10 October 2013


UNCOFFINED Update! "Ritual Death and Funeral Rites" is now available and you can order it directly from Memento Mori Records http://www.memento-mori.es/
BAL SAGOTH Update! Available for pre order the reissue of Bal-Sagoth's classic demo from 1993. Limited 10" LP edition of 333 copies available here:http://exhumation.bigcartel.com/product/bal-sagoth-apocryphal-tales-10
KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR  Update! Here is the tracklist and artwork of the upcoming split LP with Graveyard ""La Germandat de la Nit Profunda" out on Doomentia Records, November 2013 

GRAVEYARD tracklist:
1. A Dream of a Million Corpses (New track)
2. Foul Places of Thirst and Eternal Death (New track, live at the studio)
3. Eternal (PARADISE LOST cover, live at the studio)
4. Revenge of the Dead (KORGULL THE EXTERMINATOR cover)

1. Operation Terror (New Track)
2. Black Pandemic (New Track)
3. Devoted to Death (2012 version)
4. Walking Horrors of the Undead (GRAVEYARD cover)

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