16 October 2017

DEGIAL "Thousand Spears Impale" advance track. "Predator Reign" (Update)

Smutsigt mörker! Here we have "Thounsand Spears Impale" the first advance track from DEGIAL´s "Predator Reign".

The previous album "Savage Mutiny" was among my faves of 2015, and I´m sure that Predator Reing will be on the top this year.

"Feast from the open wounds!"... Enjoy

Swedish Black/Death metallers DEGIAL revealed covert artwork (by well-known and talented artist Paoli Girardi) for their upcoming third full–length “Predator Reign”

The album will be out on November 4th through Sepulchral Voice Records on LP and CD.

   PH: Sara Gewalt

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