12 June 2017


NECROPHOBIC revealed details of the new 7” EP, to be released on August 11th through Century Media. “Pesta” serves as a glimpse into the upcoming album, scheduled for early in 2018. It features the title track, which is a brand new song, and on the b-side the re-recording of “Slow Asphyxiation”, from the 1990 demo.

This new EP also marks the return of Anders Strokirk on vocals, who sung on the classic debut album “The Nocturnal Silence”.

"Pesta" is stricltly limited to 1000 handnumbered copies on different versions (600 copies on black vinyl, 200 copies on silver vinyl, 100 copies on white vinyl – exclusively from CM distro – and 100 copies on clear vinyl exclusively sold at the Cudgel Stand on PartySan Open Air.)

Pre-order available here.

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