos together on a single vinyl release, aptly titled "The Science of Horror".  In anticipation of the upcoming Nocturnus gig in San Francisco on March 13th - where the band will play a special old-school set mostly consisting of The Key, three songs from the Incubus demo, and more surprises - 250 copies of this newest version on red vinyl LPs with jackets showcasing the original artwork from the demo cassettes will first be available to those attending the concert. Later this year, Nuclear War Now! will release a less-limited standard vinyl edition featuring appropriately and tastefully updated original ark from the renowned Zbigniew Bielak. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:
Before Christ / After Death 
Standing in Blood 
Undead Journey
B.C. - A.D.
The Entity
Unholy Fury
Tracks 1-4: The Science of Horror Demo 2, 1988

Tracks 5-8: Nocturnus Demo 1, 1987


20 January 2015

NECROS CHRISTOS "Darkness comes to...Live!"

NECROS CHRISTOS releases "Darkness comes to...Live!"  digipack including DVD + Audio CD. Recorded and filmed during a show in Berlin on their "Sepulchral Doom over Europe" tour. Featuring tracks from their first two albums  "Doom Of The Occult" and "Triune Impurity Rites" and also songs from the "Grave Damnation" demo and from "Curse Of The Necromantical Sabbath" EP and more. Available through Sepulchral Voice and Van Records

12 January 2015

VENOM "From The Very Depths"

VENOM´s upcoming fourteenth studio album "From The Very Depths" will be released on 26th January via Spinefarm Records. The album cotaining 14 songs will be available on CD, digital download and a 4 LP gatefold vinyl release that will be available later.   Here is the full track list and one of the new tracks:

From The Very Depths
The Death of Rock n Roll
Long Haired Punks
Stigmata Satanas
Evil Law
Grinding Theeth 
Winds of Walkyrie

WINDS OF GENOCIDE "Usurping The Throne Of Disease"

WINDS OF GENOCIDE debut full-lenght "Usurping The Throne Of Disease" will be out next 26th of January through Pulverised Records. Stream the sounds of armageddon through Pulverised records bandcamp at this location!

10 January 2015

WATAIN "Bathory Tribute LP"

WATAIN has announced the release next 23rd of February their Bathory tribute concert on vinyl. "Tonight We Raise Our Cups And Toast In Angels Blood" LP is already available for pre-order a t www.wolfwear.net.
A Fine Day To Die
The Return of Darkness And Evil
Rite of Darkness
Enter Teh Eternal Fire
Born For Burning

8 January 2015

PROVOCATOR - SAHRANA "Holy Incest" Split

After the release of the debut full-lenght last year, PROVOCATOR unleash a brand new song from the upcoming split with SAHRANA entitled "Holy Incest" Here is PROVOCATOR´s track list and the song "Lords of Terror"
Prelude into blasphemy (Intro)
Lords Of Terror
Mother Of the Black Moon
Rebirth In Blood And Blasphemy

5 January 2015


 Le Transi de René De Chalon [sculpture]
Ligier Richier
Église Saint-Etienne ancienne collégiale Saint-Pierre. Lorraine, France

4 January 2015

SEXTRASH "Sexual Carnage"

GRAYHAZE RECORDS will reissue SEXTRASH classic and cult album "Sexual Carnage". The vinyl version comes  as 180-gram vinyl housed in gatefold jacket with gatefold insert, 700 units in black vinyl and 300 in flesh-coloured vinyl. The 6-panel digipack with 16 page booklet features 1989 EP "XXX" as bonus tracks ,as well as early demo material. More info and preorder at  this location.  Cult!

3 January 2015

GRAVEYARD "The Coffin Years"

Spanish band GRAVEYARD are about to release "The Coffin Years" compilation CD via Black Seed Prod. Here goes the tracklist  and a great track to be featured on "The Coffin Years", originally featured on the split 7" with swedish ENTRAILS relesed by War-Anthem Records:
"Into the Mausoleum" [2009 Version]
"One of Them" [2012 Version]
"Cenotaph" [Originally Recorded by BOLT THROWER]
"What Dwells Beneath"
"Deaf Forever" [Originally Recorded by MOTORHEAD]
"The Usurper" [Originally Recorded by CELTIC FROST]
"Ye Incantation"
"Silent Whispers of the Graveless"
"Corporal Jigsore Quandary" [Originally recorded by CARCASS]
"In the Shadow of the Horns" [Originally Recorded by DARKTHRONE]
"Remember the Fallen" [Originally Recorded by SODOM]
"Walking Horrors of the Undead" [Live at Obscene Extreme Festival 2013]
"Blood of Vengeance" [Live at Party San Festival 2013]
"Riding a Pale Horse" [Live at Dark Factory Club 2010]

1 January 2015

GOAT SEMEN - "Ego Sum Satana"

After several demos, splits and a couple of live albums, Peruvian GOAT SEMEN will release their debut full-lengh. "Ego Sum Satama" is set for North American and South American release on February 24th via Hells Headbangers [Kvlt will handle the release for Europe and the UK] Here  is the full tracklisting:
Letanias de Satan - Intro
Warfare Noise
Altares De Pandemonium
Madre Muerte
Ego Svm Satana

NECROWRETCH - "With Serpents Scourge"

NECROWRETCH second album "With Serpents Scourge" will be released on February 16th, 2015 via Century Media Records.   www.facebook.com/NecroWretch