7 February 2017

POSSESSION "Exorkizein"

"Exorkizein”, the long awaited debut full-length of Belgium´s POSSESION, one of the strongest “young” black-death metal bands from the current scene (at least in my opinion), has been set for international release date on April 7th, via Invictus Productions and Iron Bonehead Productions.
Once again Invictus will handle the CD version, while Iron Bonehead will handle the LP version, as both labels did with the band´s previous release, the EP “1585-1646” and the reissue of the debut demo “His Best Deceit”.

The album marks a change in lineup: vocalist Mestema is out of the band and has been replaced by Viriakh, while S.Iblis enters as new bassist.

Many interesting details has been unveiled through the official press release, Chris Moyen designed the album cover once again, and regarding the lyrical content, detailed and precise info was revealed, so I will reproduce here the interesting words about the lyrical conceptualism…

"Exorkizein tells a story flowing through its six central songs  the life, the work as an exorcist, and the death of Gabriele Amorth, last-known chief exorcist of the Vatican, who died on the 16th of September of 2016. "We start writing about him before his death," the band state, "but it seems that Evil was once again on our side, as the exorcist died while we were still writing lyrics. We changed the lyrics in regards of that event."
From there, each song on Exorkizein could be summarized like this: 

"His heart filled with faith, a young & devoted priest is about to accept the exorcist sacerdotium..."
This song is about the young priest Amorth swearing the oath of the Exorcist.

"As written in the holy book of exorcism, demoniac possession comes by progressive steps ...when the last one is complete, it is already too late..." This song explains the three steps of the demoniac possession.

"Hear the words of the Evil invading your soul, feel his fire burning inside you, let him speak through your throat and tongue..." The demon speaks through the voice of the possessed one.

"Hard is the work to fulfill the exorcism ritual, only a few can achieve it, many are done in vain..."
The exorcist performs the ritual on the possessed one, but preaches are sung in vain as the demon is the strongest.

"Used as living weapons, exorcist priest must kneel before the altar and swear an oath for lifetime..." The now-old priest Amorth indoctrinates young priests to force them to take the exorcist oath.
"At the twillight of his life, devoured by sickness, the priest is waiting to join his creator, but demons are tormenting him as they wait for his soul to ascend..."
On his deathbed, the priest wishing to return to his creator is now tormented by demons telling him that Evil can't be defeated.

Here´s the third album track “Infestation – Manifestation - Possession”.

POSSESSION lineup 2017
V.Viriakh - vocals
I.Dveikus - guitars
S.Iblis - bass (live), guitars and bass (studio)
Pz.Kpfw - drums

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