7 February 2017

DEATH YELL "Descent Into Hell"

One of my fave bands from the mighty Chilean scene, DEATH YELL announced deal with Hells Headbanger for the release of the debut album.

"Descent Into Hell" is actually the debut full-length after 30 years. The band returned in 2013 with "Back From The Dead", as a split with Atomic Aggressor. Nowaydays the band´s lineup includes four of five of the original founding members, with drumer Marco "Demon" completing the lineup.

The album will be released later this year, and the CD edition will include a new version of "Back From The Dead". The albun cover was designed by Marcelo Vasco,  who recently designed albun covers of Slayer and Kreator amogn others. Watch the live video of "Descent into Hell", recorded in 2015, and see tracklisting below.

"Descent Into Hell"
"Cries Of The Nazarene"
"Betrayed Chastity"
"Purging Demons " (Acoustic Intro)
"Thy Will Be Done"
"Will Never Enjoy"
"Hailing By Blood"
"Macabre Fuckfeast"

Death Yell lineup:
Sergio "Galleta" / vocals
Andres "Pollo" / guitar
Andres "Pulga" / guitar
Alejandro "Guatiu" / bass
Marco "Demon" / drums

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