16 September 2016

MASTER OF CRUELTY "Archaic Visions Of The Underworld"

Paraguayan OldSchool Death/Black Metallers MASTER OF CRUELTY are about to release the second full-length “Archaic Visions Of The Underworld” on November 25 through Blood Harvest Records. The label released the vinyl edition of the great 2012 debut album, “Spit on the Holy Grail”.

The band released the following statement regarding the new album: "Archaic Visions of the Underworld" is deeply submerged in the unholy spine of Mantos, which represents what Master of Cruelty bleeds and kills for. our sonic evil universe has been expanded into a much more profound, obscure atmosphere where restless violence and doomish paraphernalia shall always prevail. We invite only the sick demons of the underground to enter the realm of savage paraguayan madness with the eight unedited tracks craving from the entity MAESTRO DE LA CRUELDAD".

Besides the LP version that will be released via Blood Harvest, there will be a CD version handled by Deathrash Armageddon, while the tape version  will be handled by Warkuff Records.

Check out the title track “Archaic Visions Of The Underworld” and tracklist below…

Mortem Prima Lex
Archaic Visions of The Underworld 
The Execution
Spheres of Time
Our Endless Wrath
Perpetual Deadly Hollows
Mythological Creatures
Knowledge Beyond this Dimension

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