27 September 2016

RAVENCULT "Force Of Profanation"

“Force Of Profanation” is the title of the upcoming album by greek Black Metallers RAVENCULT. This is the band´s third full-length and will be released on November 11 through Metal Blade

“Beneath The Relics of Old” is the first advance track and the band made the following comments..."In this first sample of our new album, one can witness a big part of what Ravencult is all about in the ‘Force Of Profanation‘ era. Almost all important elements of the band’s sound here shine in their entirety, combining our adoration for the old thrash/d-beat pace with sinister black metal in a variety of tempos. Lyric-wise, ‘Beneath The Relics Of Old’ is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’, completing our vision of descending into bottomless depths of horror. For us, making steps forward means definitely not incorporating modern or more complex/technical parts; it’s all about honoring our roots and sound by maximizing aggression and morbidity each time, maintaining the riff-after-riff mentality while everything is executed with absolute determination.”

Tormentor Of Flesh
In Macabre Triumph
Beneath The Relics Of Old
Merciless Reprisal
Into Depths
Doom Oracle
Altar Of Impurity

Temple Of The Void

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