16 June 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: MASTER´S HAMMER "Ritual" & "Jilemnický Okultista" Reissues

MASTER´S HAMMER composed, recorded and released two of the best black metal albums, two unique, essential, influential, monumental, avant-garde…and I can continue expressing my admiration for “Ritual” and “Jilemnický Okultista” forever… Now both albums are reissued by the band´s own label Jihosound.

“Jilemnicky Okultista” which in my opinion is a true masterpiece, is officially reissued after a long time, on  gatefold double LP, with two bonus tracks: “Mediální Kresby” and “Litografické Kalendáre”, taken from The Jilemnycký Okultista demo.

“Ritual”, that was previously reissued by Jihosound in 2013 is now presented as gatefold double LP, including as bonus tacks earlier versions of “Zapálili Jsme Onen Svet” and “Geniové”, recorded for the Ultrametal Compilation.

Both albums presented as two 180gms vinyls at 45rpm, with original sound and inserts with original artworks.  

Two beautiful gems that you can get here
Take a look at the video of the band (Franta Storm, Vlasta Henych, Blackosh, Honza Kapák and Silenthell) performing at Futurum, Prague (13/06/17)… Leviathan otvírá svoji tlamu!   

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