4 November 2016


Bow down upon the altar of Iron Pegasus Records, oh ye all mortals!... as the label runned by Costa Stoios attack again with brand new killer releases coming on November 07th…

A vinyl split 12" from SADISTIC INTENT and PENTACLE entitled "Invocations Of The Death-Ridden“. Including SADISTIC INTENT´s brandnew recordings, while PENTACLE’s side features missing vinyl songs from their last recording session.
The split 12” will be available as classic Black Vinyl, White Vinyl (lim x 200 copies), Red Vinyl (lim x 200 copies) and Clear Vinyl (lim x 100, not available in the Webshop!)

KAM  LEE, former vocalist of Mantas-Death and Massacre in case  you don´t know (shame on you!), released “Massacred” a few months ago, a limited release featuring some re recorded Massacre demo tracks, on a limited special cassette tape EP only.  Now is time for the first vinyl release of his solo project, "Reclamation Of the Fallen", featuring 3 new songs and 1 cover (Pet Semetary by The Ramones). 
7” vinyl available as classic Black Vinyl, Red Vinyl w/ Black Marble (lim x 150) and Clear Vinyl (lim x 100).

And last, and at last! "The Trilogy"EURYNOMOS compilation of the vinyl EP trilogy on CD, plus an extra track “Gone Down In Flames”. Includes a 20 page booklet with photos and lyrics. CULT!

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