17 November 2015

SARCÓFAGO "Die...Hard" Compilation

Greyhaze Records is going to release the SARCÓFAGO`s demo compilation "Die...Hard" as a 6-panel digipak CD, including a 16 pages booklet on December 11. The compilation was released on CD earlier this year by Cogumelo Produçoes and it features material that had never before been released, such as the band's very first demo, and also rare material recorded for "Rotting" and "The Laws Of Scourge". 

Complete tacklist: 
"Intro Da Satanas", "Satanas", "Nightmare", "Third Slaughter" [1st demo, first version] 
"Intro Da Satanas", "Satanas", "Nightmare", "Third Slaughter" [1st demo, second version]
"Intro", "Satanas", "Nightmare", "Third Slaughter" ["Satanic Lust" demo 1986] 
"The Black Vomit" ["Black Vomit" demo 1986] 
"INRI" [rehearsal version]
"Christ's Death", "Desecration Of Virgin", "Satanic Lust" ["Christ's Death" demo 1987]
"Alcoholic Coma" [from "Rehearsals 89"] 
"Secrets Of A Window" [demo version]
"Satanic Lust" [instrumental demo version]

Here´s the album track 'The Black Vomit'  [Wich was already featured on the 1995 band´s compilation Decade of Decay].  More info at greyhazerecords.com.

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