23 October 2017


Unfortunately there are too many youn thrash Metal bands trying to be the new TANKARD, singing about beer and pizza, its a shame because we sill have the true TANKARD!...or at least, good old TANKARD.

"Chemical Invasion" was the fist album I heard from the German Thrashers and I really liked it, then came "The Morning After" and finally I heard "Zombie Attack", to discover the band´s origins, but the album that sounded on my cassette player commonly was "Chemical Invasion".
Then albums like "The Meanign Of Life" (wich was simply ok) followed, but let´s say that the cold beer warmed up and I lost interest in their music, the band didn´t hooked me anymore, but hey!, it was fun for a while.

Noise records is reissuing the first three LPs + "Alien" EP on vinyl. So if you want to go "For A Thousand Beers" or "666 Packs" to get drunk with your friends (or alone) and have some fun you have now a good chance...

Zombie Attack - Tankard´s debut album, released in 1986 was full of parody and full throttle thrash metal.  Many of the ten tracks here originally featured on their "Alcoholic Metal" demo and with subject matter like horror movies, moshing and beer they made many fans across the burgeoning thrash metal sene with their hardcore punk tinged thrash. Fast, Furious, catchy and above all fun - Zombie Attack spawned live classics such as "(Empty) Tankard".

Chemical Invasion - Tankard´s sophomore album, followed their debut in 1987 and shifted the gears up a notch in terms of technicality and prodution. Still with their tingues wedged in their cheeks, these nine tracks feature their slapstick delivery but this time added power and precision. This album saw them break out of the underground and made thrash fans sit up and take notice globally.

The Mornig After/Alien - The band third studio album was released in 1988 and followed by the "Alien" EPthe following year. By now Tankard were a force to be reckoned with and their nabe was muttered in the same breath as their German counterparts Kreator and Destruction. Continuing with their now signature, furious thrash inimitable with these releases elevated the band further during 80´s thrash explosion.

The LPs will be released next November 24th on limited splatter vinyl. Pre-order here.  

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