19 October 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: UNHOLY "From The Shadows" & "Second Ring Of Power" Reissue

Obscure, complex, atmospheric, and (to some people) even psychedelic  doom! All this can be applied to the music of the great Finnish band UNHOLY.

The band released the debut album "From The Shadows" in 1993 and the sophomore "The Second Ring of Power" in 1994.  Both records are great from an unusual band that went beyond of just writing and playing death/black/funeral doom, and both albums are now presented on vinyl for the first time!

"From The Shadows" - released in 1993 is known for possessing a dark textured Death/Doom Metal style mixed with unusual, often avant-garde, arrangementes. UNHOLY´s willingness to experiment with sounds and moods helped create a strong and uniquely twisted atmosphere as slow pounding Doom Metla epics are aided by the pressence of creeping synths."

"The Second Ring Of Power - originally released in 1994, continued the boundary-breaking approach to experimental Doom Metal which the band had established with From The Shadows, mixing Metal with strong atmospherics and unusual structures."

This are the kind of reissues really worth to rescue good old rare and worth recordings! Both on double gatefold vinyl. Check them out here.

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