10 February 2017

BARATHRUM "Fanatiko"

BARATHRUM returns with the new album “Fanatiko”.   Saturnal Records sets April 28th as the international release date for the ninth album of finnish black metallers.  The previous full-length was released in 2005, and the band´s latest recording was “Warmetal” EP released in 2014 also through Saturnal Records.

“Fanatiko” was recorded at Blackvox Studio, entirely on analog just like their early albums, and if you are wondering...yes! the band keeps the setup and sound of two bass guitars. 

An official video clip of the killer track “Hellspawn” was revealed at Finland´s Inferno Magazine´s website, pure and great Old School Jetblack Metal…  

Pope Corpse Tattoo
On The Dark River Bank
Sadistic Pleasure
Arx Satanas
Church Amok
Spirit of the Damned

Demonos Sova - vocals
Raakalainen - guitars
Pelceboop - lead guitars
Ruttokieli - bass/backing vocals
Nuclear Tormentörr - lead bass/backing vocals
Vendetta - drums/backing vocals

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