7 June 2017


A split EP featuring NECROMANTIA and ROTTING CHRIST is certainly something unique!  There are some record labels for which I have special predilection and I follow closely their releases due to its quality and to the style of the bands, and one of those labels is without a doubt Black Vomit Records.
Last year the greek label celebrated 10 years of existence, yeah that trully deserves  a toast to those great releases of obscure records of bands like SAMAEL, ROTTING CHRIST, NECROMANTIA, VARATHRON, NECRO SCHIZMA, MYSTIFIER among others.

Now Black Vomit announced the release of "Primordial Evil" a special edition split 7” EP “between the forefathers and the inventors of extreme Greek metal, the ones who actually gave birth and shape to the characteristic Hellenic Black Metal sound, NECROMANTIA and ROTTING CHRIST.

“The uniqueness of this Split 7’’ EP, except the undeniable and unquestionable quality of the participants, lies, and is also indicated by the very ideological concept and the context of the release. The participating acts follow the IDEOLOGICAL MANIFESTATION of the Label, by PAYING HOMAGE to EARLIER GENERATIONS, forming an “ATYPICAL MUSICAL PROGONOLATRY”. Unveiling the very concept and reason behind the release, we announce the release of “PRIMORDIAL EVIL”, the FIRST SPLIT 7’’ EP between Greece’s FINEST and LEADING BLACK METAL ACTS, Necromantia and Rotting Christ.

Those words perfectly explain the context and concept of the release. Regarding its content, NECROMANTIA participates with a cover of “Death Rider” by OMEN, featured in the “Covering Evil” compilation CD.
ROTTIGN CHRIST´s song is an exclusive cover of BLACK SABBATH´s anthem “Black Sabbath”.
The EP is limited to 500 copies, 400 copies on black vinyl and 100 on silver vinyl including an exclusive t-shirt specially designed for this release, 50 copies with Necromantia logo and 50 copies with Rotting Christ logo). Pre orders available through Black Vomit webshop (here).  Hail the Hellenic Black Metal Cult!!!

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