6 June 2017


“Demonized” (you never heard that title related to demo material, did you?) is the title with which Floga Records is  going to release SODOM´s demo recordings, “Witching Metal” from 1982, and “Victims Of Death” from 1984 on vinyl.

This special deluxe LP box set includes 2xLPs (each LP with original artwork), 2xWoven patches, 2xA1 Posters, signed card by Tom Angelriper and exclusive SODOM t-shirt. It also includes liner notes from Tom Angelriper, Jo"n Metalion" Kristiansen and Laurent Ramadier (Snakepit Mag).

Besides the Lp box set there is also a gatefold LP version with alternative artwork, printed on uncoated paper.
The LP boxset is limited to 500 copies, while the gatefold LP is available in different versions (see flyer below).
There are CD and Tape versions too but hey!, we are here to worship vinyl...or die!!! (cliche!). Release date is September 1st, pre orders available here

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