21 February 2017

MUTILATED "In Memoriam" Compilation

Triumph Ov Death will release next May the compilation of French Old School Death Metallers MUTILATED entitled “In Memoriam”. Previously released in 2013 on vinyl, this time it will be available as a limited edition double digipak CD with a 24 page full-colour booklet. CD 1 will feature all studio recordings from the band including the "Omens Of Dark Fate" demo from 1987 (released as MUTILATOR) and the demo released as ABYSSALS from 1994. CD 2 will include rehearsal and live recordings from 1988 to 1993. Read detailed tracklist info below…


CD 1: MUTILATOR "Omens Of Dark Fate" Demo 1987:
“Omens Of Dark Fate”
“Unholy Church”
“Wish My Death”'
“Apocalyptic Prophecy”
“Rabid Axeman Slaughtering”
“Cabalistic Cryptograms”
MUTILATED "Psychodeath Lunatics" Demo 1988:
“The Crown Of Death”
“Hysterical Corpse Dislocation”
“Cabalistic Cryptograms' (bonus track)
MUTILATED "Resurrected" Demo 1991:
“Graves Of Rebirth”
MUTILATED Unreleased 7" EP 1993:
“Tormented Creation”
“Evil Scriptures”
ABYSSALS Demo 1994:
“Evil Scriptures”,
“The Hole Of Souls”
CD 2: Rehearsals: “Cabalistic Cryptograms”' May 1988
“Disincarnate Souls” (June 88)
“Funeral Slumber” (March 91)
“Tormented Creation” (91)
“Al-Azif” (ABYSSAL rehearsal 94)
“Millenium Altar”
“Graves Of Rebirth” (February-March 91)
“Evil Scriptures” (92)
Live recordings:
“Evil Scriptures” (Marseilles-April 16, 1993),
“Tormented Creation”
“Millenium Altar”
“The Crown Of Death”
“Funeral Slumber”
“Evil Scriptures”
“Graves Of Rebirth” (Lyon-December 13, 1992)
“Tormented Creation” (Verdalle-April 17, 1993)
“The Crown Of Death” (Paris-June 14, 1992)
“Evil Scriptures” (Mulhouse-August 08, 1993)

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