20 October 2017

SATYRICON "To Your Brethren In The Dark" Official Music Video

SATYRICON premierded on Diablorock.com video clip of the track "To Your Brethren In The Dark". I just want to say that I like the video and I like the song even more.  And I also want to reproduce here Satyr´s words (very cool and interesting) about the vide and the song:

"I wanted "To Your Brethren in the Dark" to be a director´s interpretation of the song, rather than a band performance type of thing. Seeing what we do through the eyes of another artist is always interesting to me and just like the song, the video has become a little bit of a journey on it´s own. "To Your Brethren In The Dark" is definitely one of the flagship songs on the record. It is about emotion, our nature, the spirits, the autumn, the somber and rainy days, those who we lost and the ones who we have not met yet. You could say it is a tribute to the sorrow in man and to the drama of the nature we surround ourselves with. A song for the dark towers of the past and those who will rise in the future. Pass the torch to your brethren in the dark." 

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