28 February 2018

VOMITOR Sets release date for "Pestilent Death"

Yeaaargh I was waiting for this!, April 20th is the release date set by Hell´s Headbanegers for "Pestilent Death" the fourth album by Aussie maniacs VOMITOR.

The album will be available on CD, Vinyl and tape, pre-orders available here.

Let´s hope Vomitor and HH unleash a new treack soon, in the meantime enjoy "Tremendous Insane" which was revealed in September last year.

It seems the band changed their mind regarding cover artwork, as the new one differs from the one revealed last year (see new and old flyer below)

More info at:


"Walker Of Wordls"
Engraved In Black
1993 Modern Primitive

27 February 2018

AT THE GATES "To Drink From The Night Itself" Album details revealed

AT THE GATES revealed release date and details of the upcoming album "To Drink From The Night Itself", to be relesed on May 18th, through Century Media Records.

If you are curious about the cover artwork, Thomaas Lindberg shared some words about it and gave a glimpse about the album concept...

"It has once again been an absolute pleasure working creativily with Costin. We had a lot of ideas for what we wanted to get across with the art this time around. Overall they were, not surprisingly, related to the general concept of the record. What is great with Costin is that he understands the band. He knows what we are and where we come from. And me and him also have a strong artistic connection. I have never met anyone that goes so deep into the world of my lyrics and concepts. When I first wrote to him describing my ideas, I was worried that my remarks were perhaps too long and too confusing, only to get back an even longer and very inspired response…
The inspiration for the actual front cover piece is taken from the Pergamon Altar, on display at the Pergamon museum in Berlin. It is of course linked closely to the concept that the whole record is based upon, but more on that later. Bt I will throw a name out there, for the interested ones; Peter Weiss."

The album was produced with Russ Russel at Parlor Studios in the UK.
The band will launch the first single with a video in the coming days, stay tuned!

The following tracks will appear on “To Drink From The Night Itself“
Der Widerstand 
To Drink From The Night Itself 
A Stare Bound In Stone 
Palace Of Lepers 
Daggers Of Black Haze 
The Chasm 
In Nameless Sleep 
The Colours Of The Beast 
A Labyrinth Of Tombs 
Seas Of Starvation 
In Death They Shall Burn 
The Mirror Black

More info can be found at:


"Execution Of The Witches"
Nightmare Theatre
1986 Cobra Records

26 February 2018


30 years have passed since the birth of this sick biarre creation known as PUNGENT STENCH.  To celebrate this anniversary there are good news for those who enjoy the work of this Austrian death metallers.

The most intriguing thing is the release of "Smut Kingdom", an album recorded in late 2006 and early 2007 that has remained unreleased until now.

The other good news is the reissue of the band´s classics, the debut album "For God Your Soul...For Me Your Flesh" released in 1990, "Been Caught Buttering" (1991), "Dirty Rhymes And Psychotronic Beats" (1993), "Club Mondo Bizarre For Members Only" (1994) and "First Recordings" which includes the songs from the split EP with Disharmonic Orchestra and "Extreme Deformity" EP, both released in 1989.

These first works plus the two first full-lenghts are in my opinion essential, "Been Caught Buttering" stands as my favourite from their discography.

Some vinyl maniacs have reacted in a somewhat hesitant way, since Back On Black will handle the re-issues, although there are different opinions regarding the quality of the label´s latest re-releases.

I hope that they are up to the quality of this great and original band and above all I anxiously wait to be pleased with the unreleased material of "Smut Kingdom".

The Re-issues will be available on April 27th. Pre-order here.
(There will be CD versions via Dissonance productions, including the reissue of "Ampeauty" (2004) out on April 13th).

"Smut Kingdom" Tracklisting:
Aztec Holiday
Persona Non Grata
Devil´s Work
King Of Smut
Suicide Bombshell
Opus Dei
I Require Death Sentence
Me Gonzo

EKPYROSIS To release "Primordial Chaos Restored" MCD

On May 7th, 2018 Terror From Hell Records will release a new mcd from Italian death metallers EKPYROSIS.

"Primordial Chaos Restored" includes three brand new tracks, an instrumental interlude and a cover of Incantation ("Devoured Death").

Words from the band has expressed that "on this release we pursued to develop eerie melodies and gloomy athmospheres over the low-end, obsure death metal layer featured on our previous album "Asphyxiating Devotion", the magnificent debut album released last year.

EKPYROSIS also revealed interesting details about the lyrical-concept in four acts: "focusing on the death of the universe, narrated from an Astrophysical point of view yet through a catastrophic, nihilistic lense."

There will  be a special, limited editon on tape via Lycantopic Chants. The cool album cover was done by Raoul from View From the Coffin. 

I look forward to enjoy an advance song soon, in the meantime here´s the tracklist:

Abyssal Convergence
Instigation Of Entropy
Conception From Nothingness
Chaos Condensing
Devoured Death (Incantation cover)


"Nocturnal Hell"
1987 Diabolic Force

5 February 2018