5 November 2015

DAKHMA "Astiwihad-Zohr" MLP

After the release of the debut full-lengh "Passageways To Daena [The Concumitant Blessings Of Putrescing Impurity]" early this year, Switzerland´s DAKHMA will release their upcoming mini album "Astiwihad-Zohr" on December 18th, followed by the vinyl release on February 29th 2016.  

The 12" MLP will be out through Iron Bonehead, while the MCD will be released via NecroShrine Records.  Obscure, Siinister Deathlike music! Tracklist and track "Libation [Unto The Blessed Flame] below... 

Libation [Unto the Blessed Flame]
Procession [Feed From the Skull]
Spirit [From the Plane]
Altar [Flesh Upon Me]

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