3 October 2017

SUMMONING New album January 2018 (Update)

SUMMONING revealed cover artwork, title and release date for their forthcoming album, “With Doom We Come”, to be released on January 05th 2018 through Napalm Records.

SUMMONING announced the release of a new album due to be out on January 2018 through Napalm Records.

Without further information revealed, the announcement comes accompanied by a brief commentary, which I reproduce here, and a short video preview, which you can check below...

"The past years have been a time of troubles, setbacks, disputes – and of resulting frustration.  And then, the summonings faded and silence arose... Yet, it hasn´t been the end that was dawning.
But in the ashes still a dim light was gleaming. The dying embers were set ablaze by ongoing dedication and new inspiration.
And from the ashes fire was flaring to heat the forges again..."

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