31 August 2017

GENOCIDIO "Black Vomit" Official Video

Brazilian veterans GENOCIDIO shared a video covering Sarcófago´s classic, killer track “Black Vomit”.

This cover version was included in the band´s latest full-length “Under Heaven None” released earlier this year.

“It is a tribute to the extreme Brazilian scene, of which Genocide has been proudly part for more than 30 years”, said vocalist/guitarrist Murillo Leites.
Hail the mighty Brazilian Metal scene, Hail Eternal!


“Mourning Of A New Day”
In Memorium
1990 Demo 

29 August 2017

KAM LEE To Release "Of Dread & Death" Compilation CD

KAM LEE announced the upcoming release of a compilation of his solo project material entitled “Of Dread And Death”.

It is a compilation of demos and promos from 2015 through 2017, containing the demos “7 Deadly Sins” and “Massacred”, the promo “That 1984 Itch” plus exclusive bonus tracks.

The release (limited to 100 copies onCD) will serve as the debut and launch of Deathvokill Records, Kam Lee´s own record label, and  will be a co-release with Sleepless Beast Records.

Here´s the first track…”Black Is My Soul”. Listen…die…rot…listen again…Enjoy!

MASTER "Command Your Fate - The Demo Collection"

A great release of rare material from MASTER, released through Animate Records.

“Command Your Fate – The Demo collection” contains "Final Word" (demo 1995), "Follow Your Savior" (EP 2001), and "Everything Is Rotten" (demo 2005).

Available in digipak and 500 Gatefold LPs (300 black, 100 blue/black marbled, 100 red/black marbled, and they look sooooo cool!) including lyrics and liner notes by Paul Speckmann. You can get your copy(on marbled vinyl, if you´re lucky) here

NECROMANTE New Advance Tracks

Iron Bonehead Productions revealed two new tracks from NECROMANTE whose debut full-length “The Magickal Presence Of Occult Forces” will be released next October 6th.

“Initiation” and “A´rab Zaraq” are two occult, primitive and eerie tracks…for your sinister pleasure.


“Spiral Dream”
1987 Noise Records

28 August 2017

BELL WITCH "Mirror Reaper" LP Advance

I can´t stop looking at the wonderful album cover by Mariusz Lewandowski. It belongs to the next BELL WITCH full-length “Mirror Reaper”, which will be released on October 20th through Profound Lore Records.

It is the band´s third full-length consisting of one single loooong track of 83 minutes length.

As advance we can give a good listen to a ten minute excerpt of slow obscure funeral doom,  with deep growling vocals and great hypnotic chants.  Excellent and promising! Pre-order (double vinyl looks awesome) here.


Ph: Samantha Marble

WITH THE DEAD "Isolation" Official video clip

Lee Dorrian´s WITH THE DEAD have recently released an official video of the track “Isolation”, taken from the upcoming album “Love From Whit The Dead”

The Album will come out on Spetember 22nd through Rise Above Records. This is Doom and nothing but Doom!

I Am Your Virus shirt design by Branca Studio

WORSHIP VINYL: SACRIFICE First Three Albums Reissue!

Canadian Metal! Yezzzz! Thanks to War On Music Records the first three albums of Canadian SACRIFICE will be reissued next September.

“Torment In Fire” (1985) “Forward To Termination” (1987) and “Soldiers Of Misfortune" (!990) are great quality, old school, furious thrash metal albums. They will be available on 180g heavy classic black vinyl, limited “nice” splatter vinyl and color vinyl (see flyer), including 24x24 collector poster.
For more info and pre-order click here.  Fire!, Termination!, Misfortune!...Don´t miss out!!!


“Standing In Blood”
The Key
1990 Earache Records

25 August 2017

MORK "Eremittens Dal" LP

“Eremittens Dal”, the third full length of Norwegian Black Metallers MORK will be released through Peaceville Records next October 13th on LP, CD and digital format.

Here´s an excerpt from Peaceville´s official press info: "Mork was created by Thomas Eriksen in 2004 & was primarily a side-project for Eriksen from inception until the debut album release in 2013, & since then the band has rightly earned their accolade as one of the top Norwegian black metal acts of recent years, receiving strong endorsements from their peers." 

One of the endorsements that they refer are the guys from Darkthrone, even Nocturno Culto contributed with vocals on MORK´s previous album. This time the labum will feature guest appearances of members of Dimmu Borgir (Silenoz) and 1349

Here´s an official video launched by the  band and the label of one of the album track "I Hornenens Bilde" grim, raw, evil old school black metal as its best!

DARKTHRONE "The Wind Of 666 Black Hearts" Reh. Compilation CD

Peaceville will release “The Wind of 666 Black Hearts” a CD containing rehearsal material from DARKTHRONE, featuring tracks that were later recorded for the classic “A Blaze in the Northern Sky” and “Under a Funeral Moon albums”.  

The rehearsal tracks corresponding to “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” material feature the line-up of Nocturno Culto, Fenriz, Zephyrous and Dag Nilsen, while the Under a Funeral Moon rehearsal tracks features Nocturno moving to bass, Zephyrous handling all guitars and Fenriz on drums. 
It will be available on October 06th on CD, including rare photos, lyrics, and liner notes from Fenriz. Pre-order here.

A Blaze In The Northern Sky
Kathaarian Life Code
The Pagan Winter
Where Cold Winds Blow
In The Shadow Of The Horns
Summer Of The Diabolical Holocaust
Crossing The Triangle Of Flames
Under A Funeral Moon
The Dance Of Eternal Shadows
Unholy Black Metal


“Garden Of Delights (Eva)”
Blasfemia Eternal
1996 Mascot Records

24 August 2017

23 August 2017


“Torture (Eternal Suffering)”
Kingdom of The Dark demo
1991 Fatal Predictions Productions

21 August 2017



2013 Hells Headbangers

WORSHIP VINYL: REPUGNANT "Epitome Of Darkness" Re-issue!

September 15th is the release date announced by Soulseller Records for the reissue of REPUGNANT´s great debut full-length (and only full-length so far) “Epitome Of Darkness”, originally released in 2006.

This gem of morbid, obscure, evil, repulsive, Swedish death metal will be reissued on a very limited edition of 500 copies on clear vinyl with insert.

Unfortunately the band has been on hiatus for a long time and I (and many more) hope that the band deliver another release a in a near future.

As many of you already know, singer Tobias Forge revealed the secret (not so secret to many) his involvement in the band Ghost behind the mask of singer Papa Emeritus, but who cares anyway, (Ghost fans maybe) a new REPUNGANT album would be great! In the meantime don’t miss this! Pre-orders and more info here.


ARCHGOAT "Eternal Damnation Of Christ" EP

Debemur Morti Productions announced the upcoming release of a new ARCHGOAT ep entitled “Eternal Damnation of Christ”, containing two brand new tracks, “Black Mass Mysticism” and the title track”.

It will be released on 7" EP and will be available exclusively on their upcoming live dates (touring with Bölzer, Svartidaudi and Eggs of Gomorrh), and according to the label, this EP gives us a small foretaste of what we can expect on their next full-length album, to be released in 2018.

For more info about the release and tour dates check out here.


Ph: NecroBlanca Photography & Design


Persecution Mania
1987 Steamhammer

18 August 2017

AKOUPHENOM "Flesh Sublimation"

Discovering obscure and really interesting bands among millions of bands from time to time and in unexpectedly form is a rewarding feeling, and this is the case of AKOUPHENOM.
This band from A Coruña, Spain, is a young band active since 2015. That same year the band released their EP "Flesh Sublimation" on CD and digital, and last year they released a split with La Hija Del Carroñero, on pro-tape and digital.

The band knows how to create dark and intense atmospheres through its dense, sinister black death metal. The songs on "Flesh Sublimation", usually of more than 10 minutes length are well structured and show a good variety of extreme and occasionally unusual riffs and rhythms, accompanied by a rabid vocal assault to bring the listener a true fusion of chaos, darkness and destruction.

AKOUPHENOM is currently recording the debut album, which will surely come out at the end of the year or beginning of 2018. The band is also looking for a new bass player, as their former bass player Silvara has recently left the band.

Take a closer look and embrace the dark music of Akouphenom, look away if you fear to experience sonic and morbid mayhem.

Ph: Seva Figueirido


Hell Symphony
1991 Zeras

17 August 2017

KAWIR "Exilasmos" LP

November 3rd is the international release date for the new KAWIR album. Entitled “Exilasmos” it will come out via Iron Bonehead Productions on vinyl, CD and tape, and the album is going to be awesome.

I venture to say that after listening to the first advance track “Agamemnon”. The song is simply brilliant! epic and melodic, alternating with violent speed and great furious/dramatic vocals, another gem of the Hellenic Black Metal!

Lyrically “the record is conceptually about the tragic dynasties of the house of Lavdakides (Oedipus Tyrannus) and the house of Atreus. Both dynasties nearly exterminated themselves, and all these violent and inhuman acts brought forth the wrath of Zeus and the curses were consequently laid upon the whole bloodline. "Exilasmos" in Ancient Hellenic Language means calming down the gods' wrath, so it perfectly describes the tragic events featured in the namesake album.

Thyestia Deipna